Can nri own agricultural land in usa as immigrant


NRI’s,PIO card holders and OCI’s cannot own an agricultural land except by inheritance. But, if you owned an agricultural land before you became an NRI/PIO/OCI, then you can continue to enjoy it. Shameeque

Rules say that an NRI or a PIO can only purchase residential or commercial real estate, but not agricultural land or a farmhouse. However, there is no restriction if the agricultural land or farmhouse comes as inheritance or is gifted to the individual.Jul 8, 2021


Can an NRI inherit agricultural land?

Note – NRIs can also inherit agricultural land that has already been converted before inheritance. It is best to get all the documentation checked in such cases.

Can NRIs and OCIS sell agricultural land?

NRIs and OCIs can sell agricultural land, plantation property, or a farmhouse only to a Resident Indian. For the lands purchased with permissions from RBI, special approvals are required to complete sale transactions.

Can a US citizen own agricultural land in India?

You will be able to retain that property by obtaining a Indian PIO Card as soon as you become a US Citizen. Go to any Indian cosulate site in US and checkout the benifits of PIO card holder because I remember reading that PIO card holders cannot own the aggriculture land in India though they can own commercial properties.

Can an NRI give a farmhouse as a gift to a resident?

An NRI or OCI can receive an agricultural/ plantation property or a farmhouse as a gift from a Resident Indian but an NRI can’t give such properties to other NRIs as gifts. An NRI can only give such properties to a Resident India as gifts. In easy terms:


Can a non citizen buy a agricultural land in USA?

Legally, foreigners are allowed to buy land anywhere in the United States. In the United States, almost anyone can buy a farm anywhere, except for the six states that have laws banning foreign ownership of farms. Those six states are Mississippi, Hawaii, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Are NRIs allowed to buy agricultural land?

NRIs can only purchase commercial and residential properties in India. This also is subject to specific rules, and taxation applies to the purchase of property in India by NRIs. Regarding agricultural land, NRIs are NOT allowed to purchase agricultural land, farmland, farmhouses, or plantations in India.

What happens if NRI buy agricultural land?

As per notification No. FEMA21/2000 RBI dated May 3, 2000, NRI or PIO cannot acquire agricultural land or plantatiom (property or farm house) in India . Purchase of any property in violation of FEMA laws can result in fine or even confixation of such property.

Can green card holder buy agricultural land in USA?

Foreign corporations cannot, either directly or indirectly, acquire or obtain any interest in title to agricultural land unless at least 80 percent of each class of stock issued and outstanding or 80 percent of the ultimate beneficial interest of the entity is held, directly or indirectly, by United States citizens or …

Can NRI buy farmhouse in India?

Under the RBI’s general permission, an NRI cannot purchase any agricultural land or plantation property in India. Consequently, under the existing regulations, NRIs cannot purchase farmhouses in India.

Can a NRI inherit agricultural land in India?

As an NRI you can inherit any number of properties including agricultural land and farm house in India from a resident Indian whether relative or no.

Can green card holders buy agricultural land in India?

There is no restriction for NRIs and OCIs to get agricultural land, plantation property, or farmhouse as a gift from the person resident in India.

Can foreign citizens buy agricultural land in India?

No. Since general permission is not available to NRI/PIO to acquire agricultural land/ plantation property / farm house in India, such proposals will require specific approval of Reserve Bank and the proposals are considered in consultation with the Government of India.

How do I get RBI permission to buy agricultural land?

All requests for acquisition of agricultural land/plantation property/ farm house by any person resident outside India or foreign nationals may be made to The Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, Exchange Control Department, Foreign Investment Division (III), Mumbai 400 001.

Can immigrants own land in USA?

Non-US citizens can buy property since there is no citizenship requirement for real estate sales. In fact, foreigners can even qualify for a mortgage if they meet certain requirements. However, foreign property owners do face a more challenging tax situation than US citizens.Can a Non-US Citizen Buy Property in the USA? Get Facts on Taxes First › blog › can-non-… › blog › can-non-…Search for: Can immigrants own land in USA?

Can H1B holder buy agricultural land in USA?

Generally, an H1B visa holder cannot have earned income other than from authorized employment. It is possible you may be able to structure a farming partnership to avoid earned income.Can H1B buy Farm Land with US Citizen as a partner? – Legal Answers › legal-answers › legal-answersSearch for: Can H1B holder buy agricultural land in USA?

Can H1B buy agricultural land in India?

