Can bank sell mortgaged agricultural land


In case the banks are ready to accept your agricultural land as security, you are not permitted to sell off any part of it till your liability is cleared. However, bank may permit you to do so, provided the sale proceeds are either fully or proportionately directly credited to the loan account.


Can a bank take agricultural land as mortgaged security while providing loan?

The Bank can take the agricultural land as mortgaged security while providing loan. 2. However, the said lending Bank can not initiate SARFAESI proceeding to take possession of the said mortgaged property and sell it of to recover the dues of the mortgagor/borrower.

Can agricultural land be used as collateral for a loan?

A collateral security can be in the form of agricultural lands also. However action under Securitisation Act (SARFASI) is not available to Bank like other residential or commercial properties. Banks accept agricultural as collateral security for all loans.

Why is Bank of America asking me to convert agricultural land?

Bank is asking you to convert the agricultural land to commercial land to ensure that SARFAESI Action can be initiated against your mortgaged property for taking its physical possession for selling the same to recover the outstanding loan amount. 3.

Do you need a co-applicant for a loan against agricultural land?

A co-applicant for a Loan Against Agricultural Land is generally not required. However, if there are multiple owners of the land, it is mandatory to include them all as co-applicants. Q3. What are the different additional charges applicable on Loan Against Agricultural Land?


Can agricultural land be auctioned in India?

Agriculture land cannot be proceeded for recovery of loan. In case the agriculture land was mortgaged then only it can be auctioned otherwise the agriculture land cannot be auctioned by the bank.

Can agricultural land be mortgaged in India?

Normally, no agricultural land can be mortgaged for raising loan for other than agricultural activities. This is of course, state specific and you have to check if in your state this condition is applicable or not.

Can agricultural land be mortgaged in Maharashtra?

For instance, in Maharashtra, transfer (the term includes mortgage) of agricultural land cannot be done other than for speci c purposes which include a transfer for the purposes of agriculture/cultivation and/or educational and charitable purposes only.

Can agricultural land be mortgaged Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines – The Arroyos in the House of Representatives are pushing for amendments to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988 to allow farmer-beneficiaries to mortgage their lands. Former President and re-elected Pampanga Rep.

Is sarfaesi Act applicable to agricultural land?

The Court ruled that the expression ‘agricultural land’ in Section 31(i) of the SARFAESI Act, does not include land on which plantation crops are grown namely, cardamom, coffee, pepper, rubber and tea.

Can sarfaesi be initiated on agricultural land?

SARFAESI Action can not be initiated on agricultural land as mortgaged property.

Can agricultural land equitable mortgage?

Agricultural land: Certain states prohibit equitable mortgages on agricultural land. Further, in certain states permission from/notice to the revenue authority may be required before the creation of an equitable mortgage on agricultural land.

Can we keep agricultural land as collateral?

The answer to the above question, in a nutshell, would be yes. You can definitely use agricultural land as collateral for availing an education loan. The prime aspect that matters for in considering an asset as collateral is the value of the asset compared to the education loan amount.

Which bank is best for agriculture loan?

State Bank of India (SBI) State Bank of India (SBI) is the market leader when it comes to agriculture-related financing. … ICICI Bank. … HDFC Bank. … Punjab National Bank (PNB) … Allahabad Bank. … Axis Bank. … Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC)

Can agricultural land be used as collateral in the Philippines?

– All agricultural lands enumerated under Section 3 of this Act shall be accepted as collateral by any lender, bank and other financial institution to secure loans of the registered owners as appearing in the Emancipation Patent, Homestead Patent, Free Patent, Certificate of Land Ownership Award, Original certificate …

What is Republic Act No 34?

Republic Act No. 34 — An Act Amending Certain Sections of Act Numbered Four Thousand Fifty-Four, As Amended, Otherwise Known as “The Philippine Rice Share Tenancy Act” • It established a 70-30 sharing arrangement between tenant and landlord.

Can Cloa land be mortgaged?

The LandBank of the Philippines has to accept certificates of land ownership award (CLOA) as collateral for mortgage so that farmers could borrow money, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday.

Mortgage and Reselling Land

For many individuals buying a house or a property is a one-time investment. Before making such a big purchase people tend to make sure that they are not only able to afford it, but also know the ins and outs of getting a mortgage. Few buyers actually take the time to read the entirety of the documentation that they sign on closing day.

