Can foreigners buy agricultural land in hungary


Can foreigners buy farm land in Hungary?

Foreign legal persons and non-EU country nationals are prohibited from any means of acquisition of agricultural land in Hungary.

Can a foreigner buy a property in Hungary?

In general yes, foreigners may own and occupy real estate and can hold shares in property owning companies, but acquisition of real property in Hungary by foreign (non-EU) legal and private persons is subject to the approval of the competent government agency, which is more of a formal administrative procedure.

Which country allows foreigners to buy agricultural land?

Serbia Will Allow Foreigners To Purchase Agricultural Land – Land Law & Agriculture – Serbia.

Is Hungary good for farming?

Over most of the country the soil is rich and suitable for agricultural production. The main crops include wheat, maize, vegetables, fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants. The average daily availability of calories per caput was 3 332 in the 1995-97 period.

Can I buy land in Hungary?

To purchase any type of land except arable land, a private person needs a permit from the district council of the local municipality, and in Budapest any purchase of property is subject to the approval of the Administrative Office (AOB). No restrictions apply to ownership of property by Hungarian legal entities.

Can I get residency in Hungary if I buy a house?

Unlike in some other countries, in Hungary owning property in itself does not qualify you for residency since in the application process we have to show that you have some regular activity (business, employment or other) in Hungary, so you should be in or travel to Hungary regularly in order to perform this activity.

Can foreigners own agricultural land in Serbia?

In order for a foreigner to acquire ownership rights over agricultural land, he/she must have had permanent residence in Serbia for at least ten years, must have cultivated the land he/ she intends to buy for the past three years, must have been the owner of a family farm with active status continuously for ten years, …

Where is the cheapest farmland in the world?

Regionally, the best deal in the world right now on a risk-adjusted basis for farmland or grazing land is definitely Latin America, specifically Chile, Uruguay, and here in Paraguay. Paraguay is, in fact, still the cheapest place in the world I’ve seen for agricultural property…

Where is the best agricultural land in the world?

China is the top country by agricultural land area in the world. As of 2018, agricultural land area in China was 5.29 million sq. km that accounts for 11.03% of the world’s agricultural land area.

Is Hungary a poor country?

Hungary is one of the EU’s poorer countries, with a GDP in the lower third of all member states, though it is still better off than many of its central European and Balkan neighbors.

What fruit is grown in Hungary?

There are four successful crop species which absolutely dominate the sector: Sweet corn, green peas, apples and sour cherry. Together, these cover 60% of the total fruit and vegetable growing area.

What is the main industry in Hungary?

Industry. The main sectors of Hungarian industry are heavy industry (mining, metallurgy, machine and steel production), energy production, mechanical engineering, chemicals, food industry and automobile production.

Can foreigners get a mortgage in Hungary?

In Hungary, there are only a few service providers that cater to the needs of foreigners applying for home loans and mortgages, with the main service provider being CIB Bank, catering to expats in need of assistance to finance a property purchase in Hungary.

Can I buy property in Hungary?

Foreign natural or legal persons can purchase a property in Hungary with the permission of the regionally competent Government Office.

How much does a flat cost in Budapest?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 599$ (186,307Ft) without rent. Budapest is 55.68% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Cost of Living in Budapest.

Is it hard to move to Hungary?

Moving to Hungary Will Require Learning Some Hungarian, Which Can Be Tricky. When it comes to learning a language abroad, keep in mind that Hungarian is one of the more difficult ones out there. Many Americans point out that they have had a hard time learning even the basic expressions.

How much does a house cost in Hungary?

Budapest has the most expensive housing in Hungary, with the average price of second-hand homes reaching HUF 35.62 million (€ 101,317) in 2020. It was followed by Pest, with an average house price of HUF 29.21 million (€ 83,085).

How do you move to Hungary?

Most expats immigrating to Hungary apply for a student visa, investor visa or reunion visa. Depending on the reason for your move to Hungary, you will need to prepare all the necessary documents, fill in the application form, and apply for a visa by contacting your local Hungarian embassy or consulate.

Can Americans own land in Hungary?

In general yes, foreigners may own and occupy real estate and can hold shares in property owning companies, but acquisition of real property in Hungary by foreign (non-EU) legal and private persons is subject to the approval of the competent government agency, which is more of a formal administrative procedure.


1. REQUEST – The procedure starts by submitting the form of request to the locally authorized Government Office.


If all the necessary documents are submitted, the Government Office is going to contact the mayor of the local municipality to obtain a declaration if the purchase of the given property would be against municipal interest.
During the procedure, the Government Office is going to contact The Office of Immigration and Citizenship and the National Police Headquarter in question of injured public interest ( exclusionary order, residence restraint, warrant of arrest ).
The decision regarding the permission will be taken by the Goverment Office.


Most people as private buyers obtain finance from their own country and most purchases are made by cash rather than by mortgages. This is because the better amount of them has limited access to mortgage loans as a foreigner.


Restrictions on Property Purchases

Foreign citizens are prohibited from buying: 1. agricultural and forest land; 2. land outside city limits that exceeds 6,000 sq m; 3. military and strategic property; 4. national landmarks; 5. property located on the territory of national parks.

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How It Works in Hungary

  • 1. Find a property.A local real estate agency offers properties that match your preferences as a buyer. The city, district and your budget are the main things to take into account. Once you have found one or more options that interest you, the agency will arrange viewings. Don’t hesitate to ask your real estate agent any questions about the property, payment procedures or potential di…

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Taxes and Charges

  • When the sale is complete, the buyer pays stamp duty, legal fees for lawyer services, agency commission and notary fees as well as any expenses for finalising documents. *HUF: Hungarian Forint currency unit Stamp duty payment is delayed if a land buyer intends to build a house within four years of the purchase. If the buyer has a construction permit, they don’t have to pay stamp …

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