According to Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018, both NRIs and OCIs aren’t allowed to buy any agricultural land or plantation property or farmhouses in India by law unless they get a special permission from the …Can NRI buy Agricultural Land in India? – sbnri › blog › real-estate › nri-agricultural-land › blog › real-estate › nri-agricultural-landSearch for: Can H1B buy agricultural land in India?

What is NRI money?

An NRI gives money to a friend or a son-in-law. This person uses the money to buy land, and the gains from that land are passed to the NRI. This is a Benami transaction, and the persons involved in it are punishable by law. Land transactions can be tricky. The rules are different in different states. It might be difficult to have updated …

Is agricultural land a capital asset?

Rural agricultural land is not a capital asset hence capital gains tax is not applicable. However, if the agricultural land is defined as urban agricultural land, it is chargeable under capital gains tax.

Can an OCI give land to another NRI?

(but consider Benami act) “But an NRI or OCI cannot gift such property to another NRI.

Can an NRI inherit land?

An NRI or OCI can acquire agricultural land, plantation property, or farmhouse through inheritance from a person residing in India. An NRI can also inherit property from another NRI. But this is subject to certain regulations like RBI’s approval.

Can NRIs buy land in India?

Can NRI Purchase Agricultural Land In India. Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018, NRIs and OCIs are not allowed by law to purchase land or plantation property, or farmhouses in India unless they acquire special permission from RBI.

Can an NRI buy land in the name of another person?

An NRI cannot buy agricultural land in the name of another person unless that person is a spouse, brother, sister, or lineal ascendant or descendant. It will be considered a Benami transaction which is illegal. (please consult a good lawyer as our knowledge is limited in this)

Is land transaction difficult?

Land transactions can be tricky. The rules are different in different states. It might be difficult to have updated information as an NRI or OCI who is not always present in India. You have to research and understand factors like the legitimacy of land, compliances to be followed, etc. at the time of a property purchase and understand …

Can NRIs buy property in India?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given general permission to NRIs to acquire property in India. However, it does not mean that NRIs can buy any type of property. NRIs can only purchase commercial and residential properties in India.

Can NRIs transfer land to a permanent resident?

NRIs are allowed to transfer the ownership of the agricultural land by gift or by sale, but only to a permanent resident of India. In the case of the sale of the inherited agricultural land, there will be tax implications, as well.

Can NRIs inherit farmland?

NRIs can inherit agricultural land, farmland, farmhouses, and/or plantations in India from a resident of India only. If NRIs inherit agricultural land from a non-resident of India, the approval of the RBI is necessary. Also, the owner of the agricultural land should have been a citizen of India while buying or inheriting the property.

Can NRIs acquire land in India?

The answer to this, too, is no. NRIs cannot acquire agricultural land in India even by gift. While other types of properties can be acquired by the way of gift, this is not so for agricultural land.

Can inherited land be converted to commercial land?

Can the inherited agricultural land be converted to commercial or residential land? NRIs can get the conversion done to commercial or residential land after inheriting agricultural land in India. However, converting agricultural land to commercial or residential land is, in itself, a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Do NRIs have to pay taxes on land?

While NRIs don’t have to pay any tax on the inheritance of agricultural land, it will need to be paid on the sale. Capital gains tax is levied on the sale proceeds in such transactions. The earnings from such sales can only be remitted abroad after the payment of the due taxes.

What are the laws for agricultural land?

State laws: Ownership and transfer of agricultural land is governed by state and local laws. In many states, only locally domiciled agriculturists are allowed to buy agricultural land (i.e those who have been farmers or from farming background).

Do foreigners have to pay taxes in India?

But a foreign national ( which all OCI card holders are) has to pay taxes for his income in India, irrespective of the source of the income ( job, business, property etc). You will have to submit documents proving to that you are a descendant of an Indian citizen plus that you have inherited the said property.

Can an OCI inherit land?

Yes, NRI or OCI can inherit agricultural land/ or plantation land in India . According to FEMA guidelines NRI can acquire agricultural land or plantation land only by inheritance if they acquire through any other way the FEMA authorities can issue a notice to the NRI they can also confiscate the land and fine the NRI with the penalty. , Lawyer.

Can an OCI card holder buy land in India?

No, an OCI card holder can not buy agriculture property in India. As per the guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India, an NRI or an OCI card holder can invest in any residential or commercial property. The guidelines also state that one can buy any number of residential or commercial properties.


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