Mortgages in the US

The mortgage system in the United States works differently as it does in the rest of the world. The cycle for lending and borrowing is never-ending with the presence of financial institutions as the money collected in repayments of the mortgage loans is reallocated to other new borrowers.

Understanding The Due Of Sale Clause In Most Mortgage Contracts

The “due of sale” clause fulfills the purpose of providing security to the lenders in case of any wrongdoing at the hand of the borrower. A “due of sale” clause is a common provision that states that the lender must be paid the entirety of the remaining mortgage if any part of the property is sold.

What is a guarantor after signing a guarantee?

1. Guarantor, after signing the agreement for guarantee, steps in to the shoes of the Borrower, 2. However, the amount to be paid by the guarantor is limited to the amount mentioned by him in the agreement for guarantee only with interest accrued thereupon.

Can agriculter land be attached to commercial loan?

The agriculter land cannot be attached in Sarfesi act under section 31 of the act since there is no agriculture loan on the agriculture land it cannot be attached to recover any commercial loan.

Does Sarfaesi Act apply to agricultural land?

Gowaal Padavi. , SARFAESI Act will have no application to the security interest created in agricultural land. 2)the security interest in agricultural land cannot be enforced inasmuch as the same is exempted under the provisions of Section 31 (i),

Can a bank grant a loan on agriculture land?

Approval of loan depends on the terms of banks, Most banks refuse to grant loan on agriculture land, as the recovery proceeding against the agriculture land cannot be proceeded in case of default.

Can a commercial bank give a loan to an agricultural property?

Unless the property is converted for non-agriculture purpose, no commercial bank can give loan for commercial purpose on the security of agriculture property (even if it is offered as registered mortgage); 2. General loan can be given only for agriculture loan i.e. for purchase of tractor, seeds, fertilizers etc.

Can you give agricultural land as collateral?

Do you want to say that whether the agriculture property can be given as collateral security for bank loan, yes it can be given. A collateral security can be in the form of agricultural lands also. However action under Securitisation Act (SARFASI) is not available to Bank like other residential or commercial properties.

Agriculture land mortgage to bank

Dear Sir, I have a land of 1 acre in the city and it’s registered under the Agriculture Land . Now i want to take the loan for business purpose but bank is forcing me to get it convert into the commercial. MVR for Agriculture Land -1.5L/ Decimal MVR for Commercial Land – 7.0L/Decimal In Bihar the conversion rate is 10% of the MVR . Pls.

5 Answers

You may just once visit the senior branch manager and see if it works. But usually bank will not give loan on agricultural land.

What happens if you default on a loan?

1. If you are defaulter in loan then you will have to pay the money. 2. However if you are not in a position to pay the whole money then you can send representation to the bank. 3. Now if the bank does not agree then you can file an application u/s 17 of the SARFAESI before the DRT seeking injunction against auction. 4.

Can a SARFAESI be used against a mortgaged land?

1. No SARFAESI action can be initiated against mortgaged agricultural land in case the loan account has become NPA. 2. However, the Bank can approach the Court for executing the mortgage and for selling the same to recover its dues.

Can agricultural land be auctioned?

there is no restriction under SARFAESI Act that an agricultural land which is mortgaged for availing a loan, cannot be auctioned in case of default, to recover the dues of the bank

Can a bank take possession of a loan?

The bank have the right to take possession of the property for which loan is granted and you may move to DRT for having any order in your favor, but remember that you will have to deposit the loan amount.

Features and Benefits of Loan Against Agricultural Land

Mentioned below are some of the features and benefits of availing a Loan Against Agricultural Land.

Loan Against Agricultural Land Interest Rates & Processing Charges

As the availability of Loan Against Agricultural Land is rare, with only a few of the providers, refer to the table below to check the interest rates for Loan Against Property offered by the leading providers.
Note: You can connect with your preferred provider to check availability of Loan Against Agricultural Land.

Loan Against Agricultural Land Eligibility Criteria

Here are some of the pre-requisites to be eligible to apply for a Mortgage Loan Against Agricultural Land.

Loan Against Agricultural Land Documents Required

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How to Apply for Loan Against Agricultural Land

Customers can apply online for Mortgage Loan Against Agricultural Land through by simply following the below-mentioned steps.


Q1. How will I receive the loan amount?
The farmer/borrower can withdraw the amount in installments as and when required.


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