Commercial Duck Farming Guide For Eggs

Duck Farming Process, Profit and Information 2018

Nowadays, poultry farming business is commonly opted by the farmers because of too much profit is there in this business with low investment & management. Like rabbit farming, ostrich farming, goat farming and sheep farming, duck farming is also opted by the people to create a huge income from this business plan.

So, let’s learn How to start duck farm, duck farming for eggs, duck farming housing, duck breeds, duck food, how to raise ducks, raising ducks for meat, raising baby ducks for beginners, and also how to take care of ducklings in the following section.

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Farming ducks as the business plan is really a lucrative business which can give a sharp income in short time. Basically, ducks are raised mainly for the eggs and meat production. Also, there is various kind of breed of domestic ducks available, which initially originated from the wilds birds, basically from the mallard species.

Usually, all the hen originated from the species¬†red wild hen. Since all the breeds of ducks are an oceanic organism. Some think’s that “It is not possible to raise ducks without water”. But, it is not the right statement.

duck farming

Basically, ducks are a kind of poultry birds, which can be raised inside a house as we do for raising chickens and other poultry birds. In this way of raising ducks, you will be not able to get fertile eggs means you cant hatch these ducks eggs for having more ducklings. This system is mainly followed for raising ducks for eggs.

If you are raising ducks for meat, you have to produce fertile eggs which are possible only with a male duck along with water. Anyone can raise ducks easily without water since water is essential only for mating and reproduction in them.

Why, Should I Choose Duck Farming Business Plan Than Chicken Farming Business Plan?

Friends, After chicken farming, commercial duck farming top the list of eggs and meat production. However, one can raise ducks at small scale with low capital for producing eggs and meat. Also, one can also raise ducks in the backyard along with other domestic birds and animals.

commercial duck farming

Duck farming is beneficial in many ways. Let’s learn below some of them.

  1. Low-cost shelter or housing: Ducks does not require a high expensive housing. One can raise ducks with the simple and less facilitated house also. That means, there is no need of high capital input in this business.
  2. Less care & management: Ducks are hardy birds, which can adapt themselves to any types of environmental conditions. So, less care and management of them is required.
  3. Require Less Attention: Ducks lay eggs only in the night and in morning. So, every morning, one can collect fresh eggs of ducks while can work in the rest time.
  4. Low Space requirement: They have comparatively short brooding periods and also duckling grow faster than other domestic birds. With artificial heat, they can grow more speedily. However, more heating is required throughout the cold months.
  5. Less prone to diseases: The biggest benefits of this farming business is that the ducks are less prone to avian diseases.
  6. More food availability: Ducks can be fed by copra, corn, fruits, cassava, rice, and some other low-cost food, easily available in the market. Since, ducks can forage on aquatic weeds, green legumes, algae, earthworms, maggots, fungi, snails, along with various types of pests. This directly lessens the capital input, required for feeding them.
  7. Control snails & Insects: As ducks can eat insects & snail, one can use them for controlling them, present in the garden.
  8. Less mortality rate: Ducks live longer than other domestic birds and have lower mortality rate also. The eggs laying period is also longer in ducks.
  9. Ducks products are frequently asked: There is great demand for ducks product such as ducks eggs and ducks meat in the local market as well in the international market. So, one can change commercial duck farming business into a profitable business too and earn a lot.
  10. Good source of Employment: Duck farming business is a good source of employment for unemployed and educated people youth.

How amazing all these benefits are…

So, let’s learn how to start duck farm.

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Select a Good Duck Breeds to Raise

There are numbers of domestic duck breeds, present all over the world. But, some of them are famous for egg production, some for meat production and some are also famous for egg and meat production. Depending on you, select a suitable one for your business, which one you want to raise.

Raising ducks for eggs

One can select any one of the following for starting a new duck farm:

  • Egg prolific duck breeds
  • Meat prolific duck breeds
  • Famous for egg and meat production.

Meat Duck Breeds

If you want to raise ducks for meat, then it is a good idea to raise a fast growing and maturing duck breeds to earn more. Maskovi, Ruel Kagua, Peking, Aylesbury, Sweden ducks, are some breed of duck which is famous for meat production.

Usually, such kind of male ducks has body weight around 5 to 6 kg and females have body weight around 3 to 5 kg.

Layer Duck Breeds

If you want to raise duck for eggs, then the Indian Runner is the best one for this, which is popular for producing more eggs.

There are three hybrids of Indian runner ducks. Grayish & White Indian runners are also good layers breed. 

Khaki Campbell duck is also one of the famous duck breed, known for high egg production.

Meat and Layer Duck Breeds

Khaki Campbell ducks are the best suitable for producing eggs and meat frequently.

