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Step By Step Guide How To Grow Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera, also known as “Kuwarpatha” in the local language, has great demand in the international market because of its medical and its cosmetic uses. Research has proved that aloe vera is being used from the ancient time of “VAIDIK KAAL” by the saga; the “Rushimunies” of ancient Indian culture.

Aloe Vera has plenty of its medical uses in the treatment of many diseases and many cosmetic treatments like the pimple problem, healing skin, skin shining, and much more.

Because of such huge application, there is a great demand of aloe vera in the Ayurvedic industry and is increasing day to day continuously. It is easy and very simple to grow the aloe vera planting for commercial scale.

Aloe vera once planted, they can give yield about three to five years with three seasons of harvesting each a year. There is no chance of feeding by animals because they are bitter and acrid in tests so not a single animal can destroy your farming. One can easily earn up to 1-2 lack per acre per year by its cultivation.

Aloe vera is good to farm for the commercial purpose because there is less investment of money and also the labourouse investment

. Aloe vera need less care of plant with the comparison to the other farming plant. Aloe vera need less water and you can take good yield in the tropical area where there is less rainfall than the average rainfall in the surroundings.



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You can cultivate them with single watering on normal days and double watering in the hot summer. Drip irrigation is the best and adapted idea for the watering at such large scale which to least investment and also use of less water.

Here is detailed information on how to start aloe vera farming for commercial purpose initially.

How To Plant Aloe Vera?

Soil requirement for the aloe vera farming

Generally, aloe vera can be farmed in any land and they can grow well in any type of land but there is the greater yield in the saline land is recorded. Agricultural department and research have develop various verity of aloe vera which gives you better yield in accordance with your soil type and fertility.

Better is the hybrid planting leads you better in the yield, so used the hybrids of aloe vera for getting more yielding in business farming of aloe vera.

The Central Medicinal Gardens Institute of India has developed lots of verity in aloe vera including Sim-seal, L-1,2,5 and 49 after many of tests in the field that can be used for the business farming of aloe vera which is used for preparing many recipes of gel for the cosmetic purpose by the pharma companies.

Planting of aloe vera or transplanting of aloe vera

You can start planting of aloe vera in the whole year but the bets time for aloe vera planting is the month of February and later on and can be grown in any type of soil.

Research on aloe vera farming has been stated that there is best result of yield by planting about 4000 plants per acre land but you can plant 3000 to 5000 aloe vera per acre.

Planting is done with keeping space between each of the plants. The bets placing for aloe vera planting is the 40*45 or 30*60 which gives a greater amount of yield.

Try to use small plant which has two to three or sometimes five leaves coming out of the main plant at the time of planting or transplanting of aloe vera. The spacing planting of aloe vera trend to better growth of the plant in height and also weight. 

Fertility of soil for the aloe vera farming

Since aloe vera can be grown in any type of land, it is the fertility factor which determines the growth of the aloe vera plant. Tests your land fertility through govt. Lab, testing of soil will make you sure of about how much your soil is fertile and according to that, you can give doses of N: K: P, and increase the growth of aloe vera plant.

However, 3 to 4 tons of farmyard manure (FMY) is necessary for the better growth of the aloe vera plant along with 25 kg urea, 35 kg Phosphorus and 10 kg of Pour potash per acre.

Give nitrogen three times and phosphorus and potash at the time of preparation for the land. It is good to sprinkle nitrogen on plants for the health of aloe vera plant at the time of its growth.

Irrigation in the Aloe Vera Farming

Aloe vera plant needs very less water to grow but at a regular period as per their requirement which will depend on the climate condition. Usually, first water is given at the time just after its planting in the farm which helps the newly planted aloe vera to set well.

Then after its requirement, water is to be done at every regular interval. At each year, three to four-time watering is to be done so that aloe vera plant can develop well during the complete year.

Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are the best way for the farming of aloe vera because it saves water along with the precious time. This will also make you more profitable by increasing the yield of aloe vera. Research on aloe vera was stated that time to time irrigation increase the production, quantity, and quality of the aloe vera and give a better price in the change of your yield.

Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation also reduce the laborer costing needed for the watering in the farming. Since aloe vera plants are very sensitive to the water, over irrigation then the requirement of plant leads you to defect in the farming as result there is a decrease in the production of the aloe vera farming.

