How are agricultural products marketed


Here are a few Marketing Strategies for Agricultural Products:

  1. Network with Farmers. Farming is our main occupation and it is seen retaining. …
  2. Build Connections with Agriculture officers. Know who influences your audiences. …
  3. Form your Agricultural Community. …
  4. Collab with Government Authorities. …
  5. Participate in Agriculture Exhibitions. …
  6. Know your Audience. …
  7. Reach out the right Community. …
  8. Set your Price right. …

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What is the importance of marketing of agriculture products?

  • Farmer’s want to sale their produce at highest possible prices…
  • Consumer want to buy it at least possible prices…
  • Trade players want to make most for themselves by exploiting both farmers and consumers…
  • Government – Regulators want to exercise control over all three and earn revenues out of it…

What are the disadvantages of Agricultural Marketing?

What are the five problems caused by modern farming?

  • leading to soil infertility due to the excess use of fertilisers.
  • killing useful microbes and earthworms present in the soil.
  • ground water depletion due to excess use of water.
  • farmers could not provide more money.
  • leads to groundwater pollution.

What are some agricultural marketing activities?

Agricultural marketing is a method that includes gathering, storage, preparation, shipping, and delivery of different farming materials across the country. In agriculture marketing, the selling of an agriculture product depends on various components like the demand for the product at that time, availability of storage, etc.

What is the most popular agricultural product?

  • The pork industry is responsible for approximately 550,000 jobs
  • There are over 60,000 American farmers that are pork producers
  • Pork production is estimated to have $23.4 billion of gross output

How do you market agricultural products?

Here are three marketing strategies for agriculture products that help you solve these problems.Gather & analyze reliable market data. The first step to implementing an effective marketing campaign is to know who you’re going after. … Market to specific segments of farmers. … Leverage data-targeted, omnichannel marketing.

How is marketing done in agriculture?

Numerous interconnected activities are involved in doing this, such as planning production, growing and harvesting, grading, packing and packaging, transport, storage, agro- and food processing, provision of market information, distribution, advertising and sale.

What is agricultural marketing system?

Agricultural marketing is a mechanism through which these goods reach different places depending on marketplaces. Agricultural marketing is a process that involves assembling, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, grading and distribution of different agricultural commodities across the country.

What are the types of market for agricultural produce?

Agricultural Marketing – Top 7 Types: Primary Market, Secondary Market, Terminal Market, Fairs, Regulated Markets, Co-Operative Markets and State Trading.

How can I market my agricultural products online?

7 of the Best Ways to Advertise Agricultural Products OnlineAdvertising on Industry Experts’ Websites. … Retargeting Adverts (AKA Programmatic Ads) … Google AdWords. … Google Shopping. … Social Media Marketing. … Promotional Item Giveaways. … Email Marketing.

What are the five agricultural marketing activities?

They are listed and explained as follows:Assembling. Collection of farm produce for sale. … Grading. … Processing. … Transportation. … Storage. … Packaging. … Problems of Agricultural Marketing in Nigeria. … Lack of Transportation Facilities.More items…•

How farmers sell their crops?

Under the APMC Act, the states can establish agricultural markets, popularly known as mandis. The sale of agricultural commodities can occur only in the mandis through auction. The sales process in mandis is regulated through commission agents (CAs) who mediate between the farmers and traders.

Why is marketing of agricultural products so essential?

Agricultural marketing plays an important role not only in stimulating production and consumption, but also in accelerating the pace of economic development. It is the most important multiplier of agricultural development.

What are the seven stages in agricultural marketing commodity?

Stages in a commodity marketing system The systems approach emphasises the interdependence and inter relatedness of all aspects of agribusiness, namely : from farm input supply to the growing, assembling, storage, processing, distribution and ultimate consumption of the product.

How agricultural products are sold?

Most of the agricultural products in India are sold by farmers in the private sector to moneylenders (to whom the farmer may be indebted) or to village traders. Products are sold in various ways. For example, it might be sold at a weekly village market in the farmer’s village or in a neighboring village.

