can agricultural land be gifted



Farmers may consider gifting as an option if they are financially able to gift land, equipment, livestock, or other assets and are also able to pay any related gift taxes.

Can agricultural land be gifted in Gujarat?

– As per law, An agriculturist cannot gift his agricultural land to a non-agriculturist through a WILL or Gift deed . – However as per the Gujarat High Court, any person, who is an agriculturist in any part of the Country, is deemed to be an Agriculturist in Gujarat, and can buy Agricultural Land in Gujarat.

Can agricultural land be gifted in Maharashtra?

Summary: According to Article 34 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, which was revised in 2017, stamp duty on gift deeds is 3 per cent of the property value. But, if the property is residential or agricultural, and is gifted without any payment to a blood relative, then the stamp duty is Rs 200.

How do you pass the family farm?

Gene has a few tips for other farmers looking to pass down the farm.Let the younger generation carve their own niche. … Encourage the kids to work somewhere else first. … Don’t be afraid to gift the farm corporation while you are still active. … Turn over management years before you retire. … Listen to them.More items…•

Can NRI get agricultural land gift?

Can NRIs get agricultural land by gift? The answer to this, too, is no. NRIs cannot acquire agricultural land in India even by gift. While other types of properties can be acquired by the way of gift, this is not so for agricultural land.

How can I transfer my agricultural land from father to son in Maharashtra?

Answers (1)Signature/Consent of both the parties to transfer and accept the property.Registration of the gift deed.Paying the requisite stamp duty. The State of U.P. does not provide exemption as to the payment of stamp duty when the transfer by way of a gift deed is made within a family.

Does a gift of property attract stamp duty?

If you get property as a gift you will not pay SDLT as long as there’s no outstanding mortgage on it. But if you take over some or all of an existing mortgage, you’ll pay SDLT if the value of the mortgage is over the SDLT threshold.

How do you keep land in the family forever?

Trusts and limited-liability companies can be used to keep the land in the family. With a trust arrangement the farm owner would transfer the land to an irrevocable trust, either during lifetime or at death, instead of distributing the land outright to the heirs.

What does it mean to put a farm in a trust?

That means the farmer still owns the assets, but owns them via the trust instead of directly as an individual. While the assets are within the RLT, they can be managed and transferred by the farmer (or by a successor trustee appointed to manage the trust upon the farmer’s disability, incapacity, or death).

What is farm succession?

Definition of Farm Succession Planning Farm succession planning is the process of passing on the ownership of your farm to another person — typically to the next generation of your family.

Who Cannot buy agricultural land in India?

According to Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018, both NRIs and OCIs aren’t allowed to buy any agricultural land or plantation property or farmhouses in India by law unless they get a special permission from the …

Who can own agricultural land in India?

In some states, only one farmer can buy such land while in other states there are no restrictions. Across India, NRIs and foreign nationals cannot buy agricultural land/plantation property/farmhouse. However, they can inherit agricultural land.

What will happens if NRI buy agricultural land in India?

NRIs can buy both residential and commercial property in India but not agricultural land, farm houses, or plantation properties. However, if an NRI is willing to purchase agricultural land in India, it requires permission from the Reserve Bank of India for doing so.


Gift of agriculture land

My question is, my sister is married now her mother in law is farmer also, they want to gift of agriculture land to my mother but my mother is not is it possible to getting gift from my sister’s mother in law?

13 Answers

Gift will be void. Sister MIL is not a family member of your mother, so she cannot hold agriculture land.

Quick facts

Gifting of assets to the entering generation can be a valuable tool in the transfer process. Gifting can be used to:

Can you afford it?

Does gifting violate your goals? Gifting can be a very useful transfer and estate planning tool. However, don’t do it unless you can afford to give up the assets. Once an asset is gifted away you have no control of it and can expect no income stream from it.

Caution – Medicaid

Gifting assets can cause eligibility issues if you are considering application for Medicaid for long-term health care costs. In MN, gifted assets are generally only protected from Medicaid/Medical Assistance (MA) spend-down calculation and long-term care costs IF 60 months has passed before the individual applies for MA.

Can agriculture land be gifted by an Indian wife to NRI (OCI) husband?

