How information technology helps agriculture


Sensors could also deliver imagery from remote corners of fields to assist farmers in making more informed and timely decisions and getting early warnings of problems like disease or pests. Smart monitoring could also help farmers optimize the harvesting window.Oct 9, 2020


How technology has improved agriculture?

  • Greater efficiencies and lower prices
  • Safer growing conditions and safer foods
  • Reduced environmental and ecological impact

How has technology impacted farming?

Technology has led to tractors and other vehicles that allow fewer farmers to handle much larger fields. Pesticides prevent a significant amount of crop loss due to weeds and insects, and advanced genetic engineering has led to far better crop yields. Mechanization’s impact on agriculture is significant.

How has technology affected agriculture?

How has technology affected agriculture? Technological innovations have greatly shaped agriculture throughout time. From the creation of the plow to the global positioning system (GPS) driven precision farming equipment, humans have developed new ways to make farming more efficient and grow more food.

What is the importance of Technology in agriculture?

Egyptian Communications and Information Technology Minister Dr … fields of work such as health, industry, agriculture, security and others during the coronavirus pandemic. The session emphasized the importance of benefiting from technological educational …


Can information and technology be used in agriculture?

Information technology can be used in providing a precision agriculture package by developing e-farm production system based on Precision Agriculture techniques, Crop and livestock management (RFIDs), precision irrigation applications, Crop water and pest/disease management, Wireless moisture sensing networks, Wireless …

What are three ways that technology has been beneficial in agriculture?

5 Ways Technology Has Changed FarmingLivestock genetics & breeding. Improving livestock breeds is not a new practice. … Crop genetics & pest management. Like livestock breeding, the idea of improving plant genetics is not new. … Labor and mechanization. … Livestock facilities. … Specialization.

How information and communication technology is used in the field of agriculture?

ICT helps in growing demand for new approaches. It also helps in empowering the rural people by providing better access to natural resources, improved agricultural technologies, effective production strategies, markets, banking and financial services etc.

How information access can improve agricultural outputs?

Many of the farmers described in the examples benefit by increased access to information in two ways: 1) They grow more products and can feed themselves; and 2) they can sell more products, receive a higher income due to increased access to market information, and can buy more food for themselves and their families.

What are 5 examples of technologies used in agriculture?

5 Unique Technological Advancements in AgriculturePrecision Agriculture. … Industrial Automation. … Automated Irrigation Systems. … Remote Monitoring of Crops Using Sensors. … Genetically Modified Crops. … Merging Datasets. … Learn More About the Impact of Technology on Agriculture.

What is the impact of technology on agriculture?

Advances in machinery have expanded the scale, speed, and productivity of farm equipment, leading to more efficient cultivation of more land. Seed, irrigation, and fertilizers also have vastly improved, helping farmers increase yields.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology deals with the usage of computers and other telecommunication hardware for the transmission, storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data. Subsequently, IT helps in improving the efficiency of different sectors.

Benefits of IT in Agricultural Sector

Farmers need information on the latest varieties, changing weather patterns, crop production techniques ( crop rotation ), and improved agronomic practices to produce a high yield. Information technology can play a critical role in ensuring the farmers access this information, regardless of their agro-ecological location.

Weather Forecasting and Climate-smart Agriculture

IT usage in automated farm machines that are scheduled to carry out activities are a reality today. The climate and weather play a crucial role in farming. With the use of IT infrastructure, farmers can receive weather forecasts, and therefore they plan when to irrigate, farmers should use plants, and how much water for irrigation.

Decision Support System for Farmers

Farmers are very cautious and always avoid risks. In an emerging situation, competitive advantage must be fully exploited to improve export potential. One can record particular thrusts to meet the international standards in this sector. Opportunities for specialization have good export potential.

Applicability of IoT in Agriculture

You must have realized how life changed in the past decade and is still evolving? All the industry domains are becoming computerized and automated, and agriculture is no different. Information technology has changed our social behavior and lifestyle. Particularly, it has connected the world.

How Can Information Technology Help Agriculture?

Data collection, monitoring, and evaluation are vital parts of development work. Consequently, the results of the data analysis assists in identifying where public services are required and what approaches can be the most effective.

Devices and Programs Used in Agriculture

There are immense possibilities for information technology in agriculture. Remote sensing using satellite technologies, agronomy, soil sciences, geographic information systems are some of them. All of these can increase the agricultural output. However, these technologies are more suitable for farming on a larger scale.

Why is information technology important for farmers?

Information technology plays a vital role in ensuring the farmers get access to this information, regardless of their agro ecological location.

Why is agriculture important?

Agriculture is a major sector which is vital for the survival of modern man. Plants are the producers in the food chain, and without them, the life cycle would just not be possible. Agriculture is a wide field which requires the support of disciplines from other sectors for it to fully thrive.

Why is location important in farming?

The location of a farm is very important, as it dictates the varieties of seed to be used, the amount of irrigation to be used and above all the type of crop to be plante d. With the use of IT, It is easier to locate a farm, even if it is miles away. This is made possible by the use of Information technology through the global positioning system (G.P.S )Which has also enabled professionals in the agricultural field to be able to classify different areas into different agro ecological zones

What is the role of weather forecasting in agriculture?

