How can agriculture improve nigerian economy


What are the problems of Agriculture in Nigeria?

  • Soil structure and fertility
  • many of the soils in West Africa are very high in clay and extremely hard (physically) to cultivate
  • where slash and burn is practiced, soil fertility is very low and fertilizers must be applied (and aren’t)

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What are the disadvantages of Agriculture?

Federated Co-operatives Limited announced plans Monday for a $2 Billion Integrated Agriculture Complex … because Saskatchewan actually has a little bit of market disadvantage when it comes to exporting to either coast. So the idea of having this domestic …

How to start plantain farming in Nigeria?

What You Need To Start Plantain Farming

  1. Land With Good Soil. Loamy soils are the best producing soils for plantain farming because they contain a good organic to inorganic ratio.
  2. Prepare The Soil. Clear the land and cut some of the trees if any, Plantain plants also grow best in bunches or groups because they protect each other from …
  3. Get The Plantain Suckers. …
  4. Control The Weeds. …

What are the benefits of sustainable farming?

  • Improvement of air quality. Sustainable agriculture aims to get rid of such harmful activities as the use of nitrogen fertilizers and agricultural burning. …
  • Zero world hunger. This is one of the main advantages of sustainable agriculture. …
  • New technologies. …

How does agriculture contribute to Nigeria economy?

Agriculture remains the largest sector in Nigeria contributing an average of 24% to the nation’s GDP over the past seven years (2013 – 2019). In addition, the sector employs more than 36% of the country’s labour force, a feat which ranks the sector as the largest employer of labour in the country.

How can agriculture improve the economy?

A strong agricultural economy brings social progress by increasing productivity, employment and income. Agriculture is the main driver of development in most rural areas. Demand for staple foods, agricultural commodities and – increasingly – processed food is growing in developing countries.

How agriculture can be improved in Nigeria?

Use of agro-based loans by the government to encourage farmers: The government of Nigeria should encourage farmers by giving loans for agricultural activities. This will help farmers meet up with financial needs in terms of purchasing some seeds, hiring machines etc thereby boosting agriculture in Nigeria.

How important agriculture to the economic development of a country?

Agricultural economics plays a role in the economics of development, for a continuous level of farm surplus is one of the wellsprings of technological and commercial growth. In general, one can say that when a large fraction of a country’s population depends on agriculture for its livelihood, average incomes are low.

Why is agriculture important in economic development in Africa?

Agriculture is by far the single most important economic activity in Africa. It provides employment for about two-thirds of the continent’s working population and for each country contributes an average of 30 to 60 percent of gross domestic product and about 30 percent of the value of exports.

How agriculture is backbone of country economy?

Answer: Agriculture is called the backbone of Indian economy because 70% of Indian population are engaged in agriculture and raw material for the Industrial sectors like food processing company, textile industry comes from the agricultural sector.

What are the possible solutions to the problems of agriculture in Nigeria?

Fertilizers and manure should be used to increase production of crops in the available land. Crop rotation should be practiced by farmers. The land use decree of 1978 should be fully implemented to minimize the problems of land tenure. Farmers should form co-operative societies for easy allocation of farm lands.

In what four ways can the government improve agricultural production in Nigeria?

Ways of improving agricultural production are: (ii) Mechanization. (iii) Provision Quantity of goods consumed of credit facilities to farmers. (iv) Introduction of better species of plants and animals. (v) Provision of extension services: The farmers should be trained on the use of modern equipment.

How can we improve agriculture in Africa?

8 ways Africa can raise farm productivity and boost growthDevelop high-yield crops. … Boost irrigation. … Increase the use of fertilizers. … Improve market access, regulations, and governance. … Make better use of information technology. … Adopt genetically modified (GM) crops.More items…•

Do you think agriculture has a great impact on economic development?

Growth in agriculture results in an almost immediate impact in terms of increased employment of rural labour in a host of non-tradable activities. The studies report that most farm households supplement their income from non-farm earnings thus having an immediate impact on poverty reduction and food security.

What are the benefits of agriculture?

Agriculture and Food. Agriculture can help reduce poverty, raise incomes and improve food security for 80% of the world’s poor, who live in rural areas and work mainly in farming. The World Bank Group is a leading financier of agriculture.

What was the role of agriculture in Nigeria?

