How agriculture improve the economy


Agriculture makes a huge contribution to the economic development in the following ways:

  • It provides raw material and food to the non-agricultural sectors
  • It creates demand for goods that are produced in non-agricultural sectors
  • Rural community acquires purchasing power by selling the surplus
  • It also helps to earn valuable foreign exchange through exporting agricultural…

Transforming a country’s agriculture sector can create jobs, raise incomes, reduce malnutrition, and kick-start the economy on a path to middle-income growth. In fact, almost every industrialized nation began its economic ascent with an agricultural transformation.Dec 1, 2017


How does agriculture contribute to the country’s economic development?

Agriculture can contribute to the country’s economic development (Praburaj, Design, & Nadu, 2018; Sertoğlu, Ugural, & Bekun, 2017;Tahamipour & Mahmoudi, 2018). Literature review reveals that agriculture provides jobs, income, and food (Otache, 2017). …

How can agriculture improve health and nutrition?

How agriculture can improve health and nutrition. More recently, biofortification efforts to breed and disseminate crops that are rich in micronutrients, such as vitamin A, zinc and iron, have improved vitamin and mineral intake among consumers in Africa and Asia.

Why is farming important to the American economy?

From the nation’s earliest days, farming has held a crucial place in the American economy and culture. Farmers play an important role in any society, of course, since they feed people.

What are the advantages of Agri-agriculture sector?

Agriculture sector requires less capital for its development thus it minimises growth problem of foreign capital. In a country which is predominantly agricultural and overpopulated, there is greater inequality of income between the rural and urban areas of the country.


Why is agriculture important?

Agriculture plays a critical role in transforming economies to reach the goal, along with achieving other essential development goals like en suring food security and improving nutrition. Therefore, in order to end hunger and undernutrition while accelerating economic growth, agricultural transformation must become a reality.

How does modernization affect agriculture?

Agricultural modernization prepares conditions for industrialization by boosting labor productivity, increasing agricultural surplus to accumulate capital, and increasing foreign exchange via exports.

What is the next key area for agricultural transformation?

The next key area for agricultural transformation is adoption of modern technologies, as farmers may not use such technologies even if they are available. Many technologies such as high-yielding seeds require stringent conditions for water, inputs, and knowhow.

What is the central goal of every developing country?

One of the central goals of every developing country is to reach high-income status.

What is economic transformation?

Economic transformation—also called structural transformation—means a country’s shift in the relative contribution of its technology and sectors to its overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP): From traditional technology to modern technology and from agriculture to industry and manufacturing, and then to a high-income service economy.

Why do governments need human capital?

Governments will also need to build human capital to ensure a skilled labor force to master new technology, handle logistics and boost each node of the value chain. Economic development is a process of structural transformation, and agriculture is the essential engine to jumpstart the process.

Why is farming important in the United States?

Early in the nation’s life, farmers were seen as exemplifying economic virtues such as hard work, initiative, and self-sufficiency. Moreover, many Americans — particularly immigrants who may have never held any land and did not have ownership over their own labor or products — found …

What are the factors that contributed to the success of American agriculture?

Large capital investments and increasing use of highly trained labor also have contributed to the success of American agriculture. It is not unusual to see today’s farmers driving tractors with air-conditioned cabs hitched to very expensive, fast-moving plows, tillers, and harvesters.

What is the role of the American farmer?

The American Farmer’s Role in the US Economy. The American farmer has generally been quite successful at producing food. Indeed, sometimes his success has created his biggest problem: the agricultural sector has suffered periodic bouts of overproduction that have depressed prices.

Is farming important in 2020?

From the nation‘s earliest days, farming has held a crucial place in the American economy and culture. Farmers play an important role in any society, of course, since they feed people. But farming has been particularly valued in the United States.

Do farmers have to repeal the laws of nature?

What’s more, researchers periodically introduce new food products and new methods for raising them, such as artificial ponds to raise fish. Farmers have not repealed some of the fundamental laws of nature, however. They still must contend with forces beyond their control — most notably the weather.

Why is agricultural advancement important?

Agricultural advancement is necessary for. improving the supply of raw materials for the agro- . based industries, especially in developing countries. The shortage of agricultural goods has its impact. on industrial production and a consequent increase. in the general price level. It will impede the growth.

How does increase in agricultural production and the rise in the per-capita income of the rural community, together with

Increase in agricultural production and the rise in the per-capita income of the rural community, together with the industrialisation and urbanisation, lead to an increased demand in industrial production” It is seen that increased agricultural output and productivity tend to contribute substantially to an overall economic development of the country, it will be rational and appropriate to place greater emphasis on further development of the agricultural sector.

What should the government do to support coffee?

The Government should support coffee’s economic performance in the provision of seed, training, organization of coffee events, and sale of coffee processing technology. However, several areas need to be addressed, including cooperative enterprises, agricultural terminals, and business certainty.

What is the main cause of pre and post harvest losses in agriculture?

Biotic stress is a major cause for pre and postharvest losses in agriculture. Food crops of the world are damaged by more than of 10,000 species of insects 30,000 species of weeds, 1,00, 000 types of diseases (due to fungi, viruses, bacteria and various microbes) and a 1,000 species of nematodes.

What percentage of India’s national income comes from agriculture?

still have the dominance of agriculture and it largely contributes to the national. income. In India, still, 28% of national income comes from this sector.

Why is water shortage a problem in agriculture?

Scarcity of water is one of the major problems in the current development of the agriculture sector and due to increase in jobs in cities there is less labor for the management of crops. The proposed system provides improvement in agriculture by using automation and modernization of traditional agricultural systems.

Is agriculture a potential economic sector?

In four forms of contribution to national economic growth and development, agriculture is also a potential economic sector: product contribution, market contribution [2], contribution from production factors, and the contribution from foreign exchange [3].

The role of agriculture in the economy and society1

1 Paper presented at the Seminar on Beliefs and Values Underlying Agricultural Policies, Lake Balaton, Hungary, September 19-23, 1996.

The role of agriculture in the economy and society: Group discussion and a commentary

Agriculture is that kind of activity which joins labour, land or soil, live animals, plants, solar energy and so on; and the Minister of Agriculture is the Minister of the Beginning of Life. So people who are involved with that kind of activity are involved in something special.

How can agriculture improve health?

How agriculture can improve health and nutrition. The agricultural sector presents key opportunities for improving nutrition and health. But this connection is often not given due attention, despite parallel initiatives across the three sectors. The potential impacts of agricultural activities on health and nutrition extend across a number …

Why is agriculture important for the poor?

Given the importance of agriculture for the livelihoods of the rural poor, agricultural growth has the potential to greatly reduce poverty – a key contributor to poor health and undernutrition.

What was the Green Revolution?

Over the past 40 years, agricultural advances, such as the Green Revolution, led to the doubling of cereal production and yields, improving the well-being of many people and providing a springboard for remarkable economic growth.

Why is it important to have partnerships between the private and public sectors?

Partnerships between the private and public sectors play an especially important role in improving the efficiency of post-harvest value chains.

How many people are hungry in the developing world?

Despite major progress, serious concerns remain about the nutrition and health situation throughout the developing world. An estimated 805 million people still go hungry and many people also suffer from hidden hunger, that is, deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals, which are associated with a number of negative health and economic impacts. At the same time, 2.1 billion people worldwide (37% of men and 38% of women) are obese and overweight and this figure is rising (especially in the developing world), bringing with it a rise in non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer).


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