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Why Should I Choose Goat Farming As A Business Plan?

Have you ever imagine a business which can be handled by a single person having its multiple yields? I am talking about Goat Farming which could be handled by a single person and it also has multiple fields.

I choose Goat Farming As a Business Plan cause there is a big profit possibility.

Goat farming is the business of milk production along with the meat of goat, hair production which can be used for the various purpose of clothing material, the farm manure which the best fertility with compare to the manure of other animals.

In India, goat farming provides lots of profit to those unemployed youth, young people including the smaller farmers, which do not have much money to start their own business.

Since goat farming does not require more investment and labor to start this business.

There is definitely profit in this business, but how much profit may depend on the farmer and the hybrid which he has used for goat farming also the implement follow him.

Usually, make Some people in the rural areas keep their 30-35 Goats and follow them in a traditional way for less but regular income, which makes them profitable, but could not get much more profit because of lack of good knowledge on goat farming.

Goat farming commercially needs care lots of small things, like the vaccination, cleaning, proper arrangement of clean water for goats, proper arrangement for feeding food, selection of early breed etc.

Goat farming is much popular as meat producing business than the milk producing business because there is no restriction in any religions, casts, and community either it may be a Hindu, Muslim’s, Sikh, Christian etc.


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Secondly, goat meat is used on various functions and festival as delicious food like the “Bakara Id” and marriage function and more.

There is a lot of demands of meat of goat in the foreign country also. So there is not a single loss in the goat farming.

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Goat Farming Profit As A business

There are so many benefits of goat farming, which include the following

  • There is less space required for the goat farming in comparison to the other animal husbandry like buffaloes. Cow, etc. So you can manage more goats in very less place
  • Goat needs very less food than the other husbandry animal, so there is less feeding expense of theme.
  • Goat can be followed in any type of climate and condition weather it may be hooter or cooler.
  • Goat becomes mature at the age of one year after you can breed them or sell in the market for meat. So there is early income when you have just started it.
  • Goat farming has lots of use like the milk is used for drinking, meat to eat, hair to make fibers and their skin is also used in many musical instruments.
  • Goat breed three times in two years. That is you can raise you goat numbers in short time starting with few goats. And it is to maintain and runs the goat business.

There is no need of your business to marketing it because of its high demand, customers look for you to buy the product.

Goat Farming Information And Basics That Need To Start Your Business Plan

To start any type of business, there must be strategy plant for it.

 If you do not any strategy, then there is more loss than the income because must have the knowledge of its costing, feeding investment, their losses and benefits and how to make big money from that.

So start goat farming with a well-thought plan.

You should have the knowledge of goat farming like the goat’s arrangement, the arrangement of food for them, treatment during while infection, etc.

The learner can contact nearby Agricultural department and colleges who offer research on goat farming.

There are four beneficial species of goat, with one can start goat farming and earn money in short time with low investment. Your benefits will depend on following factors

1. Selection of hybrid

Firstly, you have decided what, you want to start a business of goat farming? for milk production or meat production or the both; meat and milk. Whatever do you want?

You have to decide in the beginning of it. So know well about all the hybrid of goat before start and select the best and profitable.

2. Selection of land

Every region in the India is considered the suitable area for doing goat farming business. Goats have a characteristic of adapting themselves in accordance with the region where they are being followed.

But select a place which is nearer to your home so that you can easily implement this business.

It is necessary to facilitate traffic so that you can buy essential things and can sell your product in the nearby market, produced from the goat farm.

3. Housing for goat farming

Housing for goat is very important to follow them. In the urban area, one can follow goat farming within the place of other husbandry animals like the cow, buffaloes, etc.

Since goat farming did not need much more place. For a single goat, 15 sq.

Feet land is essential so that they can roam around, which lessen the infection spread.Housing clearly shows well effect on the productivity, try to prepare good and well house for them.

A view of a commercial goat farming in Beni-3 of Myagdi district, on Thursday, June 9, 2016. A youth who had gone to Iraq for employment has invested Rs 2 million to start the business in his native place. Photo: RSS

4.Feeding of goat farming

Apart from all this, you must have to take special care of their food. As goat is healthy, better is the profit from their meat. A healthy food makes your goat healthy well.

Food purchased from the market is costly for you. You can reduce this cost by preparing healthy food at home yourself. For which you can proceed through following:

Bran is made by mixing a lot of flour in the grain straw.

Corn passage, almond flour, gram flour, mineral mixture, salt etc. You will have to make 45 kg of bran, 25 kg of maize, 15 kg of almond “khali”, 12 kg of gram flour, 2 kg mineral mixture and 1 kg of salt to make 100 kg goat’s food.

5.Marketing of your business

There is no need of marketing for your business since the demand for goat meat is too high that customers will come to you for buying these products at your farm.

If it is not sold in the local area then that meat can be transported to the foreign country, if you have a big goat farm.

Some extra tips to raise the Goat Farming Profit

  1. As your goat farming mainly depends on the backbones of goat, always try to keep them healthy.
  2. Identifies weaker goat and make the vaccine necessary to make him fit.
  3. To become successful in goat farming, keep goat vaccination from time to time.
  4.  Avoid feeding contaminated messy food to goats. Due to eating contaminated food, the goat’s condition can worsen.
  5.  Keep more attention than the goats of goats.
  6.  Maintain a record of both the income and expenditure of your Goat Farming Business.

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