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Is a Can-Am the right offer for You?

Everything Can-Am Offroad. 2544 American Drive. Appleton, WI 54914. (920) 214-8201. Mon-Fri 6:00AM – 9:00PM CST. Sat-Sun 9:00AM – 4:00PM CST. [email protected]

How much can a Can-Am towing capacity?

 · Can-Am offers special Rancher Front and Rear Bumpers for ATVs and SxSs to allow you to securely use your vehicle within cattle herds and guard the safety of both the …

How many people can a Can-Am ATV seat?

Canarm’s Agricultural Division provides agricultural professionals around the world with quality livestock stabling and ventilation products. Our products specialize in keeping your animals …

Why choose Cancan-am rancher bumpers?

use your brp card as your dedicated line of credit for all qualifying brp purchases


How does an ATV help a farm?

Transporting supplies around the property. Probably the biggest help an ATV or side-by-side/UTV can be around a farm is in quickly and easily moving supplies around the property. A large off-road vehicle can easily carry hundreds of pounds of supplies day after day and simplifies an enormous amount of hauling jobs around the farm.

What is farm work?

Engine. Farm work demands a quality engine that can take a beating. In comparison with other uses for ATVs and SxSs, farm work puts a lot of strain on a vehicle’s engine with day-in day-out hauling and towing—much more than recreational uses, naturally.

What is cargo capacity?

Plainly and simply, cargo capacity is how much the bed of a SxS/UTV is capable of holding. It’s an important consideration when hauling stuff like gravel, manure or other supplies around the farm, and the larger the bed, the more useful it’ll be. Farming use demands a high amount of capacity for this reason, and your vehicle needs to be able to deal with both quantity and weight. A large vehicle such as those in the Can-Am Defender range help you get the job done with a cargo capacity of 1,000 lb (454 kg), with some packages such as the Defender PRO moving up to 1,750 lb (793.8 kg), an industry-leading number.

Does Can Am finance off road vehicles?

Financing makes your off-road farm vehicle more affordable than you think, with manufacturers like Can-Am offering low interest rates and other incentives. Financing makes ownership more affordable to more people and gives you the opportunity to get the vehicle that best suits your farming needs, rather than being bound by cost. It’s also a great way to afford the accessories and add-ons that really equip your vehicle for the demands of your farm. Be sure to check out the payment estimator on the Can-Am site to get started.

How much does an ATV cost in 2021?

Comparable base models, such as the 2021 Can-Am Outlander 450/570 ATV and the 2021 Can-Am Defender side-by-side, come in at about US$6,299 and US$10,399 respectively.

Is an ATV or SXS better for farming?

But choosing whether an ATV or SxS is best for your farm is a tougher call. Both are excellent farming rigs, no doubt, but examining your personal needs and circumstances will help you pick the perfect vehicle for your farm. Let’s begin by comparing their advantages.

Can you transport firewood on a farm?

Harvesting and transporting firewood is often a big task on most farms, and many farmers will tell you it can be downright impossible to get a large piece of machinery into dense woods. That’s when ATVs and SxSs/UTVs come to the rescue: by getting through tight, rough terrain, they can easily haul load after load of firewood to where you need it.

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