Cost and returns in the Pearl(Moti) Farming: Project report

Cost and returns in the Pearl(Moti) Farming: Project report

Hey, friends! are thinking of starting a pearl farming in India(pearl culture process )? or Pearl farming at Home. and have no idea about the costing & returns of the Pearl farm. So, to give you comfort, I am here with a reliable data of it. Before going to the costing & returns of a pearl farm, let us learn some basics of pearl culture like about pearl, Types of pearl list (natural pearl, artificial pearl, cultured pearl, etc), 

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About Pearl

Project report pearl farming

Pearl is a natural masterpiece that is generated from the mollusk and raising or production of pearl is known as the pearl culture. Freshwater pearl farming; which can be easily operated by any beginners who have an interest in starting a pearl farming. Nowadays, the demand of pearl in the international market is increasing, as there is plenty of its utilization in the world of grocery. On the another hand, the stock of pearl is reducing because of the increasing pollution. This business; pearl culture process is really profitable & is also too simple than other because there is no need of any food to form a pearl.

How long does it take to form pearls? In a very short time period, you will be able to obtain pearl as yield. Generally, it takes several weeks to form a pearl inside an Oyster. About 45 days to six months or more than it, however, pearl formation mainly depend on the types of mussel, you have used for pearl cultivation

Key Points to Consider before Starting a Pearl Farming

Consider the following facts and key points before starting a pearl culture.

Forming a pearl takes a long term time period, sometimes several years along with bigger initial investment and you have to work hard to become successful in pearl culture process & Produce high-quality pearls so that you can earn a bigger profit. Quality of pearls depends on the size, shininess, shape, etc.

One can easily meet his high-quality pearl yields under some specific circumstances, which are listed below

  • First of all, you need a well known & good source of Pearl mollusk or Oyster.
  • You also have a proper & sufficient location for forming pearls.
  • As this business require good initial capital to invest in your business for establishment & operating your pearl farm.
  • You should have good knowledge of grafting & its techniques as this is an important and difficult task in pearl cultivation.
  • And finally, you should have contact with a well-known retailer in the market, so that you can sell your pearl.

If you are incapable of meeting any one of the mentions above than it is advisable to go for other farming or business without taking a danger of loss.

Types of Pearls | List

Here below is a list of some pearl varieties

  1. Natural pearl
  2. Freshwater Cultured Pearl or Cultured Freshwater Pearl
  3. Keshi Pearl
  4. Seawater Cultured Pearl (salt water)
  5. Japanese Cultured Pearl
  6. Cultured Pearl &
  7. Mabe Pearl

Pearl Farming

Which are available in eight type of shapes. Those eight shapes are round, baroque, button, semi-round, pear, oval, circled drop, & double bouldered.

But in the market, Perfectly rounded & shiner Pearl are more valuable and also in great demand.

Usually, Natural pearl, Seawater Cultured Pearl (salt water) & Freshwater Cultured Pearl or Cultured Freshwater Pearl are cultivated more by the farmer.

Here I had provided an estimation of the cost and return to start a pearl farm with additional details like the profit ratio, need of qualification and some more topics.

Project Report; Costing in Pearl Farming

Initial Investment

The below are the basic need for the pearl culture process before starting it. Take care that all these factors are taken on an average scale. This estimation may vary from region to region and also on the basis of good management skill.

Standard use in this estimation

Area: half an acre to 3/4 the acre
Product: Pearls through double implantations
Stocking  density: approx 8 to 10,000 mussels
Culture period: approx one year to one and a half year
Requirement Rs
Mussel Holding tanks (3 tanks) cost 30,000
Bamboos and ropes cost 40,000
Surgical sets cost 20,000
Pond lease value 15,000
Mussels cost 12,500
Pearl Nuclei cost 1,00,000
Skilled workers for implantation cost 54,000
Fertilizers, lime, and other miscellaneous costs 30,000
Post harvesting and processing of pearl cost 45,000
Total Cost 3,46,500

Note: The above mention estimation is prepared on the basis of some research. Take care that this may vary from region to region.

Gross Income

Return on Sale (25,000 – 80 % survival= 20,000 and means 40,000 pearl collected Income
Pearl ( grade A; 10 % of total) = 4000 pearl

Taking avg rate of Rs. 15o per unit pearl

Pearl ( grade B;20% of total) = 8000 pearl

Taking avg rate of Rs. 60 per unit pearl

Gross return 10,80,000

Note: Take care that this calculation made on the basis of avg. valuation of pearl. The valuation of pearl may vary on the basis of your pearl quality. You can achieve better if you have pearls of standard quality.

