how do you say agriculture in spanish


What does Somas mean in Spanish?

soma Noun. Translate “soma” to Spanish: soma, cuerpo humano, cuerpo, cuerpo físico. English Synonyms of “soma”: body, physical body, human body, frame, bod. Define meaning of “soma”: Alternative names for the body of a human being.

What does Yeti mean in Spanish?

abominable snowmanEspañol. yeti n. (abominable snowman) yeti nm. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

What is French agriculture?

European Spanish: agricultura arte. Finnish: maatalous. French: agriculture.

How do you say material in Spanish?

(= cloth) tela f ⧫ tejido m. (= substance) materia f ⧫ material m. natural materials materias fpl naturales ⧫ materiales mpl naturales. … materials. (= equipment, components) material(es) m (pl) building materials material(es) m (pl) de construcción. … (= information) datos mpl ⧫ información f. … (= potential)

What is the Latin word of Agriculture?

The term Agriculture is derived from two Latin words ager or agri meaning soil and cultura or Cultus meaning cultivation. Agriculture is an applied science which encompasses all aspects of crop production including horticulture, livestock rearing, fisheries, forestry, etc.

How do you say farm in French?

farmferme, la ~ (f) Noun.métairie, la ~ (f) Noun.exploitation agricole, la ~ (f) Noun.grande ferme, la ~ (f) Noun.habitat rural, le ~ (m) Noun.

How do you say agriculture in different languages?

In other languages agricultureAmerican English: agriculture /ˈægrɪkʌltʃər/Arabic: زِرَاعَةBrazilian Portuguese: agricultura.Chinese: 农业Croatian: poljoprivreda.Czech: zemědělstvíDanish: landbrug.Dutch: landbouw.More items…

What does Escolares mean in English?

Definition of escolar : a large widely distributed rough-scaled scombroid fish (Lepidocybium flavobrunneum) that resembles a mackerel.

What does material mean in German?

[məˈtɪərɪəl] adjective. 1. (= of matter, things) materiell.

What is materia in English?

British English: subject /ˈsʌbdʒɪkt/ NOUN. The subject of a conversation, letter, or book is the person or thing that is being discussed or written about.


Is large scale agriculture a match for biodiversity?

Large-scale agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity are a difficult match.

Is agriculture supported by the EU?

Indeed, the agriculture business has for many years been well supported by the EU.

Can agriculture be left to the free market?

Of one thing I am sure: you cannot just leave agriculture to the free market.

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