Can i put shipping container on agricultural land


Property Rights and Shipping Containers

Since containers can be placed directly on the ground, there’s no need to install supports — hence no need to dig. Again, you’ll need to check with your local government to make sure you stay legal and up to code.Mar 20, 2020

How many shipping containers can I put on my land?

If you plan to put shipping containers on your land, know that the lot size will be a factor for the approval of permits. Whereas a lot size of less than two acres should not accommodate more than one container.

Can I put a shipping container in my garden?

Most city ordinances will allow shipping containers in gardens if it doesn’t become an eyesore to residents nearby. If your property is not screened by a landscaping feature (e.g. hedges or decorative boundary walls) or a fence, then it’s not a good idea to get a shipping container.

Why use shipping containers for agricultural machinery storage?

Guaranteed wind and watertight, all of our shipping containers offer excellent protection from the elements and are ideal for both long and short term agricultural machinery storage on a farm or smallholding. Shipping containers offer an excellent level of security for farms and remote sites.

Do you need to dig to build a shipping container home?

Depending on your location, there may also be building codes and necessary and regular inspections. Since containers can be placed directly on the ground, there’s no need to install supports — hence no need to dig. Again, you’ll need to check with your local government to make sure you stay legal and up to code.


Can I put a shipping container in a field?

Yes, generally speaking, you can put a shipping container on agricultural land.

Do you need planning permission for a container in a field?

Shipping containers are classified as temporary structures and so you do not normally need planning permission.

Can shipping containers be placed on dirt?

If you bury a shipping container, it’ll face literal tons of pressure. This becomes even worse if it rains and the soil retains moisture. This is not only added weight, but also wears away at the walls of the container and potentially weakens the support structures on the inside.

What can you build on agricultural land UK?

If your farm is 5 hectares or more, you have the right to erect, extend or alter a building. The types of permitted development include temporary uses of land, agricultural buildings below a certain size, forestry buildings, caravan sites and related buildings in some circumstances.

Can I live in a shipping container on my own land?

So yes, you can put a shipping container on your property.

Do I need a permit to put a shipping container on my property?

A common question before getting a shipping container is, “Do I need a permit for my shipping container?” The short answer is yes, most of the time you do. You need to meet building codes and zoning laws to put a shipping container on your site.

How high should a shipping container be off the ground?

For a 20′ container, the driver will need at least 60′ of space. You will also want to keep in mind the height of the truck and unit and make sure that anything overhead, such as power lines, are not in the way. The trucks are 13′ tall and can rise up to 16′ tall when unloading.

What do you put under a container?

A container can sit on level ground, or you can place it on footings to keep the container off the ground. For the latter, you can use wooden beams, concrete slabs or poured concrete foundations. The most accessible and affordable option available is wooden beam footings.

Can you use a shipping container as a shed?

Shipping containers used as storage sheds have many advantages over traditional wooden or modern vinyl sheds. One of the greatest advantages of using a shipping container as a storage shed is the cost per square foot. It is much cheaper. For example, a new container measuring 20′ long x 8′ wide x 8.5’tall costs $3,475.

What can I build on agricultural land without planning?

What can be done without planning permission? The erection, extension or alteration of a building on agricultural land as long as the building: Is not on agricultural land less than 0.5 hectares in area. Does not consists of or include the erection, extension or alteration of a dwelling.

Can I put a log cabin on agricultural land?

Agricultural accommodation – If you build a log cabin for agricultural workers. Then it won’t be considered permitted development. Say you want to add a log cabin to farmland, you need to tell the council.

Can I put a caravan on agricultural land?

If you wanted to put a static caravan on to agricultural land, you would need planning permission. That is the simple answer. Any council would be wary of somebody placing a static caravan on a piece of land ‘temporarily’.

What are the threats facing farms?

Controlled environment. One of the biggest threats facing farms across the world is nature, more specifically, unpredictable weather. With a shipping container, you can control the environment to the finest detail. You can set the temperature, humidity, lighting, and watering schedule.

Can you move a container around a farm?

Secondly, you’re free to move the container around your farm however you see fit and adapt it to your needs. Third of all, if you use it for growing crops, you’re able to transport your extremely fresh produce to customers and sell directly from your shipping container-cum-greenhouse.

Is shipping container better than a permanent fixture?

They provide a self-contained, relatively compact indoor area which you can use however you choose. Compared with building a permanent fixture on your land, a shipping container is far less invasive and makes for far better use of space. It’s a small footprint on your farm but has lots of utility.

