A 1 agricultural zoning kern county


020 Locational Criteria. The A-1 zone designation is appropriate for areas having a predominant lot size of approximately one or more acres and where rural residential and limited agricultural uses are existing or desired.

What does exclusive agriculture mean?

The purpose of the exclusive agriculture (A-E) zone is to designate areas suitable for agriculture uses and to prevent development of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses that will not be consistent with the general plan.

What is Zone E in Kern County?

The purpose of the Estate (E) District is to designate areas suitable for larger lot residential living environments. Uses are limited to those typical of and compatible with quiet residential neighborhoods.

What does A2 mean in real estate?

17.471. 002 Areas A1, A2, and A3 residential and golf uses.Area A1 Age-Restricted HomeArea A2 Non-Restricted HomeDuet LotAll LotsA. Minimum Front Yard1. To door of a front-entry garage18′20′2. To wall of a side-entry garageN/A10′14 more rows

What are the top 5 crops grown in Kern County?

Kern County Overview Kern County is the leading producer of carrots with over 80% of the total national production. Other important vegetable crops grown here include potatoes, lettuce, garlic, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and watermelons.

What is a1 zoning in California?

The Light Agriculture (A-1) Zone is intended to ensure that the rural character of portions of the planning area is maintained. Typical uses in this zone include truck farming, field and tree crops, and low density residential uses.

How many chickens can you have in Kern County?

12 chickensIn unincorporated areas of Kern County, people can have a maximum of 12 chickens in normal residential lots, said Chris Hengst, code compliance supervisor. The chickens must be in a pen 30 feet from any bedroom window, your own and any neighboring ones, he said.

Do you need planning permission for a barn on agricultural land?

If you’re constructing a barn on your land solely for agricultural use and the land is 0.5 hectares or more, you may be able to build without the need for planning permission. Planning permission for agricultural buildings can be complicated, so always seek advice of your local planning department.

What is A2 zoning in California?

Land uses within this zoning district are intended to be single-family residential and agricultural in nature, including the cultivation of crops, the raising of animals for market or private uses, and commercial agricultural purposes.

What does A3 mean in real estate?

Within Area A3, single-family single-story, two-story, and single-story homes with a loft included within the roofline of a single-story home for age-restricted occupancy shall be a permitted use.

What fruit is grown in Kern County?

KERN COUNTY ANNUAL FARM PRODUCTION1Grapes, Table555,4407Oranges, Navel139,5238Fruits & Nuts, Unspecified127,5399Tangerines & Mandarins124,83210Hay, Alfalfa106,1445 more rows

Where does Kern County rank in overall agriculture value in California?

secondBy the state’s reckoning, Kern ranked second among California counties by total crop value, just behind Fresno County.

What growing zone is Bakersfield California?

Bakersfield, California is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 9.

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