A researcher studying the impact of agricultural pesticides


A researcher studying the impact of agricultural pesticides on native plants discovers a bacterium capable of degrading small amounts of a specific pesticide. The researcher then modifies the bacterial species in the lab to increase the rate of pesticide degradation. This research represents


What is the role of pesticides in agricultural development?

It is generally accepted that pesticides play an important role in agricultural development because they can reduce the losses of agricultural products and improve the affordable yield and quality of food [2,3,4].

What is your approach to the use of pesticides?

Our approach to the use of pesticides should be pragmatic. In other words, all activities concerning pesticides should be based on scientific judgement and not on commercial considerations. There are some inherent difficulties in fully evaluating the risks to human health due to pesticides.

What is the economic impact of pesticides on human health?

The economic impact of pesticides in non-target species (including humans) has been estimated at approximately $8 billion annually in developing countries. What is required is to weigh all the risks against the benefits to ensure a maximum margin of safety.

Which factors contribute to the global use of pesticides?

Population growth and climate change contribute mainly to the increasing use of pesticides [161,162,163], and a higher global pesticide production is estimated in the future.


What happens when fertilizers are too much?

When fertilizers used in inadequate manner, rates of productivity and quality are caused significant losses, when it is too much applied, it causes air pollution by nitrogen oxides emission. There are some gasses water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfite with choloro-floro hydrocarbons.

What are the effects of pesticides on the body?

Exposure effects can range from mild skin irritation to birth defects, tumors, genetic change, blood and nerve disorder, endocrine disruption, coma and death. Pest resistance is also effect of pesticides and secondary pest out break also a effect of pesticide .

What are the major problems of agriculture?

Major 4 problem due to agriculture practices is emission of carbon dioxide in the environment and damage both local and global environment, it also help in increasing greenhouse gases in air and toxic chemicals in water. Pesticides The effect of pesticide on environment consists the effect on non-target species, …

How do pesticides affect the environment?

Pesticides The effect of pesticide on environment consists the effect on non-target species, over 98% of insecticides and 95% of herbicides kill the non-target species , runoff of pesticides carry them to aquatic environment and wind carry them to other places as grazing areas, undeveloped areas and human colonies.

What is fertilizer used for?

Fertilizers are any substance used to add nutrients to the soil to increase soil fertility and plant growth. In recent years, the use of fertilizer increase and cause serious environmental problems. Fertilization can effect as assemblage of heavy metals in soil and water and in plant system.

Why is soil important for biodiversity?

Soil hold the majority of the world biodiversity, healthy soil is essential for food production and an enough water supply. Common assigns of soil degradation are salting, water logging, compaction, pesticides. Carbon dioxide from agriculture cause to increase carbon dioxide level in atmosphere.

What are the factors that affect the biosphere?

Global warming, temperature, precipitation, glacial runoff also included. These considerations influence the carrying capacity of the biosphere to produce food for humans and animals. Increasing in carbon dioxide level also effect on environment both beneficially and detrimentally.


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