Can you name some industries based on agricultural raw material


Agro-allied or Agro-Based Industries

  • (1) Oil mill – Oil seeds
  • (2) Soap industry – Oil seeds/oil
  • (3) Cigarette/tobacco – Tobacco leaves
  • (4) Textile/Ginnery – Cotton
  • (5) Breweries – Cereals
  • (6) Fruit canning – Fruits
  • (7) Paper industry – Pulpwood
  • (8) Sugar industry – Sugar cane
  • (9) Plywood/saw mill – Wood
  • (10) Floor mill – Cereal/grains

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Textile, sugar, vegetable oil, tea, coffee, and leather goods are some examples of agro-based industries in India.May 11, 2022


Which industries are based on agricultural raw material?

The industries which are based on agricultural raw material are as follows. moreover, some agricultural products like tea , coffee , species , etc are also exported .

What are the raw materials used in Chemical Engineering?

The most basic raw materials are those that are pumped from the ground or mined. Brine and oil are two large initial sources. Its amazing how many chemicals are derived just from these two sources. Downstream chemicals are produced after separating and breaking up the original mixtures.

What is raw material?

Another way that is sometimes helpful in understanding raw material is that it is any material that has undergone absolutely no processing or transformation at a facility. This can sometimes be.

Why do companies buy large quantities of raw materials at low prices?

Usually there is a volume price break on some raw materials, costing less per unit. If the per unit discount exceeds the cost of carrying the inventory, it makes sense to buy the larger quantity & store it.


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