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According to the Agricultural Land Use Guidelines and Standards for Texas, chickens can be used for an AG exemption, yes. This is great news for all chicken owners. But before you get carried away, it’s not as simple as saying you have some backyard chickens and getting ‘farm credits’ as the tax exemption is often called.


Do chickens qualify for the AG exemption?

As a rule of thumb, your chickens may qualify for the Ag exemption if you would honestly consider them as an integral part of an agricultural business. I.E. you sell eggs or meat for a profit and you have obtained the necessary permits from the relevant authorities. You will still be required to meet the basic requirements as mentioned above.

Who qualifies for agricultural and timber exemptions in Texas?

Farmers, ranchers and timber producers can claim exemptions from some Texas taxes when purchasing certain items used exclusively to produce agricultural and timber products for sale. Who Qualifies for Agricultural and Timber Exemptions?

What is the agriculture exemption and how does it work?

First, let’s first clarify what the Agriculture Exemption is. The Ag exemption is a property evaluation in which a farmer can have their land appraised based on the land’s capacity to produce agricultural goods. Depending on the market value and type of valuation requested, farmers who qualify will typically see significant tax savings.

Do you have to pay sales tax on animal feed in Texas?

Some animals and their feed do not qualify for the ag/timber exemption, but do qualify for the standard sales and use tax exemption. You must give the retailer a properly completed Form 01-339, Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) when purchasing them.


What animals qualify for tax exemption in Texas?

Animal Feed – Feed for work animals qualifies for exemption. Feed for animals being held for sale in the regular course of business (including dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic animals) also qualifies for exemption.

How many acres do you need to be ag exempt in Texas?

10 acresTo qualify, the general rule of thumb is 10 acres, but honestly, even that varies by county. But the overarching guideline is that the land must have been devoted exclusively to or developed continuously for agriculture during the past five years.

Is a barn AG exempt in Texas?

Most buildings and structures used on a farm or ranch, and the materials used to construct them, are taxable. General purpose and storage buildings such as hay barns, machine shops, bunkhouses, kennels, offices and livestock barns are not exempt.

Does hay qualify for ag exemption in Texas?

To qualify, persons must produce horses for sale in the regular course of business. The horses themselves and horse feed (including grain, hay and feed supplements) can be purchased tax free without an ag/timber number or an exemption certificate.

How much does ag exemption save in Texas?

The value of an ag exemption Market values for the same land could be as high as $20,000 per acre. “If you average all the market values from Peaster to Millsap to Aledo, you get an average of about $5,000 per acre,” he said. “The tax savings is just huge if you’ve got ag.”

How do I become exempt from property taxes in Texas?

What Property Tax Exemptions Are Available in Texas?General Residence Homestead.Age 65 or Older or Disabled.Manufactured and Cooperative Housing.Uninhabitable or Unstable Residence.Temporary Exemption for Disaster Damage.

Are greenhouses taxed in Texas?

Buildings specifically designed for agricultural production and that cannot be economically used for any other purpose are tax exempt. Examples are automated laying houses, farrowing houses and commercial greenhouses.

How do you get ag exemption with bees in Texas?

Can I really get an “Ag Exemption” by putting honey bees on my land? In Texas, if you own more than 5 acres of rural or residential land, you may apply for a special “Open Space” land valuation for raising honey bees on your property and save thousands on your property taxes each year!

Do farmers pay property taxes in Texas?

Property taxes are a large portion of the taxes that farmers and ranchers pay. However, every state has some form of preferential treatment for agricultural, conservation, or open space land that is intended to preserve those spaces and endeavors.

What happens if you lose your ag exemption in Texas?

What happens if I can’t maintain the ag exemption? If a property does not maintain the existing agricultural exemption, it will be subject to 5 years of rollback taxes. That means whatever the property taxes would have been without the exemption, for the last 5 previous years, are now owed for that property.

Is building a barn tax deductible?

No, unfortunately, you will not. While most equipment that businesses lease, finance, or purchase will qualify for the Section 179 Deduction, there are some exceptions.

How many cows can you have per acre in Texas?

As a general rule, moderate to light stocking rates for well-managed pastures in this area are: one animal unit (cow with calf) per 8 – 15 acres on native grass; 3 – 6 acres on tame pastures (bermudagrass/bahia grass); 50 – 75 acres on wooded areas.

How many acres do you need to get an AG exemption in Texas?

As a general rule of thumb, expect to be told that you need at least 10 acres of land.

How long do you have to use your property to qualify for AG exemption in Texas?

