A textbook of agricultural statistics pdf


Who uses the statistics produced by agriculture?

One of the major and immediate users of virtually all of the statistics produced by agriculture is what is referred to as the National Accounts which are put together by INE. One often sees reference to such measures such as the Gross Domestic Product and the percentage of itthat comes from agriculture. For example, consider the following quote:

How accurate is the annual Agriculture survey?

The annual agriculture survey uses a smaller sample size and provides reasonable estimates for smaller animals (goats, chickens etc.) but the DVS finds that the cattle estimates are not sufficiently accurate for their purposes.

How many research papers has the author published in statistics?

It also serves as a textbook in Conventional Universities where Statistics is taught as separate paper in the fields of Life Sciences and Social Sciences. The author has fifteen research papers to his credit. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

What is the unit of observation in agriculture statistics?

An Introduction to Agriculture Statistics, April 2009, Boyko and Hill Page 26 The unit of observation A number of different types of units are typically used in surveys. These include entities such as persons, households, business establishments, agricultural holdings, and institutions.


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