How can we improve the agricultural performance in south pacific


Water management is the best way to improve production. Using the sprinkler irrigation system, you can increase the output by up to 50%. By the manufacturing canals, tube wells get a better irrigation system for the safety of crops.


How to increase agricultural productivity with precise agriculture?

When it comes to increasing agricultural productivity the first thing each farmer does is buying special AG machinery. We mean, tractors, harvesters, cultivators, spreaders etc. This is not a new trend as tractors have been used worldwide in AG for over a hundred years. However, precise agriculture does even more.

What are the best ways to improve the productivity of farmers?

Ways # 1. Transport Facilities: To facilitate the farmers to produce new farm inputs and enable them to sell their product in markets, villages should be linked with mandies. It would help to raise their income which in turn stimulates the farmer’s interest to adopt better farm technology with sufficient income.

How do machines improve the production of Agriculture?

For improving the production, land reforms are the first and predominant point. Machines, tractors, and implements do land reforms. These machines have the qualities that make rugged farming areas smooth to work on the field efficiently. Working on the field is easy, that means an improvement in productivity is easy.

How can we improve the quality of farming in India?

The farmers should be made familiar with the advantage of chemical fertilizer through exhibitions and these inputs should be made easily available through co-operative societies and panchayats. Liberal supplies of insecticides and pesticides should be distributed at the cheap rates all over the country side.


What are the ways to improve agriculture?

Improving Agriculture: 7 Techniques To Make Farming Less…Strategic Irrigation. Plants need water to survive. … High Quality Seeds. … Better Monitoring Technology. … Green Methods of Pest Control. … Cover Cropping. … Organic Fertilizers. … Intercropping / Polyculture.

How can agriculture development be improved?

3 ways to boost Indian agricultureInvesting in smarter value chains. PPPs could help spur the development of the food processing industry, one of the newest sectors in Indian agriculture. … Improving access to credit, technology and markets. … Building farmer resilience to environmental shocks.

How can we improve agriculture in developing countries?

8 ways Africa can raise farm productivity and boost growthDevelop high-yield crops. … Boost irrigation. … Increase the use of fertilizers. … Improve market access, regulations, and governance. … Make better use of information technology. … Adopt genetically modified (GM) crops.More items…•

What are three improvements to agriculture?

DOWNLOADS. The agriculture industry has radically transformed over the past 50 years. Advances in machinery have expanded the scale, speed, and productivity of farm equipment, leading to more efficient cultivation of more land. Seed, irrigation, and fertilizers also have vastly improved, helping farmers increase yields …

How can we improve agriculture in the Philippines?

Key policy recommendations to improve agriculture in the PhilippinesRefocus the policy package to improve food security.Focus on agricultural land policies, from land distribution to protection of property rights through land governance reforms.Budget support for long-term structural reforms.More items…•

How can we solve agricultural problems?

Below are the top solutions to the Problems of Agriculture: Provision of Adequate Education to Farmers. … Provision Large Area of Land to Farmers. … Reducing of the Cost Farmer Inputs to Farmers. … Encouragement of the Gender and Age in Farming Sector. … Farmers should be Encourage to Join Co-operative Society.More items…•

How can agriculture improve the economy?

A strong agricultural economy brings social progress by increasing productivity, employment and income. Agriculture is the main driver of development in most rural areas. Demand for staple foods, agricultural commodities and – increasingly – processed food is growing in developing countries.

How can the government solve the agricultural problems of the country?

Governments have employed various measures to maintain farm prices and incomes above what the market would otherwise have yielded. They have included tariffs or import levies, import quotas, export subsidies, direct payments to farmers, and limitations on production.

Why do we need to improve our agriculture?

Improving nutrition creates a virtuous cycle that helps propel further economic transformation: Increased agricultural productivity and income increases consumers’ ability to purchase manufactured goods and invest in the modernization of agriculture.

How can you improve the conditions of agricultural Labour?

To improve- the conditions of agriculture by adopting improved intensive methods and multiple cropping for raising the productivity of agricultural labourers. 7. To improve the working conditions of agricultural labourers by enforcing fixed hours of work, banning child labour etc. 8.

How can we improve agriculture in Cambodia?

RecommendationsMaintain a private sector friendly policy environment, particularly to reduce the regulatory burden in farm input sectors such as seeds and fertilizers.Strengthen the environmental sustainability of agricultural production.More items…

Why should villages be linked with mandies?

To facilitate the farmers to produce new farm inputs and enable them to sell their product in markets, villages should be linked with mandies. It would help to raise their income which in turn stimulates the farmer’s interest to adopt better farm technology with sufficient income. ADVERTISEMENTS:

Why should the marketing infrastructure be widened and strengthened?

Marketing infrastructure should be widened and strengthened to help the farmers to sell their products at better prices. There should be proper arrangements for unloading of the produce in the markets. Besides, price support policy must be adopted and minimum prices should be guaranteed to the peasants.

How to save farmers from moneylenders?