Some of the core criteria you need to fulfill to be eligible for farm credits or tax exemption is: You must have used your property for at least 5 out of the last 7 years for agricultural purposes.

What is an animal unit in Texas?

An animal unit (AU) is defined in the Agricultural Land Use Guidelines and Standards for Texas as: Chickens are not included in the animal unit classification. I enquired about this and how many chickens equal 1 animal unit, etc, but I didn’t get a sufficient answer.

What does AG exemption mean?

In summary, what the AG Exemption means is that if you are raising cattle, selling eggs, crop production, or using your land for just about anything related to farming and agriculture you may be eligible.

What does it mean to have agricultural land?

Basically, what it means is that if you have agricultural land, you’re able to have your property’s taxes calculated based on how you’re using that land for commercial purposes – as opposed to strictly taking it at market value.

Can you raise chickens for profit?

Most notably that you’re keeping chickens for profit and using them to run a business. This can either be raising them for meat or selling their eggs. If you’re simply raising backyard chickens for fun or your own consumption, unfortunately, you’re not going to be eligible for any relief.

Can I get an AG exemption for chickens in Texas?

Moving to Texas or thinking about raising chickens and wondering; do chickens qualify for AG exemption in Texas? The answer is; Yes, chickens can qualify for Agricultural Exemption, although there are many eligibility requirements. I’ll say off the top; this is a topic best discussed with a qualified tax professional if you want an accurate answer, …

When is an agricultural exemption required?

An agricultural or timber exemption certificate is required when you claim a sales tax exemption on the purchase of items directly used to produce agricultural and timber products being raised or harvested for sale.

What form do I need to get a Texas exemption for a tractor?

To claim exemption from motor vehicle sales and use tax on the purchase of a qualified farm or timber machine or trailer, you must provide the dealer a properly completed Form 14-319, Texas Motor Vehicle Exemption Certificate for Agricultural and Timber Operations (PDF).

When you purchase an item that is not exempt from tax by law, do you have to give the seller an exemption

When you purchase an item that is not exempt from tax by law, you must give the seller an exemption certificate to purchase the item tax free. The type of exemption certificate depends on the type of item you are purchasing and how it will be used.

What is a farm trailer?

Farm trailer – a trailer or semitrailer designed for and used primarily on a farm or ranch. The term “farm trailer” does not include a motor vehicle designed for sleeping, dressing, lounging, restroom use or meal preparation, even if the vehicle is used to transport livestock or agricultural products.

What are the animals raised by students and teachers in 4H, FFA and similar agricultural vocational groups?

animals raised and shown by students and teachers in 4H, FFA and similar agricultural vocational groups; fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, defoliants and desiccants used exclusively to produce timber for sale or on a commercial farm or ranch to produce food or other agricultural products for sale;

What are the products of which are ordinarily food and inspected by the USDA?

cattle, sheep, swine, goats (the products of which are ordinarily food and inspected by the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service); chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, squabs ostriches, rheas or emus (the products of which are ordinarily food and inspected by the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service);

Do you have to have a timber registration number in Texas?

All purchasers, including non-Texas residents, must have a valid agricultural and timber registration number (Ag/Timber Number) issued by the Comptroller to claim exemption from Texas tax. If you do not have a valid Ag/Timber Number, you must pay tax to retailers on your purchases.

What happens if land is changed to non-agricultural?

If land receiving an agricultural appraisal changes to a non-agricultural use, the property owner who changes the use will owe a rollback tax. The rollback tax is due for each of the previous five years in which the land received the lower appraisal.

What is considered agricultural use?

Agricultural use includes producing crops, livestock, poultry, fish, or cover crops.

Is Texas an agricultural exemption?

The Texas agricultural exemption is not technically an exemption. It is a county appraisal district assessment valuation based on agricultural use. Therefore, it is actually an agricultural appraisal. Landowners may apply for this special appraisal status based on their land’s productivity value rather than on what the land would sell for on …



How to Apply For A Texas Agricultural and Timber Registration Number

  • To claim a tax exemption on qualifying items, you must apply for an agricultural and timber registration number (Ag/Timber Number) from the Comptroller. You must include the Ag/Timber Number on the agricultural exemption certificate (PDF) or the timber exemption certificate (PDF)when buying qualifying items.

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Ag/Timber Courtesy Cards

  • Once we have processed your application, we’ll send you a confirmation letter with two courtesy cards showing your Ag/Timber Number. These cards are for your convenience. They do not replace the requirement to provide a properly completed exemption certificate, with an active Ag/Timber Number and expiration date, when making tax-exempt purchases. You can make cop…

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