Can a company own agricultural land in india


Therefore company constituted as a juristic person under the Companies Act cannot be considered to be an “agriculturist”. With this we have to conclude that due to provisions made in the Section 63 of the Act, company cannot buy agricultural land for agricultural purpose.

Can a company hold agricultural land?

A private limited company can buy an agricultural land subject to such investment activity being approved in its MOA. However answer to your second query is no. The Company cannot make investments in the name of its director.

How much land can a company own in India?

Also, companies and organisations can hold up to a maximum of 15 acre and for holding more than this limit, it should get exemption under section 81(3) of KLR Act.

Can a company own a farm in India?

Any company wanting to buy farm land has to go through the high-power committee before approaching the cabinet.

Can companies buy land in India?

The above law clearly states that a non-agriculturist/company shall not hold or buy any agricultural land until one of them is an agriculturist.

Can a private company own land?

The answer to which is yes, it can hold a property in its own name. It can buy, hold and sell a property in its own name. As per provisions of Companies Act, 2013 a private limited company must have a registered office within 15 days of issue of Certificate of Incorporation (COI).

Can I buy land in the name of company?

If your company is a corporation, then yes, property can be purchased and owned, since a corporation is a legal entity similar to a person.

Can a company do agriculture?

There is no ban on companies to do agriculture either in their own lands or as a lesee of farmers’ fields. The company’s memorandum and Articles of association should have provision to pursue agriculture. If it is not there originally the articles can be amended suitably to include Agriculture and allied activities.

Can a private company buy agricultural land in Maharashtra?

Due to restrictions contained in the Section 63 of the Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Lands Act, 1948, a pvt. ltd. company cannot buy agricultural land for agricultural purpose in Maharasthra.

Can a company buy agricultural land in Uttar Pradesh?

In Uttar Pradesh any body can buy an agriculture land subject to a ceiling of 12.5 Acres. Uttar pradesh does not have laws as is prevalent in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttarpradesh.

Can a company buy a property in India?

Yes a company can buy and hold property in its own name since it is an artificial judicial person.

Is it better to buy property through a company in India?

It’s always advantageous to adopt the company route for buying a property as it also opens doors when approaching lenders for loans as you build your property portfolio. Creditors are more likely to offer favourable loan terms if you demonstrate a strong portfolio of investment properties and a well-managed company.

Can a private limited company buy property?

Can a company purchase a residential property? Yes. There are different pros and cons to buying a residential property as a limited company vs private individual.

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