What are the two types of agricultural markets?

a. Primary Wholesale markets: These are located in big towns near the centres of production of agriculture commodities, transaction mostly take place between farmers and traders. b. Secondary Wholesale markets: These are generally located at districts headquarters or important trade centres near railway stations.

Why is collaboration important in agrobusiness?

Collaboration with the government is one of the best marketing strategies for agro-business. It helps the traders, farmers and middlemen as the government takes up responsibilities and comes up with programs beneficial for them. This provides the farmers with an opportunity to indulge in new techniques and strategies to market their agricultural …

What are some agricultural products?

Some of the common agricultural products include food crops, plantation crops and horticultural crops, etc. Marketing for Production Equipment and Aids– Marketing strategies for the intermediate goods, which help the farmer to produce the agricultural products. Some common production equipment include tractors, fertilizers, pesticides etc.

Why are government associations beneficial?

These associations are generally beneficial to small farmers, as government association takes over the responsibility of marketing an agro-business. From advertising to buying, they handle all the work. Moreover, they sell farmers’ products by increasing the price up, which eventually increases the profits of a farmer.

What are some schemes that the government has taken to help farmers?

The government has come forward with schemes to help small farmers. Some of the schemes are as follow: Soil health card scheme. Interest subvention scheme.

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What is the role of speculative middlemen in marketing?

Speculative middlemen play important role in marketing process in ensuring that commodities are available from time to time. Processors and Manufacturers Processors and manufacturers perform the function of changing the basic form of agricultural products.

How many markets are there in Punjab?

Currently in Punjab, there are 152 wholesale grain markets, 95 fruits and vegetable markets, 81 feeder markets and 11 markets are working in private sector. There is limited storage capacity (6-7% of total agricultural production) in the public domain and that too is limited to few commodities.

What is ASF in agriculture?

An Agribusiness Support Fund has been created and is an integral component of Agribusiness Development and Diversification Project. Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF) is a ‘not-for- profit company’ established by Ministry of Food and Agriculture ( MINFA) with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Why are perishables lost?

Similarly, poor quality roads, coupled with poor storage cause enormous losses of agricultural products, The perishables products such as milk, fresh vegetables and fruits in particular incur major losses because they of their shorter shelf life.

What is PIAM in Punjab?

Punjab Institute of Agricultural Marketing (PIAM) was established in 2006 with the mandate to impart training to stakeholders and f5 Marketing of Agricultural Products 125 suggesting policy recommendations for improving agricultural marketing system in the Punjab. 5.7.

Why is Pakistan’s agricultural marketing so inefficient?

Although a wide range of products move from growers to consumer, Pakistan’s agricultural marketing is believed to be inefficient because of a number of constraints such as poor infrastructure, high market margins, lack of farm to market road, poor post-harvest management and non-implementation of grades and standards.

How do agricultural products differ from industrial products?

Agricultural products differ from industrial products due to their perishable nature and special requirements during various farm and marketing operations. But, this does not imply that the field of agricultural marketing is something entirely different from marketing of industrial and other products.

What is the use of marketing for the enterprise?

Use of marketing for the enterprise is an opportunity of the transformation of requirements of buyers in incomes of the enterprise, maintenance of profitableness and liquidity of the enterprise to the satisfaction of consumer demand. The main thing in the strategy, as a system, is its target orientation and complexity, that is, …

What are the economic results of agriculture?

Economic results in agriculture depend on natural conditions. This feature of agribusiness is the basis not only for production but also for organizing marketing activities. The land as the main means of production in agriculture, as well as the quality of its use, determine the further quality of the produced products, its volume, and range.

What is agricultural marketing?

Agricultural Marketing [ˌægrɪˈkʌlʧərəl ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ] is the activity of the agricultural enterprise, which is … As an independent direction of modern marketing, agricultural marketing acts as a process of organizing and managing the production of agricultural products, raw materials, and foodstuffs to meet the needs of individual citizens, …

What are suppliers of raw materials?

suppliers of raw materials, production and labor resources, material and technical supplies; market infrastructure organizations, wholesale and retail trade organizations and various intermediaries, agricultural marketing specialists, commercial and advisory centers, etc.; various consumers of agricultural products and food.

