Can i do msc agriculture after bsc bzc


Yes, you may apply for MSc. Agriculture after pursuing with these three core subjects i.e. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry. These are the basic three subjects which every biological stream requires at least for qualification.Aug 13, 2019

Should I do MSc agriculture after BSc Agriculture?

On the other hand, the number of institutes offering M.Sc specializations in Agriculture is also high. An M.Sc degree after B.Sc Agriculture will give you better career opportunities in both government and private sectors. You can also go for teaching jobs as assistant professor or lecturer.

What is the scope of MSC agriculture?

M.Sc Agriculture is one of the best options if you looking for advanced learning in this field. At the same, the course offers practical knowledge where the students will have to go for fieldwork or research to understand the concepts. Compared to B.Sc Agriculture, M.Sc Agriculture gives a lot of scope for practical learning and knowledge.

Why should you choose ICAR AIEEA for BSc Agriculture?

Due to the continuous demand for professionals in this field, the number of students picking up B.Sc Agriculture has been increasing every year. ICAR AIEEA is a national-level entrance exam for B.Sc Agriculture admission, while most of the states conduct their own entrance test for the same.

What can I do after MSc in fisheries?

Fishing Industry involves various activities like processing, culturing, marketing and selling of fish and fish product. After M.Sc in Fisheries course, you can join the government and private sector that deals with fishery and activities related to it.


Which subject is best for MSc after BSc agriculture?

Take a look at the best courses after BSc Agriculture:Master of Food Science and Agribusiness.MBA in Agribusiness.MSc in Plant Pathology.Master’s in Sustainable Agriculture.Master’s in Agronomy.MSc in Agricultural Economics.MScAgric in Genetics.Master’s in Plant Science.More items…

Which field is best in MSc agriculture?

Agronomy, Biotechnology, Agricultural Economics & Farm Management, Plant Physiology, Entomology, and Extension Education are some of these subjects. It is a very lucrative course for students, with significant employment options in a variety of agricultural industries.

Which MSc course is best after BSc zoology?

Here are the most popular MSc courses after BSc Zoology:MSc Medical Technology.MSc Biomedical Technology/ MSc Biomedical Engineering.MSc Medical Biotechnology.MSc Medical Physiology.MSc Biochemistry.MSc Bioorganic chemistry.MSc Molecular biology.MSc Health care sciences.More items…•

Which is highest post in BSc agriculture?

After BSc Agriculture Government Jobs and Salary.Job Profiles.Average Salary (Per Annum).Highest Salary (Per Annum).Agriculture Sales Officer.4.85 Lakhs.10.5 Lakhs.ICAR Scientist.7.5 Lakhs.15.5 Lakhs.Agriculture Officer.10 Lakhs.15 Lakhs.Agriculture Analyst.4.5 Lakhs.6.2 Lakhs.6 more rows

How can I join MSc agriculture?

MSc Agriculture Admission ProcessStep 1: Fill the application form. Filling up the application form is the primary step of the admission process. … Step 2: Appear for the entrance test. … Step 3: Admission to the MSc Agriculture colleges.

Can I do MSc agriculture after BSc botany?

Yes, you may apply for MSc. Agriculture after pursuing with these three core subjects i.e. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry. These are the basic three subjects which every biological stream requires at least for qualification.

What can I do after BSc ZBC?

MSc Medical technology.MSc Cardiac perfusion technology.MSc Biomedical technology/ MSc Biomedical Engineering.MSc Biotechnology.MSc Medical Biotechnology.MSc Medical Physiology.MSc Biochemistry.MSc Bioorganic chemistry.More items…

Which MSc course has highest salary?

The Top 8 Highest-Paying Master’s DegreesMaster of Business Administration (MBA)Master of Science in Nursing.Master of Engineering Management.Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering.Master of Science in Finance.Master of Arts in Political Science.Master of Science in Computer Science.More items…•

Can I do MSc Food Technology after BSc zoology?

Yes after persuing bsc in zoology you can enrolled yourself for the MSc in Food technology and it’s good asper the purpose of job opportunities . You can find jobs in FMCG industry easily both in office QA/ QC and marketing jobs are their .

Is BSc Agriculture good for IAS?

Originally Answered: Can I choose BSc Agriculture for IAS? Most certainly. In fact it is quite advantageous and the success of rate is good. Agriculture is one of the easier and scoring optionals for civil services mains.

What is the salary after MSC Agriculture?

Starting salary is generally between 2.5- 5 Lakh Rupees per year. 1 Government Job- fixed salary, depending upon Officer Grade and class. 2 Private Job- generally around 2.5-5 Lakh Rupees per year.

Which is better BSc Agriculture or MBBS?

MBBS and are both different fields and different salary packages are there in both . Generally fees of mbbs are higher than the fees of and salary depends upon in which field you are . If you are doctor then ofcourse you’r salary will be high.

What are the requirements for M.Sc. in agriculture?

Answer: The criteria that candidates need to fulfill to be eligible for the M.Sc course are: Candidates need to have finished their B—Sc Agriculture from a college or university which is under a recognized board. Candidates need to have secured a minimum aggregate of 50% in their BSc Agriculture course.

What is the M.Sc after B.Sc?

List of M.Sc Courses after B.Sc Agriculture: M.Sc course is a post-graduation course. It is a two-year course that is spread over four semesters. There are many top colleges and universities across the country that offer the M.Sc course.

How many semesters are there in a M.Sc?

The M.Sc Courses is a two-year post-graduation program. It is a course that is offered in many colleges and universities across the country. There are four semesters in the M.Sc course. The eligibility criteria to apply and enroll for the course are easy and straightforward to understand.

Do you need a masters in agriculture?

Many companies want you to have a Masters’s degree in any field related to Agriculture. Companies even give you a better job if you have a Master’s degree. In the government, many State Agricultural departments are always hiring graduates with an M.Sc degree in a field related to Agriculture.


There are several alternatives available to you, such as pursuing a master’s degree in the topic of your choosing, MBA/MCA/CS, or working or taking competitive tests for bank/government employment, depending on your preferences and current circumstances.

B.Sc Botany

Some of the reasons why a student should take a B.Sc Botany course or not are as follows:

B.Sc Zoology IN Bzc degree

The following considerations can assist you decide whether or not to study B.Sc Zoology after class XII:

BSc Agriculture

Agriculture is the department of science that is especially concerned with farming and the cultivation of varied vegetation used to enhance the human race.

Study after BSc agriculture

After B.Sc Agriculture, if the candidate wants to study further then he may go for Masters’s in the concerned field such as M.Sc Agronomy and P.hd., NET many more.


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