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What is Zone A-2 in Florida?

Purpose and intent: The purpose and intent of the A-2 Rural Agriculture Classification is to preserve and protect rural areas of the county that have some agricultural value, but which are also suitable for rural estate living.

What is A2 zoning in VA?

Land uses within this zoning district are intended to be single-family residential and agricultural in nature, including the cultivation of crops, the raising of animals for market or private uses, and commercial agricultural purposes. [Ord. 2016-02 § 1; Ord.

What is a-2 zoning in Colorado?

A. The A-2 Zone District is intended to provide and preserve land for large-lot residential development and limited agricultural purposes in unincorporated Arapahoe County.

What does A2 zoning mean in Ontario?

The permitted uses for the A2 zone are as follows: Accessory Dwelling Unit. Agriculture. Agricultural Storage. Assisted Living.

What is a1 zoning in VA?

A-1 District: Agricultural (A-1) districts preserve and enhances the low-density character and the natural resources of the rural areas of the county where agriculture, forests, and open space uses are dominant. Residential development is allowed under the guidelines and density established by the sliding scale.

How many horses are allowed per acre in Virginia?

The minimum parcel size shall be ten acres with a minimum of two acres useable pasture area on which one horse may be kept. Additional horses may be kept at a ratio of one horse for each additional two acres of useable pasture area to a maximum of ten horses.

What is a 1 zoning in Colorado?

(TCLUR Chapter 2, Section 2.6.1) That portion of Teller County primarily devoted to the purposes of general farming, forestry, ranching, and other such agricultural and residential uses not otherwise zoned.

What is a2 zoning in New Mexico?

A-2. Rural Agricultural—2-Acre Minimum Zone. C-1. Neighborhood Commercial Zone. C-2.

What is a3 zoning in Colorado?

Purpose and intent: The purpose and intent of the A-3 Transitional Agriculture Classification is to preserve and protect small farms for personal and limited agricultural production or to provide a transitional agricultural zone between more intensive agricultural use areas and residential areas.

What is A2 property use?

A2 (Professional and Financial Services) Financial services such as banks and building societies, professional services (other than health and medical services) and including estate and employment agencies.

What is A2 zoning in Hamilton?

12.2 RURAL (A2) ZONE No person shall erect, or use any building in whole or in part, or use any land in. whole or in part, within a Rural (A2) Zone for any purpose other than one or more. of the following uses, or uses accessory thereto. Such erection or use shall also.

What is A2 zoning in Burnaby?

This District provides for those residential uses desiring large outdoor areas, as well as for the maintenance of larger parcels of land for possible future development. 602.1 Uses Permitted: (1) Single family dwellings, either alone or on the same lot as the other uses permitted in this section.

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