They are hybrid of Ruel Kagua & Indian Runner of which, one is famous for meat productions and another one is famous for producing more eggs.

Construct a Good Duck Housing | Shelter


Duck farming does not require too expensive shelter for birds. The can be raised well in less facilitated and simple shelter or housing. And, preparing a shelter for ducks is the easiest task in duck farming. Ducks can accommodate themselves in any kind of climatic conditions. You can raise them in any type of conditions.

They can be raised in water as well as on wetlands. Anything that is big one can be useful for preparing the shelter for ducks like a big fruit basket or an oil drum. Make sure to place an entrance and exit door in your duck house, which should be hard enough one and also has good height. Ducks used to move with raised head.

Also, it should be well ventilated along with fresh air flowing sufficiently inside the house. A 3 sq. feet space is sufficient enough for a duck. Ensure safety and security for your raised ducks. Protect them from predators and other harmful animals.

For concrete housing, fix a liter system for them inside it. Keep the liter at the depth of 6 inches depth. In this system, you ducks will lay eggs on the concrete floor.

Feeding Duck’s

Ducks can eat all types of food, that is edible. Ducks need more additives food than the chickens. Proper feeding in enough amount can earn you more income by laying more eggs and also producing more meat.

duck farming guide and tips

So, be careful while feeding ducks in the duck farming business plan. Try to add all the essential nutritious ingredients in their diet. Feeding ducks with nutritious food according to their habits is beneficial in enhancing the growth rate. Raising ducks are small scales, feed ducks by kitchen waste, rice bran, and along with plenty of snails.

Never forget that ducks need plenty of food for their good growth. Always feeds your ducks by nutritious feed in sufficient amount for producing more eggs and meat.

Preparing for Duck Breeding

To increase your business, you have to breed them successfully and for this, the availability of water is essential because ducks don’t breed without water. Commercially, a single male duck is capable of breeding up to 10 females.

Generally, high quality and more fertile breeds of ducks attain maturity at their age of 5 months. Ducks lay eggs, weighing from 50 to 65 gm. Ducks lay eggs only at night and in morning. One can make use of hens for hatching ducks eggs to save the ducks energy and can lay more eggs.

Duck breeding

Never keep the new duckling in water and do not let them to water till two weeks from the birth, since they can be caught by cold in the water. A lay ducks egg takes about one month to get ready for hatching. For hatching eggs, farmers use the hens almost, but one can use diesel and electronic incubators for this to sprinkle water on eggs.

Storing Ducks Eggs

As your business is depended on selling of the eggs, you have to store them at a good place in the proper way.

For storing eggs properly, make use if refrigerator. Also, Actinium glass water, pyrazine, and lime water can be used for storing these collected ducks eggs.

Sex Determination

For knowing the sex of new ducklings, raised the tail and press on its ass. If you observed any penis type thorn, then it is a male duck and if do not, then it will be a female duck.

However, the simplest way for sex determination is to learn it from the tail feathers. Male ducks have curled up tail feathers whereas the females do not.

Duck Diseases

The common diseases of ducks are listed below, know them, learn their symptoms and prevent them from your duck farm to obtain more profit.

Duck diseases

  • Duck Virus hepatitis
  • Duck Plague (Duck Virus Enteritis)
  • Riemerella anti pestiferous¬†Infection
  • Avian Cholera
  • Colibacillosis
  • Aspergillosis
  • Toxins
  • Aflatoxin poisoning
  • Botulism
  • Castor bean poisoning
  • Rapeseed meal
  • Insecticides, rodenticides

Note: Presence of any of the above disease from the above in your duck farm can reduce the eggs and meat production. Learn the symptoms and cure them as sooner as they observed.

Marketing Your Duck Products

Marketing your duck product that is not a hard working job. Because there is great demand for duck eggs & meat in both, local as well international market. Not now, but our ancestors are also using ducks meat and eggs that the chicken in the past. Ducks eggs are normally bigger than the chicken eggs in size and eggs are more demanded by the peoples than duck meat.

commercial duck farming for eggs and meat

So, there is no need of taking tension for marketing ducks products, eggs & meat because of too heavy popularity amongst the people.

However, if you want to earn a big profit by raising ducks business, pay more attention to duckling care, brooding, feed management and also marketing ducks products. A good combination of all these tasks can give you a huge income from this lucrative business

Post Marketing Task

Here below are some task to perform, before marketing your duck products.

  1. Clean the eggshell: Clean the dirt, present on the eggshell to get the higher rate. For this do not use water. You can make use of soiled paper, towel and the knife.
  2. Use egg basket: To carry duck eggs from one to another place, make use of eggs basket or any cartoon for safely & security of eggs. Bamboo baskets are more preferred by the farmers. Also, transporting these eggs safely, a deep layer of rice bran or straw should be made.

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