To save the farmers from the clutches of moneylenders, adequate credit facilities should be made available at reasonable cheap rates in rural areas. The land mortgage banks and co-operative credit societies should be strengthened to provide loans to the cultivators.

Why should canals be constructed?

Therefore, canals, tube wells should be constructed to provide better irrigation facilities for the security of crops. Extensive flood control measures should be adopted to prevent the devastation caused by floods.

Why does the majority of the population depend on agriculture?

As we know, that in our country, majority of population depends on agriculture to earn their both ends meet. This increases the pressure of population on land which leads to subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings.

Is consolidation of holdings satisfactory?

In various states consolidation of holdings is not satisfactory. Therefore, efforts should be made towards completing the consolidation work in the specific period of time. Big areas of land which are lying waste, can be reclaimed and made fit for cultivation.

Why are raised beds important?

It creates dense plantations, fewer pathways, and more active growing areas. Raised beds are symbolic of improving the productivity of crops. 6. Smart water management. Water is an essential need for planting crops, and by the management of water, you can enhance the production.

How to improve the productivity of a farm?

3. Plant more densely. It is the simplest way to improve the productivity of farms, in this plant crops close together. Many farmers keep their vegetables excessively away, which leads to the abandonment of large areas growing well. 4. Plant many crops. The next method of improving productivity is to plant many crops.

What is interplanting in agriculture?

Interplanting is a practice in which different crops are growing together at the same time. It is the best way to maximize the productivity of your growing space. Some crops are the best together, some not.

Why is productivity important in agriculture?

The productivity of farms is essential for many reasons. Providing more food, increasing productivity affects the farming market’s growth, labour migration, and income. Increased agricultural productivity refers to the more efficient distribution of scarce resources. Learning how to improve production is a crucial aspect of productive farming.

Why is nitrogen important for plants?

Nitrogen is a necessary element for better plant growth, and without nitrogen, most of the crops would not exist. Annually, plus 100 million tonnes of nitrogen are applied to crops in the form of fertilizer to help them grow stronger and better. The use of nitrogen can enhance the production of up to 22%. 9.

What are the benefits of improved seeds?

Improved seeds. Seeds play an essential role in the farms, and improved seeds are best to enhance farm productivity. Improved seeds are suitable for increasing production. 10. Plant protection. According to farming scientists, about 5% of crops destroyed by insects, pests, and diseases.

What are the best methods to increase production?

Machines, tractors, and implements do land reforms . These machines have the qualities that make rugged farming areas smooth to work on the field efficiently. Working on the field is easy, that means an improvement in productivity is easy. Land reforms are the best method to increase production. 2.

What is the 2011 KSP workshop?

The common thread of the chosen topics was to highlight practices and approaches to accelerate the transformation of the agriculture sector of DMCs into modern agricultural systems through value chain development and improved logistics, application of agricultural research, rural infrastructure and green rural development, and financial development in rural areas.

How has globalization affected agriculture?

Globalization has brought tremendous technological change and increased international competition to farmers and agribusiness. Demand and supply are no longer restricted to local or even regional forces, and the agribusiness and food industry have become part of an interconnected system with a variety of complex and integrated relationships that change the way food is brought to market. These changes require the adoption of new practices to ensure that smallholder farmers can benefit rather than lose from agricultural transformation.

What was the theme of the 2011 KSP?

The theme of the 2011 KSP was Agriculture and Rural Development: Improving Agricultural Productivity and Rural Livelihoods. Food security is the priority for most developing countries in the region. The demand for food has been increasing, while land and water resources have generally been stable.

What is the ADB vision?

Its mission is to help its developingmember countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people. Despite the region’s many successes, it remains home to two-thirds of the world’s poor: 1.7 billionpeople who live on less than $2 a day, with 828 million struggling on less than $1.25 a day.ADB is committed to reducing poverty through inclusive economic growth, environmentallysustainable growth, and regional integration.

What are the common features of Thailand and PRC?

Despite considerable differences in the socioeconomic structure of the two countries, the presentations highlighted some common features, including the (i) need to improve and stabilize farmers’ incomes , (ii) key role of science and application of technology to agriculture, (iii) links between agricultural production and agro-industry and agribusiness development, (iv) critical importance of natural resources management (land and water primarily) to counter climate change , and (v) role of the government in promoting rural livelihoods.

What happens during agricultural modernization?

During the process of agricultural modernization, several things take place at the same time. The share of agricultural GDP in total GDP and the share of agricultural labor in total labor decline, even though agricultural GDP increases. The overall rural economy diversifies away from agriculture and rural livelihoods improve . A narrow focus on farming technology will not be sufficient to meet the needs and aspirations of an increasingly prosperous population. The main lessons from the presentations, discussions, and field visit are summarized as follows.

What are the types of infrastructures needed for modernization?

Modernization of agriculture requires multiple types of infrastructure, such as irrigation, transport, energy, social, marketing, and environmental.


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