How can i buy agricultural land in maharashtra


In Maharashtra, only agriculturists can purchase agricultural land. If either of a person’s parents or grandparents are agriculturists, then such a person is also entitled to the purchase. If a person holds agricultural land anywhere else in India, he can still be deemed an agriculturist in Maharashtra.Jan 5, 2017

What is the process to buy a agricultural land in Maharashtra?

Legal tips for buying agricultural land in IndiaTitle deed of the land plot.Agreement for sale.Stamp duty on the land.Registration of the land.Conveyance deed or sale deed of the land.Tax receipt and bills.Encumbrance certificate.Measuring the land.More items…•

Where can I buy agricultural land in Maharashtra?

Farm / Agriculture land for sale in kundane(war)Property DetailsLocalityPrice (per Sqft)₹ 2.25 Crore, 9 acres( 36421.69 sq.m. ), Farm / Agriculture land for sale in Wardha RoadKelzar , Wardha Road₹ 57/sq.ft.₹ 1.05 Crore, 18 acres( 70819.96 sq.m. ), Farm / Agriculture land for sale in DevgadDevgad₹ 14/sq.ft.23 more rows

What is price of 1 acre land in Maharashtra?

Rs10 lakh per acre offer price for farm land in Maharashtra.

How much agricultural land Can a person own in Maharashtra?

54 acresMaharashtra: In Maharashtra, a person who is already in the agriculture sector only can purchase agricultural land in Maharashtra. The maximum limit for holding land is 54 acres. West Bengal: According to the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, private ownership of agricultural land in the State 24.5 acres.

What is the price of 1 Guntha in Maharashtra?

72 guntha (13000. 75000 sq/ft) Price: 1.25. 1.50 lacs per guntha. Plot details: 1)…

How can I become a farmer in Maharashtra?

Answer ( 1 )Step 1: Register and Login on Aaple Sarkar website. Register with the official website for agricultural certificate in Maharashtra: … Step 2: Small Land Holder Certificate. … Step 3: Enter details. … Step 4: The documents. … Step 5: Avail the certificate by tehsildar.

Can I build a house on agricultural land in Maharashtra?

PUNE: The Maharashtra government has decided to allow residential constructions on farm lands in municipal corporations and councils with the conditions that the housing will be only for the economically weaker sections (EWS) of society and have a maximum floor space index (FSI) of 1.

What is the cost of agricultural land in Maharashtra?

The cost of agricultural land in Maharashtra is approximately 20 lakhs to 1 crore.

What is the price of agricultural land in Maharashtra?

Farm / Agriculture land for sale in MangaonProperty DetailsLocalityPrice (per Sqft)₹ 10 Lac, 214 sq.ft.( 19.88 sq.m. ), Farm / Agriculture land for sale in WardhaMaharashtra , Wardha₹ 4,672/sq.ft.₹ 5 Lac, 7 sq.ft.( 0.65 sq.m. ), Farm / Agriculture land for sale in pali, Ratnagiripali, Ratnagiri₹ 71,428/sq.ft.23 more rows

Who is largest land owner in India?

— While not an individual, yet important to mention that the government is by far the largest landowner in India. With holdings estimated to be upwards of Rs 114,000 crore according to some old estimates, the Indian state has a lot of land under its purview.

Can I buy 1000 acres of land in India?

Yes & No. The ULC act prevents buying of large chunks of land. About 60 acres or less. This also varies as per each state.

Can a company buy agricultural land in Maharashtra?

Yes, we can form a partnership company or a limited company to buy agriculture land. Firms or companies that have no FDI in their Company are able to purchase agricultural land and use it for agricultural purposes without seeking any approvals from the government or permission.

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