How big is florida agricultural museum


460 acres


What is the Florida Agricultural Museum?

Only 25 minutes from downtown St. Augustine, the Florida Agricultural Museum is one of Flagler County’s most popular attractions. The Museum is a private non-profit (501.C3) corporation led by a board of trustees; public spirited volunteers from across the state who share a common interest in Florida agriculture.

What are the best things to do at the Agricultural Museum?

The Florida Agricultural Museum offers walking tours on the hour from 10 a.m.– 4 p.m. on Friday through Sunday. The Florida Agricultural Museum — with its rustic charm, horses, and hayrides — also rents space for events, weddings, and corporate parties.

What is it like to ride a horse at the Agricultural Museum?

We booked an hour long horseback riding session at the Florida Agricultural museum and had a wonderful experience. When we pulled up to the grounds, we were pleased to see that it was very clean and well kept. We are beginner riders and had gentle horses that were well taken care of.


What is a Florida Cracker Homestead?

The Florida Cracker homestead consists of a shotgun home, chicken coop, barn, smoker, and a carefully-rebuilt hand-crafted fence that includes hundreds of small pickets and unique finials for each gate.

What is the Florida Agricultural Museum?

The Florida Agricultural Museum offers a glimpse into real Florida life from the 1800s. The museum is a 460-acre living history exhibit that includes a 5-building citrus complex, a 5,000-square-foot dairy barn, an 1880s farmstead with all of its outbuildings, a turn-of-the-century country store, the archeological remains of a British colonial period sawmill, and an exhibit that tells the story of Africans and African Americans in Florida’s cattle industry.

What is the Old Florida Museum?

Education Programs: The Old Florida Museum, formerly located in St. Augustine, has been moved to the Florida Agricultural Museum. School Tours are offered in 5 hands-on programs, Pre-European Florida, Spanish Settlement, the Dirt Detectives (an archaeology program), Spanish Exploration by Sea, and the Homesteads of the late 1800s.

How many people can ride a horse in Florida?

There is a two-person minimum to book a ride, and they can take a maximum of six riders. Please call (386) 446-7630 for more details and to book a guided horseback ride. Venue: The Florida Agricultural Museum rents space for events, weddings, and corporate parties. Call (386) 931-6579 for more information.

What to see at Florida Agricultural Museum?

Chickens, ducks and a tame turkey greet our visitors before they depart on a tractor ride tour of the museum’s historic farm buildings. Guided horseback riding is available by reservation. Horseback ride along beautiful trails over our 400 acre property or ride your horse over Interstate 95 on the “horses only” bridge to an adjoining 3000 acres of riding trails. Camping with or without your horse is available. You can also visit the Hewitt’s Sawmill Archaeological Site located on a heavily treed 3/4 mile hiking trail. Discover the site of a water powered sawmill that operated from 1770 to 1813. We also rent Governor Caldwell’s 5000 square foot diary barn for parties and wedding receptions. You can even get married lake side under a canopy trees. Everything at our museum is real. Not a plastic rock in the place. Come visit us and you will learn some Florida history and you might even carry home a free souvenir on your shoe. Your tour will last at lease an hour but the memories will last forever.

How is the tour of the zoo taken?

We got to feed some of the animals. The tour is taken by riding behind a tractor

Where can I get manure from the museum?

I am not aware that you can get manure from the museum. You might want to try Bella Mia Stables a few miles up US1 on the right hand side going north from the museum.

What is the giant museum horse?

Kaleb, the giant museum horse – a cross between a Percheron and a Standardbred – has a new place to give museum visitors a ride beside the trails: a 150-by-250-foot fenced arena whose surface is a mix of sand and imported clay.

When was Meldrim Cottage built?

The Meldrim Cottage is the first house added to the museum property in 10 years. The St. Augustine home was built in the 1940s and was part of the last surviving turpentine operation in Florida, and at one point that operation was the largest in the state.

Hewitt Sawmill

This will be a guided tour of the old Hewitt Sawmill. This tour will be conducted by reservation only. More details will be coming soon.

Historic Buildings

This will be a guided tour through some of our old historic buildings on the property. You will hear about the rich history of each structure. This tour is recommended for ages 12 and up. This tour lasts 90 minutes. First tour departs at 10 am and final tour departs at 2 pm. Visit the Little Shop at the Museum to learn more.

Florida Agricultural Museum Animals

This guided tour will get you up close to all of the animals that live on the property including rare Florida Heritage Cracker Livestock. This tour is appropriate for younger children and lasts 45 minutes. First tour departs at 10 am and final tour departs at 2 pm.

Orienteering Course

Orienteering is a ‘thinking’ sport for all ages. In this self-guided tour, the object is to run or walk to a series of points shown on a special map, with routes designed to move participants to a finish line in the shortest possible amount of time. Bring your compass. Available Thursday – Sunday 10am-4pm.


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