Hi Sir I am NRI and OCI card holder and My wife is an Indian National lives in Andhra Pradesh. My wife owns some agriculture land. can my wife do a gift registration of this agriculture land to me? regards Narayana

12 Answers

Yes, NRIs and PIOs can receive property as gifts from a person resident in India, from another NRI or from a PIO. However, the property can be only a commercial property or a residential property but, Agricultural land, plantation property and farm house in India cannot be acquired by way of gift.

What are the laws for agricultural land?

State laws: Ownership and transfer of agricultural land is governed by state and local laws. In many states, only locally domiciled agriculturists are allowed to buy agricultural land (i.e those who have been farmers or from farming background).

What to do if you are not buying land in your ancestral town?

Bottomline: tread carefully when it comes to agricultural land, especially if you are not buying in your ancestral town, village where your forefathers have been agriculturalists. Always seek the help of local lawyers and attorneys who can help you navigate the local laws.

Which states have strict restrictions on Agric?

However in some states like Karnataka or WB – there is severe restriction on Agric

Can you deed land to an NRI?

However in some states like Karnataka or WB – there is severe restriction on Agricultural ownership and only farmers are permitted to own agricultural land – so no agricultural land can be gifted or deeded to anybody regardless of NRI or not.

Can a sibling gift land in Tamil Nadu?

The answer is yes in some states. In Tamil nadu for instance – it is possible for a parent to child or sibling to sibling gift of agricultural land by paying stamp duty + revenue charges + 5% transfer fee. The Agricultural land has restricted use – one can use it only to build a farm house or for agricultural activities (unless theland can be converted).

Can a US citizen of Indian origin buy agricultural land in India?

A US citizen of Indian origin cannot buy agricultural lands in India. However, can he inherit an agricultural land as heir after the demise of his father?

Can an NRI acquire land?

under FEMA 1999 an NRI can acquire agricultural land only by way of inheritance.

Buying agriculture land in my mother’s name and gifting it to me

Dear Sir/Madam, I am resident of Karnataka. I work for an IT company in Bangalore. My income is more than 2 lakhs and My wife is also working and her income is also more than 2 lakhs. Currently we hold around 2.4 acres of land in my mother’s name, my name and my brothers and sisters, which is transferred to our name after my father’s death.

9 Answers

1) the income limit from non agricultural sources for purchase of agricultural land has been increased to Rs 25 lakhs per annum in karnataka

India: NRIs Can Gift Agricultural Land Only To Indian Citizens Residing Here

My brother wants to transfer a part of his property to me, which is registered in his name, through a gift deed. Can gift deeds be challenged in a court?

My brother wants to transfer a part of his property to me, which is registered in his name, through a gift deed. Can gift deeds be challenged in a court?

My brother wants to transfer a part of his property to me, which is registered in his name, through a gift deed. Can gift deeds be challenged in a court?

Can changing land be considered money laundering?

Changing lands of an agricultural land within the country and between two citizens cannot be considered as money laundering. Thus it cannot be said that the provisions were introduced to stop such transfer of capital assets within India.

Can Section 50C be applied to gift tax?

Provisions of Section 50C cannot be applied. As issue is not charging of Gift under Gift Tax Act and therefore, valuation of the gifted asset is not the subject of our concern. Now coming to issue of applicability of Section 56 (2) (v), the words used in the sub-section are “any sum of money”.

What happens when you sell land at fair market value?

When land is sold at fair market value there will be a capital gain, which is the difference between land’s original cost and its current value. ADVERTISEMENT. Half of this will be subject to tax, although the capital gains deduction may be available on the sale to alleviate the tax amount.

How does the amount you transfer property depend on the parent?

The amount you transfer the property at will depend partly on whether the parent has enough capital gains exemption room available to offset the gain on the land.

What happens if a child dies before you and the land is left to the child’s estate?

What if the child dies before you and the land is left to the child’s estate? With gifted land, the parent has no claim against the estate for the value of the land. If the land was transferred to the child at fair market value, the child’s estate will receive the land subject to the parent’s mortgage.

Can a spouse claim the equity in a land?

Only the equity in the land after the child buys it can be claimed by the spouse. The value of the land is protected. If gifted, the entire amount could be claimed by the spouse.

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