How can extension worker help in telling agriculture policies


As extension workers you have a vital role to play in assisting farmers in making decisions regarding risk management. To be able to provide advice and support, you will need a sound and practical understanding of the risks that farmers in your area are likely to face and the range of risk management strategies open to them.


What is the job description of Agricultural Extension Workers?

Tool 13: Sample job description of agricultural extension (AE) workers The AE is the primary partner of the farmers[ groups at community level. He/she interacts regularly (weekly and on needs) with the farmers and assumes all extension functions.

What is the role of extension in sustainable agriculture?

Preface In the context of sustainable agricultural development, agricultural extension has a very crucial role to play. The tasks and responsibilities of extension service will need to be broadbased and holistic in contents and scope, thus beyond agricultural technology transfer.

Why do farmers visit their extension agents?

Such a visit is often a reflection of the interest, which the agent may have aroused among the local farmers. The more confidence local farmers have in the extension agent, the more likely they are to visit him.

What is Agriculture Extension Planning and M&E?

3 Chapter 2: Agriculture extension planning and M&E 2.1. Introduction Proper Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation of extension activities, outputs and impacts are key for the success of extension programs. The extension department is responsible for providing high quality agricultural services to farmers in response to local needs.


What are the role of agricultural extension workers?

Extension workers have some common roles: educating farmers and producers so that the farmers/producers can help themselves; linking farmers/producers with research-based information to improve agricultural production, productivity, processing and marketing of agricultural goods and services.

How extension help the farmers?

It provides information to farmers and passes to the farmers new ideas developed by agricultural research stations. Agricultural extension programmes cover a broad area including improved crop varieties, better livestock control, improved water management, and the control of weeds, pests or plant diseases.

How can the extension agent help this farmer with his decision making process?

The extension agent is responsible for providing the knowledge and information that will enable a farmer to understand and make a decision about a particular innovation, and then for communicating that knowledge to the farmer.

What is agricultural extension How it helps in improved agricultural production?

Agricultural extension can be defined as the “delivery of information inputs to farmers to increase agricultural productivity” and also it is the application of scientific research and knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education.

Why is it important for extension workers to fully understand the communication process?

The transfer of knowledge involves communication at each step. Therefore, it is important for extension agent to know the basics of the communication process. It will help them to communicate better with the farmers and successfully transfer information about techniques and inputs.

Emerging challenges for sustainable agriculture

During the past fifty years, agricultural development policies have been remarkably successful at emphasizing external inputs as the means to increase food production. This has led to growth in global consumption of pesticides, inorganic fertilizer, animal feed-stuffs, and tractors and other machinery.

Sustainability and levels of action

A necessary condition for sustainable agriculture is that large numbers of farming households must be motivated to use coordinated resource management.

Resource-conserving technology development and transfer

Although many resource-conserving technologies and practices have been widely proven on research stations to be both productive and sustainable, the total number of farmers using them is still small. This is because these technologies involve the substitution of management skills, knowledge, and labour for external inputs.

Incorporating farmer experimentation

The problem with agricultural science and extension is that it has poorly understood the nature of “indigenous” and rural people’s knowledge. For many, what rural people know is assumed to be “primitive,” “unscientific,” or overtaken by development, and so formal research and extension must “transform” what they know so as to “develop” them.

From teaching to learning and a whole new professionalism

The central principle of sustainable agriculture is that it must enshrine new ways of learning about the world. But learning should not be confused with teaching.

From directive to participatory extension

Extension has long been grounded in the diffusion model of agricultural development, in which technologies are passed from research scientists via extensionists to farmers (Rogers, 1962, 1983). This approach is exemplified by the training and visit (T&V) system.

Challenges for supportive policy processes

Policy making is commonly considered the prerogative of some central authority that formulates a policy, which is then decreed, imposed, and implemented regardless of conflicting knowledge and concerns. But policy is, in practice, often the net result of the actions of different interest groups pulling in complementary and opposing directions.


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Accessing The Role of Extension Workers in Agricultural Production

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  • What is the role of extension workers in agriculture?
    Extension is a significant tool in assisting the farmers to develop proficiency in the management of his farm and general agricultural advisory services (Agbamu, 2006). Broadly speaking the role of agricultural extension workers call for the unique blend of skills and attitude.
  • How can we improve agricultural extension service delivery?
    The study has reaffirmed the critical role of extension programmes in enhancing farm productivity and household income. It is, therefore, recommended that agricultural extension service delivery should be boosted through timely recruitment, periodic training of agents and provision of adeq…

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