The Role of Agriculture in Nigeria. Prior to the discovery of oil in Nigeria, agriculture was the mainstay of the economy. Agriculture was then the highest earner of foreign exchange for the country, and Nigeria was also largely self-sufficient in food production. However, with the discovery of oil, the lure of petro dollars turned the focus …

What has the government done to promote agriculture in Nigeria?

In recent years, the government of Nigeria has put forth policies to promote agriculture in the country. Although a lot has been achieved in the area of food security, a lot still has to be done. Provision of Raw Materials to Support Industries.

How much cocoa does Nigeria produce?

In the agricultural sector, cocoa is the highest foreign exchange earner with Nigeria producing more than 200,000 tons of cocoa per annum. This output can be greatly increased if the current traditional methods of cultivation are traded for more modern mechanized methods.

How much land is arable in Nigeria?

This land area amounts to about 82 million hectares. Unfortunately, only about half of this arable land mass is being currently cultivated.

How much does agriculture contribute to the GDP of Nigeria?

Agriculture currently contributes between 30 and 40 percent to the national gross domestic product (GDP) of the country with a huge majority of the rural population engaging in subsistence agriculture. The relatively diverse variety of climatic conditions in Nigeria makes it possible to raise a wide range of crops across the country.

Why is food security important in Nigeria?

Food Security. It is a common saying that the quality of food consumed by a people is a stark revelation of the quality of life of the people. With a population of more than 160 million and growing, Nigeria needs to produce enough food to cater for her growing population and also export to earn foreign exchange.

What is the highest employer of labour in Nigeria?

Although no longer the largest sector of the Nigerian economy, agriculture still remains the single highest employer of labour in Nigeria, most especially in the rural areas.

Why should Nigeria embrace agriculture?

Important Reasons Why Nigeria Must Embrace Agriculture. Nigeria stands to gain a lot if particular if urgent attention is paid to agricultural development . According to Wikipedia, agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing over 300 million farmers.

Is agriculture a vital industry in China?

Nigeria stands to gain a lot if particular if urgent attention is paid to agricultural development. According to Wikipedia, agriculture is a vital industry in China, employing over 300 million farmers.

Why is fertilizer important in Nigeria?

Fertilisers increase farmers’ productivity. It helps increase production and improve food security, which is especially important since Nigeria is expected to have the third-largest population by 2050. Additionally, an improvement in productivity can increase farmers’ incomes and reduce rural poverty. This will be a great boost for the agriculture sector which is responsible for 60% of Nigeria’s workforce.

How much of Nigeria’s croplands are irrigated?

In a system that is highly susceptible to climate change and droughts, only 1% of croplands are currently irrigated in Nigeria. In this kind of condition, no amount of fertiliser applied would translate to high-grade yield if water remains missing in the farming equation. Finally, agricultural extension agents.

What is the dream of every farmer?

After toiling to prepare the land and planting their crops, every farmer’s dream is a bountiful harvest that can feed his family and support their other needs. Yet this is rarely the case for many Sub-Saharan African (SSA) farmers who cultivate on small lands, apply little fertiliser and depend mostly on rain to grow their crops.

How many extension agents are there in Nigeria?

They are vital in teaching farmers how and when to use the fertilisers suitable for their crop/land. Nigeria currently has only 7,000 extension agents for its sixteen million farms – an obvious gap.

Is PFI good for Nigeria?

The PFI is a good starting point to boost fertiliser use and transform Nigeria’s agriculture. However, this is not the only leg in the race. Tailored fertilisers use, irrigation, extension and technology adoption are equally important for the sector to reach its full potential. Follow this writer on Twitter @aremuoropo .

What is the economy of Nigeria?

An economy is simply, that aspect of production, and that aspect of distribution, including commerce, and trade, and consumption of services and goods. Read More: Nigeria Economy Today: Outlook, Facts, Analysis, and Economic Potentials.

Why is education important in Nigeria?

Education remains the bedrock of growth and development.a people that are educated are prosperous people, and this is also applicable to a nation, and for Nigeria to improve its economy , every Nigerian should be encouraged to access education, at least basic education.

Why is Nigeria called the technology age?

Encouragement of Innovations. It is technology that rule the world today, that is why, it is called technology age. With that on the mind, Nigerian economy can be improved when encouraging Nigerians to embrace innovations with the use of modern technology. Any economy that does not embraced innovations and technology is a poor economy.

How does electricity help Nigeria?