Disease and pest control in aloe vera

Periodically remove the weeds from the farm. Weeds can also be removed by using weed-killers to increase the outbreak. Keep the clay in the timber from the raised beds. There is less chance of water stopping around the roots of aloe vera plants and can also be saved from falling plants.

There are fewer outbreaks of diseases on the aloe vera plants. Occasionally the outbreaks of leaves and stems of Aloe vera lead to cause stomach disorders if they are used, Which is a fungal disease? For its control, use of Mangojib, Ridomil, Diethen M-45, 2.0-2.5 g / l Pouring in water should be done by spraying it on the plant.

Kuwarpatha plants do not require much more water, but there should be light humidity in the field and cracks should not occur which leads to shrinking of the leaves and drips of the plant.

Handling in the rainy season is more important. If the water is filled up by over rainfall, then arrange immediate removal of that water because When the water is constantly filled, the black greasy material starts to melt on their stem (roots) and the matching root.

Crop Harvesting of aloe vera farming

After about ten months of planting of aloe vera, it is ready for harvesting since they are fully grown.

If you want to better and better quality and quantity, than you can wait for a year more which gives you healthy pulp of the aloe vera plant by growing to two to three feet in height and weigh more than the earlier.

So if you looking for good yield on the same farming, than you have to wait for some time more and give more time for it to become healthy.

For harvesting, break or cut the 3-4 leaves, lower and older should be taken first from the main plant so that after about 45 days from cutting, new leaves became ready for the harvesting again.

After 45 days or more, make another harvesting on the basis of quality and quantity of the new leaves is should be done in the similar ways. Thus, this process of harvesting can be circulated for three to four years.

Yield of the aloe vera farming

One can easily produce 15-20 tons of aloe vera from a single acre by taking care properly throughout the complete farming. Since there is no laborious in the complete farming, farming aloe vera is most profitable economically.

For greater yield, give some time to plant so that they became healthy. This yield will increase up to 25 more than the first year in the second year followed by the third year. An average pulp of healthy aloe vera is weighed about 500 gm at the time of harvesting.

The market price of aloe vera plant is from 6 Rs to 9 Rs per kg. 

Management after harvesting of aloe vera

The harvested leaves should be must care properly, so that all of your yields could not be wasted. The extracted healthy leaves of aloe vera are to be clean up and wash them out so that soil on the leaves is washed up.

Then cut these leaves at the lower end so that a thick yellow color develops at the end. This thick yellow juice is to be collected in some vessel and is boiled by the method of evaporation.

The juice is cube ( in shape) by taking action on it. This dried juicy material is known as the aloe or sakothra, Zanjeer, cape, barvedose eloze, Adni etc…

The difference in color, the form, the quality between them could be done with the help of the process of vaporization in the caste and zodiac process of aloe vera.

What Are The Aloe Vera Medicinal Uses? Or Aloe Vera Plant Benefits

Aloe vera has lots of medicinal use along with cosmetic uses which include the following

1.Aloe vera makes our body germs free by cleaning of the body, veins, etc.

2.Aloe vera works better for curing of skin care and also hair loss.

3.Aloe vera also increase the power of disease resistance by the secretion of the unhealthy blood from our body.

4.Aloe vera raise the skin flexibility to make the skin beautiful so the skin looks shiny.

5.Drinking aloe vera juice leads to skin malfunction, acne, rusty skin, wrinkle on skin, facial scars, and also to keep away the dark circles around the eyes.

6.Aloe vera juice cleans the blood and full filled the deficiency of hemoglobin since use of it increase the production of blood cells in the body.

7.Aloe vera is helpful to eliminate the heart-related problem along with joints pain, urine problem, and the removal of toxic substance from the body.

8.Regular use of aloe vera makes you healthy till long life.

9.Aloe vera also helpful in reducing the overweight of body by its regular use.

10.Use of aloe vera is also good for the teeth and gum health as they clean and keep them sterile.

11.Filling the juice of aloe vera in the mouth can stop the blisters problem and blood secretion.

12.Aloe vera is also used as face wash and mouth freshener.

13.Mixing a little amount of turmeric in the liver of aloe vera gives you rest when you are suffering from the headache problem.

14.Drinking aloe vera juice every day makes you free from the constipation problem.

15.Drinking aloe vera juice with the mixture of oven juice is beneficial in diabetes.

16.Drinking aloe vera juice is also beneficial for the jaundice problem.