Net Income

Project report pearl farming

Net income means your profit in this farming. And your profit depends on the initial costing and the gross return or income you have achieved from this farming.



NET INCOME = 10,80,000 – 3,46,500

NET INCOME = 7,33,500

So, one can easily achieve this much of amount in pearl farming.

Additional Details

Here below are some additional details about Cultured Freshwater Pearl. Learn them & take advantages of it to become a successful pearl farmer.

Profit Ratio in Pearl Farm

Pearl farming surgery

Pearl formation takes a time period of about one year to one & half year to become ready for harvesting. Up to this, you have to only invest in your pearl farm. According to Pearl specialists; one can achieve good returns from a pearl farm. Usually, one can obtain 25 to 35 no’s of pearls per unit Mussels which value on the basis of its quality. From the first year of pearl harvesting, you can get profit more than 5o %. Farmers achieve even 150-200 % profit, taken as a serious task as like other professions.

However, some factor like good farm management skilled & proper can lead to better production in your pearl farm. So, care your farm and manage it good as well. To learn or get training, consult your nearest Peart training Institutes. Since there are many Pearl Farming Training Institute in India, providing training of various pearl farming courses.

An Initial Effort to Start Pearl culture Process

Pearl culture process is a time-consuming process which requires too much initial effort in the beginning of both; money as well of proper care & management of your pearl. You have to wait for first harvesting about one year to one and half year.

Usually, you need about 2.5 lac to start a pearl farm. This much of investment you need to construct a pond, to buy those pearl mussels from the market, has to pay to those skilled labor require for grafting or implantation process because it is the single difficult task in pearl farming business.

Is any Tax Applicable to Pearl Farming Business in India?

NO! there is no tax, applicable to pearl farming business in India because this business comes under the agriculture sector.

But, if you are going to sell your Pearl’s in the International market that at this time, you have to pay a tax for exporting your product to the foreign countries.

Basic Requirements to Carry out Pearl Culture Process

In Freshwater Cultured Pearl,  you need some essential requirement to carry out pearl culture process. Here below is list of all those require items;

A. Fixed Cost (one-time investment)

  1. A Shed; An open & wide area is required to perform surgical activities
  2. A Pond; To farming pearl, you need at least one pond, in which you can stock you pearl mussels. It is a good idea to have your own. If you have not, then take on the lease.
  3. Culture Units; To stock those mussels pearls, you need a supporting material to which you can fix them. Make use of the Bamboo stick, PVC pipes, etc.
  4. A Surgical Set; To perform the surgical activities, you need a surgical set. A surgical set is easily available at pearl training center or fisheries department.
  5. Furniture: Essential furniture like table, chair require for the skilled worker so that they can perform surgical activities.

B.Variable Costs

  1. High-quality Mussels; You need to purchase high-quality mussels from a reliable source like fisheries department. You can also collect it from freshwater bodies like a river, lake, etc. Consult to the Fish farmer, which are a good source of high-quality mussels in their fish pond.
  2. Pearl Nucleus; You need to buy Pearl Nucleus from the market, require for the grafting or implantation process in the pearl cultivation.
  3. Skilled Workers; For the grafting or implantation process in the pearl cultivation, you need only & only Skilled worker, because it needs much care as it is a difficult task in pearl farming. It is a better idea to train some labor on your cost & give them sufficient wages so that they work happily.
  4. Fertilizer & Lime; If you starting your pearl farm in a new pond, then it recommended to you that bring in favorable condition by using suitable fertilizers to raise the planktons productivity & algae in your pond.
  5. Post Harvesting Activities; To get more value of the pearl, polishing, bleaching, cutting of pearl is carried out. But, note that many clients looking for natural products.

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Tool Box Items | List

To conduct surgical activities, you need a tool box kit or surgical set which is easily available at pearl training center. Many people have this set, but not the ideal one. So, here below is a list of all tool box items require for a Pearl farm

  1. Mussel holder
  2. Incision knife
  3. Operation Scalpel
  4. Spatula
  5. Nucleus carrier
  6. Sheel Opener
  7. Forceps
  8. Cell inserter
  9. Knife or graft cutter &
  10. A Graft carrier

Final Words

This is all about the costing & returns for starting a pearl farm. But take care that this estimation is for an Ideal condition. It may vary from farm to farm. It is the good farm management skill, Care & your dedication towards your farm, which decide the amount of pearl production.

So, friends!! take it seriously as like other profession & earn a lot!!

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