Did stacey abrams say who needs agriculture


Did Stacey Abrams say ‘we don’t need farmers when we have grocery stores?

As reported here by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, winning Georgia’s agricultural heartland was crucial to Abrams’ challenger, then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Though Abrams did call for diversification of her state’s economy and the creation of jobs outside of agriculture, she did not say, “We don’t need farmers when we have grocery stores.”

What will Stacey Abrams do?

Stacey Abrams will work to get benefits for these people as well as work to bring more opportunities for employment to rural communities Giving people an opportunity to make a sustainable, higher than a minimum wage, living. Republicans have had control of this state, completely, held every state wide elected position for the last 16 years.

Did Stacey Abrams say this about the Georgia economy?

There is no evidence that Abrams said the quote. It appears to be a misrepresentation of a statement she made about the Georgia economy in 2018.

What does MS Abrams mean by “not valuing the farmers”?

Ms Abrams merely stated that agriculture should not be the only occupatiinal option available to Georgians or those seeking to reside here. She never said anything about not valuing the farmers for what they bring to Georgia.

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Who is the spokesman for Abrams?

Seth Bringman, a spokesman for Abrams, told Reuters: “Rather than responding to a made-up quote, we will take this opportunity to encourage Georgians to make a plan to vote early for the January 5 Senate runoffs.”.

Who said we don’t need farmers when we have grocery stores?

5 Senate runoff election, posts on social media say that voting rights activist and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said, “We don’t need farmers when we have grocery stores.” The quote is fabricated.


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