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Agricultural sprayers are a special type of farm equipment used for applying liquid substances such as fertilizers and pesticides to plants during the crop growth cycle. These remarkable farming tools come in various sizes and types, from hand-held and manual sprayers to large trailed or mounted sprayers followed by advanced atomizers.

Agriculture sprayers are complete spray systems engineered for generating pressure to drive spray fluid from a tank out to the sprayer’s nozzle(s) to crop or soil. Sprayers feature a range of specifications that influence their performance abilities and suitability for specific work cases.Nov 26, 2018


What is a sprayer used for in agriculture?

Agricultural sprayers are a great investment for irrigating and supplying water to your fields and crops. They can be used for fertilization, pest control and even for cleaning purposes.

Who makes self propelled agricultural sprayers?

Agricultural Sprayer Manufacturers. A number of equipment manufacturers make self-propelled sprayers, including John Deere, Hagie, Hardi, Case IH, New Holland, AGCO, and Equipment Technologies.

Why choose AG spray?

As a trusted partner of farmers for decades, AG SPRAY has grown from a few locations to a nationwide network dedicated to helping farmers succeed. We continue to manufacture a complete line of innovative sprayers, liquid applicators and nurse trailers.

What is a tractor mounted sprayer?

A Tractor-mounted sprayer is one that is fixed onto a tractor. The capacity of the tank ranges from 150 to 500 gallons. A hydraulic motor attached to the power take-off shaft drives the pump of the sprayer. These are similar to the above but are placed on a trailer coupled to the tractor.


What is a farm sprayer called?

Boom Sprayers Whether you need to apply herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer, a boom sprayer can get the job done.

Which is best sprayer for agriculture?

Top 10 Agricultural Power Sprayers in IndiaPetrol Portable STIHL Power Sprayer SG 230.IBell Power Sprayer.Fortune Power Sprayer.Kisankraft Power Sprayer.Neptune Knapsack Farming Power Sprayer.E-AgroCare Knapsack Sprayer.Fujiaka Power Sprayer.BKR Honda Four Stroke Power Sprayer.More items…•

What are the types of sprayer?

Examples of general sprayer types include:Boom sprayer.Boomless sprayer nozzle.Mist sprayer.Three-point hitch sprayer.Truck-bed sprayer.Towing-hitch sprayer.UTV sprayer.ATV sprayer.More items…

What does a sprayer do?

A sprayer is a device used to spray a liquid. In agriculture, a sprayer is a piece of equipment that spray nozzles to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to agricultural crops.

What is power sprayer?

All the sprayers which impart the mechanical energy developed by an I.C. Engine, on the spray fluid before spraying is called as a power sprayer. The most commonly used type of power sprayer in India is a gaseous energy type knapsack sprayer.

Which battery sprayer is best for agriculture?

Conclusion:Fortune – Power SprayerBuy NowIbell Battery- Powered Knapsack SprayerBuy Nowe-AgroCare – Knapsack Battery SprayerBuy NowKisankraft Knapsack Power SprayerBuy NowNeptune Knapsack Farming Power SprayerBuy NowNov 6, 2020

Why are sprayers important?

By properly applying chemicals to control weeds, insects, and diseases, you give your crop the best chance for high yields.

What is sprayer maintenance?

Sprayer maintenance includes checking fluid levels, greasing necessary components, calibrating the sprayer monitor, and more. This sprayer maintenance checklist breaks down what you need to do before you start spraying as well as daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance upkeep during the season.

What to consider before buying an ATV sprayer?

Before you buy an ATV sprayer, consider how frequently you will use the sprayer, where you will spray, and how much you’d like to spend . This buyers’ guide gives advice on key ATV sprayer features, including pumps, drainable tanks, seat pressure control, and liftability. Spraying.

How many gallons of water does a Rubicon 9000 sprayer have?

Hardi came out with the Rubicon 9000. The 380-hp. Rubicon 9000 has a 2,200-gallon payload and booms up to 160 feet to cover 330 acres per hour. Last, Equipment Technologies reengineered its self-propelled hydrostatic sprayers for the North American market.

What is an ATV sprayer?

For field borders, pastures, fence lines, and other hard-to-spray areas, ATV sprayers are ideal for spot spraying. These sprayers can come equipped with a spray wand or a boom, depending on the location you’re spraying. There are multiple options available for ATV boom sprayers, such as a steel, poly, or versatile boom.