Weather forecasting and climate smart farming. The climate and weather play a vital role in farming. With the use of IT infrastructure, farmers are able to receive weather forecasts, and therefore they plan when to irrigate, or when to plant, and how much water should be used for irrigation. This plays a vital role in the agricultural production.

What is information technology?

Information technology refers to the utilization of computers along with other telecommunication equipment for the storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation of data, among other tasks, which are aimed to improve the efficiency of different sectors. Among the sectors that utilize IT Is agriculture.

Do farmers lose crop yields after harvesting?

But this does not happen in some Parts of the globe, especially the developed countries which have good storage structures.Infornation technology has provided the avenue where farmers are able to see and learn about latest post-harvest handling and storage techniques used in other countries, thus they learn and also utilize them, this helps to reduce the losses of their crops.

Why is agriculture important?

Plants are the producers in the food chain, and without them, the life cycle would just not be possible. Agricultural produce, though highly perishable compared to other food sources, is essential for survival.

How are crops used in agriculture?

Crops are used to produce several food sources by themselves or through by-products such as bread, powders, organic additives to other goods and the like. The produce from agriculture drives trade from one country to another, brings income for farmers, makes productive use of otherwise idle land, and brings food on the table.

How can farmers have better control of their crops?

By adjusting to the modern farming methodologies, farmers can have better control of their crops. Gaining information from their farm is essential in sustaining its success and fueling further growth. Community involvement – There are several programs which are made possible by IT applications, and community involvement in agriculture can be …

What are techniques and secrets for efficiency and increased yields?

Techniques and secrets for efficiency and increased yields are also part of the knowledge passed on from one generation to another. Agricultural practices and advancements differ globally—since plants have their own differences and the location plays a role on their development as well.

How can community involvement in agriculture be increased?

When a community adopts modern methods for agriculture, the production of local goods can be increased. There are some places where people greatly benefit from …

What is information technology?

Information technology is utilizing computers along with telecommunication equipment for the storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation of data, among other tasks, which are aimed to improve the efficiency of different sectors. With the advancement of IT, other sectors benefit from it as well since it can be used as a tool for improving efficiency and overall productivity.

Why is integration important in the IT industry?

Successful integration of IT in different sectors has made it possible for people in the IT industry to make changes which can help other sectors, such as agriculture, as well.

What is information technology?

Information technology can be defined as a set of various technical tools and resources used to communicate, broadcast, deposit and handle information. Information technology include computers, internet, networking hardware and software, satellites, broadcasting technologies (radio and television), and telephony (land lines and cellular). In addition to this it requires services and functions linked with it for instance web portals, email, SMS, video-conferencing, etc. In short information technology is helpful to communicate the knowledge. In agriculturally based developing countries like India cannot ignore agriculture in such transformation. Information technology refers to how we use information, compute and communicate information to the people The role of information technology is, users need with the right information, in right form, in right time. The generation and application of agricultural knowledge is progressively important, particularly for small and marginal farmers, who require relevant information in order to improve, sustain, and diversify their farm enterprises.

How is India’s agri-food value chain evolving?

India’s agri-food value chains have been evolving over the last few decades to cater to the growing consumer demand for healthy, safe, and nutritious food. These value chains are increasingly getting integrated from production to marketing to cater to such demand. While large and/or commercial farmers have easy access to such modern food value chains, small and marginal farmers in India and other developing countries alike are unable to take advantage of the same. Focusing on improving the agri-food value chains, particularly for perishables, makes a strong case in India given most Indian farmers are small and marginal farmers and are unable to take advantage of economies of scale. It is encouraging that both public and private sector entities are getting engaged in connecting Indian farmers directly to the supply chains of various crops. However, more needs to be done to make the processes, particularly in the public sector, the least bureaucratic and more farmer-focused so that small and marginal farmers in particular, benefit widely.

Why is technology important for livestock?

New technology and applications streamline this process. It allows producers to track their livestock. As well as create reports that assist in tracking their effectiveness and costs. Using technology, the lifetime tractability of livestock is now more effective than ever.

How does GPS technology help farmers?

GPS technology can be used in machinery to track vehicle movements and fuel consumption. Relieving stain on the farmer through vehicle assist technology, operation tracking to monitor yield and crop quality, track maintenance as well as direct communication through cloud technology.

How has Australian agriculture come a long way?

Australian agriculture has come a long way in the past ten years. Through the application of technology, improving almost every process. Technology has been applied in an endless list of agricultural processes. Including farm machinery, livestock handing facilities, feeding capabilities, agronomy, communication others.

Is accounting software stressful?

Managing what seems like a mountain of paperwork can be stressful and time consuming. Accounting, banking and payroll software have come a long way in recent years. The simplifying and streamlining of book work, better budgeting, improved reporting capabilities. It has also improved the ability to communicate with banks, tax agencies and other financial institutions. Financial processes take less time and create fewer headaches for many.


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