How can agriculture be used to reduce poverty in ghana



How effective is agriculture at reducing poverty in Africa?

It showed that growth within agriculture in low-income countries can be five times as effective as growth within other sec- tors in terms of reducing poverty among those who are worst off. In Sub-Saharan Africa, agriculture can be ten times more effective than other occupations at lifting those worst off out of poverty and destitution.

What is the contribution of Agriculture to the GDP in Ghana?

GHANA NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNESCO Introduction Agriculture is the backbone of the Ghanaian economy and a major foreign exchange earner. It contributes about 35% to GDP, employs 55% of the population on a formal and informal basis and con- tributes about 45% of all export earnings.

How can we improve sustainable farming in poor countries?

Obviously much more is needed; international agreements must be altered and poor countries themselves must also focus more on increased social, economic and ecological sustainability in their farming.

How can we reduce poverty in rural areas?

Our report has shown that such increased gender awareness can lead to effective poverty reduction and increase both sustainability and productivity in agriculture. Helping the poor in rural areas to improve their access to markets and financial services in order to increase their food tegy.


How agriculture can reduce poverty?

As their incomes grow, consumers increase their consumption of manufactured goods and services faster than their consumption of food. Paradoxically, the process is usually accompanied by rising incomes and a lower incidence of poverty among those who depend on agriculture for a living.

How can we reduce poverty in Ghana?

Five Ways Global Communities Fight Poverty in GhanaProvide more opportunities for economic growth through microfinance. … Build a more “resilient” Ghana by improving the nutrition in local diets. … Create pathways for urban youth to become financially independent. … Improve access to clean water and sanitation.More items…•

How does agriculture contribute to the economy of Ghana?

Agriculture contributes to 54 % of Ghana’s GDP, and accounts for over 40 % of export earnings, while at the same time providing over 90 % of the food needs of the country. Ghana’s agriculture is predominantly smallholder, traditional and rain-fed (SRID, 2001).

How can agriculture be a solution to the country’s problem?

In order to feed people better, agriculture must strengthen its conservation goals by adding assortment to the food chain and by restoring the ecosystems. Agriculture sector can reduce hunger as it ensures the food security of developing countries. The drive toward food security has seems to be slowed in recent years.

What are the solutions for poverty?

Below are eight effective solutions to poverty:Educate children.Provide clean water.Ensure basic health care.Empower a girl or woman.Improve childhood nutrition.Support environmental programs.Reach children in conflict.Prevent child marriage.

What are the causes of poverty in Ghana?

Poverty in Ghana may generally be caused by poor governance, illiteracy, unemployment, both natural and man-made disasters, injustice, bribery and corruption, outmoded cultural practices, gender inequity, unfavorable donor conditions, the one fits all approach to fighting poverty (by the International Organizations …

How can agriculture improve the economy?

A strong agricultural economy brings social progress by increasing productivity, employment and income. Agriculture is the main driver of development in most rural areas. Demand for staple foods, agricultural commodities and – increasingly – processed food is growing in developing countries.

How does agriculture contribute to the socio economic development of Ghana?

Agriculture plays a crucial role in contributing to socio-economic development in many countries. It is the primary source of employment, livelihood, and food security for the majority of rural people. In the year 2019, the agricultural sector contributed about 20% to Ghana’s gross domestic product (GDP).

What are the contributions of agriculture to economic development?

Agriculture contributes 40% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs about 70% of the working population in Nigeria (CIA, 2012). Agriculture is also the largest economic activity in the rural area where almost 50% of the population lives.

What are the benefits of agriculture?

Agriculture and Food. Agriculture can help reduce poverty, raise incomes and improve food security for 80% of the world’s poor, who live in rural areas and work mainly in farming. The World Bank Group is a leading financier of agriculture.

How can we improve agriculture in Ghana?

8 ways Africa can raise farm productivity and boost growthDevelop high-yield crops. … Boost irrigation. … Increase the use of fertilizers. … Improve market access, regulations, and governance. … Make better use of information technology. … Adopt genetically modified (GM) crops.More items…•

What is the role of community based dynamics in agrarian development?

The role of community based dynamics in successful agrarian development is considered through comparing two neighbouring villages in Ghana, with similar agro-ecological conditions and market access : one, Gyedi, is a religious community and the other, Apaa, is not. While the direct role of religion in promoting agrarian development is limited, interaction with extension staff in Gyedi enables farmers to avoid problems characteristic of smallholder realities in Africa in general. Skills intensive technologies and internal market co-ordination promoted by community cohesion are key explanations for diverging development trajectories. The role of tenancy arrangements in diverging trajectories, pointing to the potential challenges for pro-poor agricultural growth strategies in other settings.

What is Ghana’s informal sector?

Ghana’s large informal sector is symptomatic of an economy with low growth potential. In the medium term, the surest way to absorb labor would be to increase investment in the agriculture sector. And the only way to increase investment in that sector is to change the composition in public spending.


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