How to minimize off target drift?

There are multiple steps you can take each time you spray to optimize efficiency and minimize off-target drift. It’s essential to read the label, pick the best spray nozzle, calibrate your sprayer, and check wind speed. You should also use a spray-pattern check to make sure you have the right nozzle spacing and boom height. Get more spraying tips in this article on 16 steps to better spraying.

When did self propelled sprayer start?

The uptick in self-propelled sprayer ownership started in 2005 when there was an increase in Asian soybean rust and farmers needed to have a sprayer available to make timely fungicide applications. Guidance systems and advanced controls have also made sprayers much easier to operate, contributing to the acceleration of on-farm sprayers.

How big is a sprayer boom?

Fully customize your sprayer with booms that suit the needs of your fields and gardens. With sizes ranging from 12 feet to 60 feet, there’s no shortage of variety to choose from. Whether you want a simple boom for the lawn or a hydraulic x-fold boom for maximum convenience for large pastures, you can count on sturdy designs to support your needs.

What is a three point sprayer?

Three Point Sprayers. When you need precision spraying, three point sprayers can help you cover smaller fields and pastures. Each one is built with mounts that rest closer to the tractor , allowing for better precision tracking that ultimately causes less crop damage.

How many gallon can a Demco sprayer hold?

Demco field sprayers give you the flexibility of size suited to your crops (between 300 and 1250 gallon capacities) while also providing the configuration you need to apply chemicals exactly how you want to. With multiple axle and wheel designs, you can find the perfect field sprayer for the terrain you’ll be working with.

What is a farm sprayer?

Farm sprayers are agricultural sprayers used to help maintain land or address problems associated with farmland. They come in a variety of sizes and shape separated by how they are deployed and what they are used for.

Why do farmers use sprayers?

Even if you aren’t growing crops, sprayers can be extremely useful to maintain your property and the quality of your land.

What is boomless sprayer?

They are often small tanker trucks that have a rear-facing spout that can be opened to release the liquid stored in the tank. Water trucks to keep the dust down are a common example of this type of vehicle.

Why do boom sprayers have booms?

Front-mounted boom sprayers have the boom set in front so that the application material is not interfered with by dust and debris kicked up by driving. They are able to apply it cleanly without any disruption. New Holland front boom sprayers are state of the art.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of man-portable sprayers?

The main advantage of a man-portable system is that it doesn’t require anything except for the sprayer and you. You can haul it on your back or in your vehicle. The main disadvantage of these types of sprayers is that they are not suitable for all tasks due to the smaller capacity.

How long is a boom sprayer?

The main advantage of these systems is that they can cover a vast area quickly. The boom on many of these can be over 100 feet long and can inundate an entire area quickly.

Where are Apache sprayers made?

Apache is produced by ET sprayers and is among the most popular models of sprayers in the world. ET Sprayers are based out of Indiana and produce self-propelled Apache sprayers for agricultural work. They market their products as far away as Australia and Ukraine.

What is a micron weed control sprayer?

Micron Weed Management sprayers provide thorough weed control around trees and shrubs, as well as along fences, paths and buildings. The Sprayguard model is specially designed for treating olive trees and/or mature …

How many meters are trailed sprayers?

Trailed sprayers with vertical anti-drift conveyor for rows up to 3 meters flat and on a steep slope 1100-1600-2100 LITERS

How wide is a trailed sprayer boom?

The tank capacity can vary from 3500L to 7000L and the width of the boom of 27m to as much as 52m.

What is a Meto spray robot?

Meto Spray robot The Meto Spray robot has been specially designed for spraying the crop automatically. Automating your crop treatment keeps you a step ahead of regulations, increases quality and saves the consumption of resources and …

What is a Walzmatic 125P sprayer?

Sprayer Walzmatic AGRO JET 125P – is a simple and reliable in the performance of a machine designed to handle the crops in the greenhouse complexes of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Sprayer …

How many liters does a CF1000 sprayer have?

CF1000 – 1500 The CF1000 has a tank capacity of 1000litr and the CF1500 has a tank capacity of 1500 liter. Standard the sprayers have a single axle, tandem axle is optional. The spray tower height is available between …


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