What is the production process of agro marketing?

The production process of agro-marketing consists of stages, interconnected by the common purpose. purchase of raw materials and resources (factors of production) for the production of agricultural products and food; the choice of channels for the sale of products and food, the organization of sales, the distribution of products and …

Is an agricultural enterprise self-supporting?

An agricultural enterprise is not self-supporting, so there is a constant exchange of resources and information between it and the surrounding marketing environment. The very fact of its existence and further survival depend on the influence of the environment. To continue its operation, the agricultural enterprise is forced, on the one hand, …

Is agrarian marketing a science?

In addition, agrarian marketing as a science is still continuing its formation and does not have well-defined approaches to studying, which does not allow naming the curricula of students who are currently studying in this specialty perfect.

What is the use of robotics in farming?

Use of robotics in farming. The emergence of robotics and its involvement in farming and agricultural products has shown considerable productivity and efficiency. Deere & Company spent $305 million in 2018 to acquire Blue River technology. This is a startup that enables the identification of unwanted plants.

How does the sun help agriculture?

Using the sun to generate freshwater. One of the major modern trends in agriculture is increase in water efficiency in farming and food production. Fearing the global population and climatic changes, there arises a need for irrigation solutions that can improve the cultivation performance.

What is robotic herbicide spraying?

The technology sprays high-precision herbicide that eventually reduces input costs and increases efficiency. Use of robotics have been in the harvesting activities, but this innovation is anticipatedto empower the production performance and generate better output.

What are agricultural products?

Request Now ! Agricultural products comprise of foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials. Agriculture includes cultivation of crops, bee-keeping, animal husbandry, fish farming, and poultry. These products are either directly consumed or further processed and sold, and even exported at a large scale.Disposable income, population, consumer taste, …

What is the role of a broker?

The main function a broker is to bring together buyer and sellers on the same platform for negotiations. Their charge is called brokerage. They may claim brokerage from buyer, seller or both depending upon the market situation and service rendered. Brokers usually have no establishment in the market. They simply wander about in the market and render their services to clients. They do not render any other service except to bring buyers and sellers on the same platform. There is no risk to them.

What is commission agent?

commission agent is a person operating in the wholesale market who acts as the representative of either a seller or a buyer. A commission agent normally takes over the physical handling of the produce, arranges for its sale, collects the price from the buyer, deducts his expenses and commission, and remits the balance to the seller. Commission agents or arhatias in unregulated market are of two types i.e. Kacchaarhatias and Paccaarhatias. Kacchaarhatias primarily act for sellers, including farmers. They sometimes provide advance money to the farmers and the itinerant traders on the condition that the produce will be disposed on through them only. On the other hand, Paccaarhatia acts on behalf of the traders in the consuming market. The processors (eg. Rice millers, oil millers and cotton or jute dealers) and big wholesalers in the consuming market employ Paccaarhatias as their agents for purchase of specified quantity of goods within a given price range. In a regulated market, only one category of commission agent exists under the name of ‘A’ class trader. The commission agent keeps an establishment- a shop, a godown and a rest house for his clients. He renders all the facilities to the clients.

What is a merchant middleman?

Merchant middlemen are those individuals who take title of the goods they handle. They buy and sell on their own and gain or lose depending upon the difference in the sale and purchase prices. They may suffer loss with a fall in the price of the product. Merchant middle are of four types:

What is intermediary in agriculture?

Middlemen/intermediaries are those individuals or business concerns which specialize in performing various marketing functions and render services involved in the marketing of goods. The number of intermediaries may vary from one to many. They may be classified into five groups as follows;

What is producer surplus?

Producer’s surplus is the quantity which is, or can be, made available to the non-producing population of the country. From the marketing point of view, this surplus is more important than the total production of commodities. The rate at which agricultural production expands determines the pace of agricultural development, while the growth in the marketable surplus determines the pace of economic development. An increase in production must be accompanied by an increase in marketable surplus for the economic development of the country. The knowledge of producer’s surplus helps the policy makers as well as the traders in the following areas;

How long are farm products perishable?

