Could describe the three types of agriculture


Agriculture is basically divided into categories based on the type of crop planted, the scale of cultivation, the intensity of cultivation, the level of mechanization, livestock combinations, and how farm produce is dispersed. In this article we will talk about different types of Agriculture.


What are the 5 types of farming?

  • Peasant farming- In this system of farming, farmer himself is manager and he practices agriculture in his own way. …
  • Capitalistic farming– main objective is to maximize the profit. …
  • State farming- Such farming system is often practiced to carry out farm research work, demonstration and production of quality seeds, e.g. …

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What are the different types of farming methods?

Top 10 Types of Farming Practiced Across the World

  1. Arable Farming. Arable farming involves growing of crops only in warm climate. …
  2. Pastoral Farming. Pastoral farming is the practice of rearing animals only in cold and wet climates not ideal for growing crops.
  3. Mixed Farming. …
  4. Subsistence Farming. …
  5. Commercial Farming. …
  6. Extensive and Intensive Farming. …
  7. Nomadic Farming. …
  8. Sedentary Farming. …
  9. Poultry Farming. …

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Why is agriculture important and its role in everyday life?

Agriculture Important and its Role in Everyday Life. In most parts of the world, agriculture is an important source of livelihood. This entails hard work, but it contributes to the nation’s food safety and health. Agriculture was the primary source of the economy prior to the industrial revolution.

Why should I study agriculture?

Agriculture is one of the least risky sectors to venture into or invest in. this is because of the plethora of activities going on in the industry and also the fact that it is highly profitable and lucrative. This is another reason why you should consider studying it. 10. Population Growth.


What are three types of agriculture?

Topic Three (3.3): Agriculture Typesdescribe the different types of agriculture:arable, pastoral and mixed.subsistence and commercial.

What are some types of agriculture?

Today, there are two divisions of agriculture, subsistence and commercial, which roughly correspond to the less developed and more developed regions. One of the most significant divisions between more and less developed regions is the way people obtain the food they need to survive.

What are the 3 main agricultural revolutions?

Key Takeaways: Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land UseThere were three agricultural revolutions that changed history. … There are two primary methods of farming in the world. … Von Thunen’s model of agricultural land use focuses on transportation.More items…•

What is the 4 types of agriculture?

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;Livestock production.Crop production.agricultural economics.agricultural engineering.

How many types are there in agricultural?

two different typesCurrently, agriculture is divided into two different types, including industrialized agriculture and subsistence agriculture. Let’s explore and learn more about these two types of agriculture.

When was the 3rd agricultural revolution?

Third Agricultural Revolution (1930s–1960s), an increase in agricultural production, especially in the developing world (also known as the Green Revolution)

Where was the 3rd agricultural revolution?

Answer and Explanation: The Third Agricultural Revolution started in Europe at the end of World War II during the 1950s. The application of nitrogen fertilizer allowed large farms to be established that could produce feed for livestock at rates that were not achievable elsewhere before this development.

What are the first second and third agricultural revolution?

The agricultural revolutions affected how people worked and got their food. The first caused people to grow crops and raise animals for food. The second caused people to move into cities and work in factories. The third led to an increase in human population.

What are the two types of agriculture?

Currently, agriculture is divided into two different types, including industrialized agriculture and subsistence agriculture. Let’s explore and learn more about these two types of agriculture. 8:41.

What are the most common crops grown in the same field?

For this type of agriculture, the most common crops are rice and vegetables, which are grown in the same fields using the polyculture method. The second most common kind of subsistence agriculture is shifting cultivation, and this occurs in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Nigeria, Senegal and Indonesia.

Why is subsistence agriculture labor intensive?

This type of agriculture is very labor-intensive because all of the work is done by humans and animals and only hand tools and simple machines are used to work the land. Subsistence agriculture does not rely on chemical fertilizers or pesticides and instead utilizes more natural techniques.

What is the difference between industrialized and subsistence farming?

Another major difference between industrialized and subsistence agriculture is what is being planted.

How does industrialization affect crop yield?

Industrialized agriculture also increases crop yield by investing in large irrigation systems and by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The chemical fertilizers that are used in industrialized agriculture often add inorganic nutrients to the soil to increase yield and plant size.

Why is industrialized agriculture important?

Industrialized agriculture is important because it makes it possible to produce large amounts of food to feed the growing human population. Subsistence agriculture is equally as important because it provides food to people on the smaller scale and also involves a great deal of family participation and history in the production of the food.

What is subsistence agriculture?

Subsistence agriculture is when a farmer lives on a small amount of land and produces enough food to feed his or her household and have a small cash crop. The goal of subsistence agriculture is to produce enough food to ensure the survival of the individual family. If there is excess food produced, it is sold locally to other families or individuals.

Various types of agricultural activities done all over the world

Specialized horticulture arose as a result of increased demand for horticultural goods in highly urbanized areas with dense populations. It has been effectively used for vineyard cultivation in northern Hungary, France, and the Swiss Lake regions.

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Types of agriculture and branches

agriculture is divided into two different types, including industrialized agriculture and subsistence agriculture


This is the type of agriculture where the farmer produces food just enough for his family consumption. In time of good harvest the surplus is sold for extra cash.


This type of agriculture is where the farmer produces crops for the sole purpose of making money 💵


Here I am going to try and list the various character of this system of farming as a type of agriculture. Don’t get bored but if you are please stay on a little while I treat this subject a little

pastural or pastoral type of agriculture

This type of agriculture involves the growing of pastures and grasses for commercial purposes like selling them to ranch.


Based primarily on nature of the land, climatic characteristics and available irrigational facilities, the farmers in India practice different types of farming:


The following are the crops grown by the farmers are : Jawahar, Bajra ,wheat ,Ragi (nachani), maize , rice and other grains in the field

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famines , or massive good shortages leading to acute distress, were a regular feature of the British rule . due to high taxes and rent , the peasants …

What is arable farming?

Arable Farming. Arable farming means that only crops are grown on a farm and then used or sold by farmer according to his needs. The arable farming needs slightly sloping land, fertile soil with balanced moisture i.e not too dry or wet, warm climate to support growth and suitable machinery and human resources to work.

What is subsistence farming?

Subsistence farming – When a farmer grows crops only with the purpose of feeding his family and do not sell it , then it is called subsistence farming. It can include both animals and plant products.

What is it called when people live in one place and grow crops in the same place every year?

Sedentary Farming – When people live permanently in one place and grow crops in the same place every year, it is called sedentary farming. Nomadic Farming – In this type of farming the farmers keep changing the place of farming. The crop is grown at a different place in every other season.

Why do people use mixed farming in the UK?

Mixed farming in the UK. Mixed farms are also commonly found in the UK because these are more economically feasible. If crops do not perform well one season, the income from animals can make up for the loss. In addition, animals also provide good amount of manure for crops.

Why is animal farming good?

Poor soil nutrition – Soils which are less nutritious and can support only growth of grass, thus works best for pastures. Extreme climate Very cold and wet climate makes it impossible for crops to grow and hence animal farming is a good option for people living in such conditions.

What is shifting cultivation?

This type of farming is also called shifting cultivation. Man-made factors play a major role in deciding which kind of farming will be done in a particular area. Government policies encourage the adoption of mixed farming in many areas as subsidies are provided by them to encourage better agricultural practices.

What is intensive farming?

Intensive Farming – When a large amount of production is done from small land with help of high inputs in the form of labour, fertilizers and machines are used . Extensive farming – When there are small inputs involved but the land is relatively large, it is called extensive farming.


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