Why are shipping containers important?

Shipping containers offer an excellent level of security for farms and remote sites . Firstly they are anonymous, so you never know whats inside on first look. Their solid design and build ensure a high level of security.

Why is storage space important in a farm?

in any farm environment storage space is always needed. with rural crime on the increase its important to keep your valuables locked away and secure. This is where shipping containers can come into their own.

Can you store large machinery in a shipping container?

If looking to store vary large machinery items, them there is fair chance these simply won’t fit inside a shipping container however much you may want to store them inside.

What is a container used for?

Containers are used as storage only. Containers are not used as shops, studios, hobby rooms, offices, lunch rooms, sales areas, playhouses, or other similar uses. Containers are not used for storage of motorized passenger vehicles. Containers are not stacked on top of each other.

How long can you use a storage container?

As mentioned earlier, a temporary use permit may be granted to you. This permit will allow you to use the storage container for up to 180 days. If you want to put up a permanent container structure, like turn it into a house, then you need to apply for special permits.

Do you need a permit for a shipping container?

Below are some helpful tips to consider when it comes to permits for shipping containers: Used as backyard storage containers – if you want to have a shipping container as temporary storage, it might be easier to obtain permits. In most cases, though, a permit is not required as long as you can guarantee that the container does not become …

Is shipping container a good option?

More people now want to invest in small living spaces, and a shipping container can be an affordable and durable option.

Is it legal to have a shipping container in your backyard?

Having a shipping container in your backyard is legal depending on what the container is being used for. The legality of having a shipping container in your backyard will also depend on where you are located. State and county laws differ depending on where you live, so you should ask your local council before getting one.

Can you use a shipping container in residential areas?

Whether you’re using it as housing or storage, different rules could apply. Some states won’t allow shipping containers in residential neighborhoods. Others do allow them but only for a limited amount of time.

Can you put a shipping container in a garden?

The thing about putting a shipping container in your garden is that you need to make sure it isn’t visible to other people.

What is a shipping container?

A shipping container falls into the category of a temporary structure, in the same way that a garden shed does. The most popular uses of shipping containers on private properties are: Garden sheds. Motorbike and bicycle stores. Garages. Home offices. Studios and workshops. Dens and “hang-outs”.

What size shipping container should I use for a garden shed?

These can be made to any required length. The most popular sizes for residential gardens is 10ft long x 8ft wide , and the most common use is as a garden shed.

Can you take delivery of a flat pack container?

The good news is that flat pack containers are designed just for this! Even with a terrace house you can take delivery of a flat pack container, because as their name suggests, each component is light and compact enough to be carried by hand.

Can you deliver a container to your garden?

Delivering containers to your garden. You may be concerned about taking delivery of a shipping container to your property, particularly if it’s to a back garden without adequate access for a large lorry and crane, which is the requirement for delivering a standard shipping container.

How to get a permit for shipping container homes?

In order to get approved permits for shipping container homes, you need to prove, via your permit application, that you’ve complied with the applicable building codes and possibly other regulations. As you’re probably starting to understand, these rules vary quite widely from place to place.

What is shipping container regulation?

The next type of common shipping container regulation is building codes and permits. Building codes stipulate the standards of construction that will be applied, meaning how homes are to be built. Building permits are what you typically apply for to prove your compliance with applicable building codes and gain approval to continue construction activities.

What is storage container?

And when we say storage containers, we’re talking about a shipping container used for storage of tools, materials, or equipment and NOT for occupation by humans. Since containers used for storage aren’t designed for habitation, they typically fall under a different set of rules.

Why is it impossible to sum up storage container development?

It is impossible to sum it up simply because different areas have their own set of rules, building permit requirements, zoning requirements, and more. Therefore, our goal here is to examine the types of regulations that surround storage container development and provide as much detail as we can when possible.

What is regulation in shipping?

Regulation is actually an umbrella term that covers a few different types of rules that can affect shipping container houses. Collectively they determine both what you can build and where you can build it, but it’s important to understand how each of them can impact your project.

What is container home?

The term ‘container home’ is surprisingly open-ended and can mean different things to different people. You may have even encountered this when describing your interest in container homes to friends and family.

Does the US have any building regulations?

Other than the HUD Code that was previously discussed for manufactured homes that include a trailer chassis, the US Federal Government doesn’t really have any building regulations. In other countries, it’s possible that almost all regulations are made at the federal or national level.


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