Most farm products are perishable in nature; but the period of their perishability varies from few hours to a few months. Their perishability makes it almost impossible for producers to fix the reserve price for their farm grown products. The extent of perishability of farm products can be reduced by processing function: but they can not be made non-perishable like manufactured products. The more perishable productsrequire speedy handling and often-special refrigeration, whichraises the cost of marketing.

What is the traditional system of marketing of agricultural products?

Under the traditional system of marketing of agricultural products, producer sellers incurred a high marketing cost, and suffered from unauthorized deductions of marketing charges and the prevalence of various malpractices. To improve marketing conditions and with a view to creating fair competition conditions, there is a strong need of market regulation.

How many acres of corn and soybeans were planted in the United States in 1990?

Since 1990, combined acreage planted to corn, wheat, soybeans, and upland cotton in the United States has ranged from 219 million to 242 million acres. Starting in the 1990s, policy changes increased planting flexibility provided to farmers.

What percentage of corn is used to make ethanol?

Corn is the major agricultural input used in the United States to produce ethanol, which has accounted for over 40 percent of U.S. corn use in recent years.

What are the leading fruits and vegetables?

fruit and tree nut value of production has increased steadily over the past decade, while the value of vegetable production has been more stable. Grapes, apples, strawberries, and oranges top the list of fruits; tomatoes and potatoes are the leading vegetables.

How much milk is produced in 2019?

Milk output has risen 70 percent since 1980 and in 2019 exceeded 218 billion pounds per year. Genetic developments and technological improvements underlie a pronounced upward trend in milk output per cow. Consolidation in the dairy sector also has facilitated efficiency gains in milk production.

How many states produce agricultural products?

U.S. agricultural production occurs in each of the 50 States. The United States produces and sells a wide variety of agricultural products across the Nation. In terms of sales value, California leads the country as the largest producer of agricultural products (crops and livestock), accounting for almost 11 percent of the national total, …

How are agricultural markets analyzed?

Markets for major agricultural commodities are typically analyzed by looking at supply-and-use conditions and implications for prices. From an economic perspective, these factors determine the market equilibrium.

Which states have the most livestock?

Livestock production and sales occur in all 50 States. Texas, Iowa, California, Nebraska, and Kansas lead the country in sales value of livestock and their products. The cattle sector is the dominant source of value in Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska. Milk from cows accounts for about 57 percent of livestock-sale value in California. Both the hog and cattle sectors are large sources of sales value in Iowa. North Carolina is the leading producing State of poultry and eggs, followed by Georgia.


Who Employs Agricultural Marketing?

Agricultural Marketing Specifics

  1. Economic results in agriculture depend on natural conditions. This feature of agribusiness is the basis not only for production but also for organizing marketing activities. The land as the main me…
  2. The working period in agriculture does not coincide with the period of production. The effectiveness of agro-marketing in this particular feature depends on the correct evaluation o…
  1. Economic results in agriculture depend on natural conditions. This feature of agribusiness is the basis not only for production but also for organizing marketing activities. The land as the main me…
  2. The working period in agriculture does not coincide with the period of production. The effectiveness of agro-marketing in this particular feature depends on the correct evaluation of demand and its…
  3. The production is seasonal. Taking into account this feature, forms and methods of marketing in agriculture are formed.
  4. Production of vital goods. Since agriculture is mostly engaged in the production of food products, agro-marketing is faced with the tasks of timely deliveries of products in the right q…

Agricultural Marketing Strategy

  • Agricultural marketing techniques have their own peculiarities, connected both with the specifics of agricultural production and with agricultural products. The practical application of marketing in agriculture is more specific than limited. In the conditions of everyday market competition, the manufacturer that takes into account not only the natural and economic conditions of the region…

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How Is An Agricultural Marketing Campaign developed?

  • The production process of agro-marketing consists of stages, interconnected by the common purpose. The main 3 stages are: 1. purchase of raw materials and resources (factors of production) for the production of agricultural products and food; 2. the very production of agricultural products; 3. the choice of channels for the sale of products and foo…

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