Electricity means everything, there can be no industrialization and economic improvement in Nigeria without Nigerians fixing its electricity. Once electricity is fixed it will encourage investment, and such investment will lead to economic improvement.

What are the issues that threaten Nigeria’s economy?

If the economy of Nigeria most be improved, them there is need for Nigerian government to improve its laws and order, there should be improved security, besides, one of the issues that has threatened the economy of this nation is corruption, corruption has eaten so deeply into the Nigerian system and nothing has been done about it.

What is Nigeria blessed with?

For example, Nigeria is blessed with a large land mass for agriculture, therefore, what Nigeria needs is to advance in agriculture production, this can be done by inventing local farm equipment, and go on large scale production or value chain production.

What would happen if free education was encouraged?

When once free education is encouraged, beneficiaries would maximize practical knowledge gained in schools to better their lots, and apart from being self employed, they can also become employers of labour thus, reduced the rate of unemployment and poverty among Nigerian, and development of this nature do boost economy.

Why is agriculture important in Nigeria?

Why Agriculture in Nigeria is Important. Agriculture is at the center of the Nigerian economy, providing the main source of livelihood for the majority of Nigerians. The farming sector of this West African country employs about 70 percent of the entire country’s labor force. Nigeria’s small farms produce 80 percent of the total food …

Why is livestock development important in Nigeria?

Livestock development is also an important aspect of Nigeria’s agriculture. The domestic production of livestock products is far below the national demand , which causes large imports of livestock and livestock products.

Why is Nigeria so profitable?

This country is at a huge advantage in terms of agriculture profitability because of the huge demand for farm produce. Nigeria has the benefit of having large stretches of fertile land available to cultivate. This country has one of the largest expanses of land in Africa with more than 900 thousand square kilometers and 70 percent …

What percentage of Nigeria’s food is produced by small farms?

Nigeria’s small farms produce 80 percent of the total food and 33 percent of this country’s land is under cultivation for this purpose. This is the leading African country in farming because it has the highest levels of productivity and profitability in this particular sector. Agriculture in Nigeria is the foundation of the economy, …

What percentage of Nigeria’s land is cultivated?

This country has one of the largest expanses of land in Africa with more than 900 thousand square kilometers and 70 percent of it is able to be cultivated to produce sustenance for the population of Nigeria. This land provides Nigeria with practically an unlimited source of farming food, providing agricultural produces and jobs for the people.

What is the largest consumer in Africa?

Nigeria is Africa’s largest rise consumer. It is mainly small-scale farmers who produce rice, sell 80 percent of their total production and only consume 20 percent of their product. This creates a huge market for the consumption of rice by way of the vast population of Nigeria, as well as the larger continent of Africa.

Why is agriculture important in Nigeria?

One of these material resources includes a vast array of land that is arable. This is among the reason for this post on “The Importance Of Agriculture In Nigeria Economic Development”. However, despite the presence of such wealth, the economic status of Nigeria is decreasing apart from the poverty that is increasing every day in the country. In fact, currently, Nigeria has been tagged to be among the World power when it comes to the agricultural sector. A major reason for the decline in the economic status of the country lies mostly in the hands of the Government. This is due to the fact that the Government has centralized the source of income to the country by relying only on the crude oil that the country is also endowed with.

Why is Nigeria’s economy declining?

A major reason for the decline in the economic status of the country lies mostly in the hands of the Government. This is due to the fact that the Government has centralized the source of income to the country by relying only on the crude oil that the country is also endowed with . There are many sectors in Nigeria that can contribute to …

What is the role of agriculture in the development of the economy?

Another role of agricultural sector in developing the economy is the role performed by the agricultural sector in the provision of agro-based raw materials to cater for the fledging, manufacturing and production industry.

What will happen if the traditional agricultural methods are improved with modern mechanized methods?

This is giving a hope that if the traditional agricultural methods are improved with modern mechanized methods, the agricultural sector will do well in contributing to the economic development of the country.

What percentage of Nigeria’s land is arable?

Looking at the lands present in Nigeria, about 80 percent of this land is arable.

What are the major crops grown in Nigeria?

The major crops grown in Nigeria in abundance are sesame, Maize, millet, Oil Palm, banana, rice, rubber, sorghum, soybeans, yams etc.

Which provides the highest income in Nigeria?

And for your information, agriculture provides the highest income for Nigeria when compared with the income the oil is providing in Nigeria now. Apart from that, Nigeria is also blessed with enough food to feed the nation during that period.


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