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What are the main functions of the agricultural sector?

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What are the main methods of agriculture production?

Tag: a level agriculture notes pdf download. AGRICULTURE Form 1-4 Notes, Revision Questions And Answers. Teachers’ Resources Media Team @Educationnewshub.co.ke-0. FORM ONE AGRICULTURE NOTES INTRODUCTION TO AGRICULTURE The word Agriculture is derived from two Latin words Agerwhich means field and cultura that means cultivation. Therefore …

What are the features of farming system?

Agriculture Notes Form 1 Download Agriculture Notes Form 1-4 Pdf Agriculture Notes Form 2 General Agriculture Notes Pdf. FORM I. 1.0.0 Introduction to Agriculture (8 Lessons) … Spirit level Measuring horizontal or vertical levels. Soldering gun Melting soldering rods when repairing or fabricating metal

How do you prepare the land for farming?

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What is fertilizer grade?

Contents of fertilizers are expressed as fertilizer grade or fertilizer analysis. Fertilizer grade indicate the guaranteed minimum of the active ingredients (N, P205, K 20) in the mixture. It is expressed as a percentage on a weight to weight basis or percentage by weigh.

Where do nutrients come from in plants?

Plant nutrients occur in the soil in form of soluble substances. These substances are taken in by the plants in different quantities depending on their roles in the plant tissues. Essential Elements. These are nutrients needed by plants for various uses. They are divided into two broad categories namely:

Why is tissue culture important in crop propagation?

Importance of Tissue Culture in Crop Propagation. It is used to recover and establish pathogen-free plants especially in the control of viral diseases. It is used in mass production of plantlets or propagules. It is fast and requires less space than the cultural methods of using cutting which requires a bigger space.

Does vegetative propagation produce new crops?

Vegetative propagation does not result in new crop varieties.

Why should livestock be handled?

Livestock handling should be carried out in the most humane and technical way in order to avoid stress or injury to the animal. Reasons for handling animals

What are granaries made of?

Traditional granaries are elevated from the ground by posts. They are made of wooden twigs woven together and roofed with thatching materials such as grass or reeds.

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