How to become agriculture officer after 12th


How to Become an Agricultural Officer after 12th?

  • Eligibility. The candidate should be between 18 and 40 years of age. He/she must have completed 10+2 with physics,…
  • Qualifications needed. In order to become an Agricultural Officer, one needs to have completed the 4-year Graduation…
  • Courses for Agricultural Officer. There are many Agricultural courses offered in…

How to become an agriculture officer
  1. Meet eligibility criteria. …
  2. Complete your secondary school education. …
  3. Earn a bachelor’s degree. …
  4. Consider a certificate program. …
  5. Apply for an entry-level role. …
  6. Determine your career goals. …
  7. Apply for positions.
Aug 5, 2021


How to become an agriculture officer after high school?

Here are some of the steps to become a agriculture officer after high school. Here are some important steps to know how to become a agriculture officer. Several universities and colleges conduct entrance examinations to provide admissions. The candidates are required to appear in the entrance examination of respective universities and colleges.

How to become an agricultural scientist after 12th?

The agricultural scientist is one the most pursed course after 12th. For applying for the courses, the candidate must be scored 50% in 10+2 from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths to become Agricultural Scientist. Candidates can apply for BSc and BTec.

Is being an agriculture officer a good career?

Many agriculture officers work on desks in office settings. The career as agriculture officers is well suited to everyone, even those with special needs. They should have the desire to show the world that in all conditions, they can accomplish their goals. What is the role of Agriculture Officer?

Can a BSc biology student become an agriculture officer?

But if you do B.Sc Botany Course then also you can an agriculture officer. If you pass your Bachelor’s degree with a good percentage, then followed by completing your higher studies you can opt for the role of Agriculture Officer. Good luck!! can bsc biology student become an agriculture officer?


Which degree is best for agriculture officer?

The government of India holds an annual test known as IBPS SO to select candidates for the job of agricultural field officer. A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline such as agriculture, veterinary science, animal husbandry, or horticulture is required to take this test.

How can I become an agricultural officer in India?

After clearing your degree, you need to clear the IBPS examination to become an agricultural field officer. Every year, IBPS releases various posts for recruitment in various public sector banks through a common examination. The entrance exam consists of a written test and a personal interview.

What is the salary of agriculture officer in India?

Agriculture Officer salary in Government Of India ranges between ₹ 2 Lakhs to ₹ 2.6 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Government Of India.

What is the highest post in Agriculture Department?

Govt & Private Jobs After BSc AgricultureJob ProfileAverage Salary Per AnnumHighest Salary Per AnnumAgricultural Officer9 Lakhs14 LakhsICAR Scientist7 Lakhs15 LakhsAgriculture Analyst4.2 Lakhs6 LakhsAgriculture Sales Officer4.80 Lakhs10 Lakhs8 more rows

How can I prepare for agriculture officer exam?

IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Preparation TipsMake and follow a study plan for 10 days.Take some quizzes for Agriculture Field Officer and identify your weak areas.Identify 2-3 areas where you can improve and everyday give 1 hour completely to those areas. .Do topic wise study.More items…

How do I become a agriculture officer?

In order to become an Agricultural Officer, one needs to have completed the 4-year Graduation program in any of the above mentioned subjects such as agriculture, horticulture, fishery science, animal husbandry, veterinary science, soil science, plant science etc or any equivalent subject under Agriculture with 50% …

What is the duty of agriculture officer?

It is the responsibility of agricultural officers to ensure that all agricultural activities and goods take the place of state and local regulations. Jobs for agriculture officers in India is to audit, investigate, analyse and test agricultural products.

What is highest salary of agriculture officer?

The highest salary for an Agriculture Officer in India is ₹71,063 per month.

Which govt job has highest salary?

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in IndiaIAS and IPS.NDA and Defense Services.ISRO, DRDO Scientists/Engineers.RBI Grade B.Indian Forest Services.PSU Jobs.Assistant Professors/Lecturers in Government Colleges.Staff Selection Commission.More items…•

What should I do after 12th in Agriculture?

Agriculture Courses After 12th ScienceBSc in Agriculture.BSc in Horticulture.BSc in Plant Pathology.BSc in Food Science.BSc in Dairy Science.BSc in Plant Science.BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology.BSc in Fisheries Science.More items…•

Is Agriculture hard to study?

Agriculture is an easy as well as a lively course to study. The credit hours for the course vary with the universities. In each semester you will study up to a maximum of 12 subjects. For most of the subjects except some of the allied subjects, there will be both practical and theory classes.

What is the salary of Agriculture field officer?

Average salary for a Agriculture Field Officer in India is 2.2 Lakhs per year (₹18.3k per month).

How many hours do agriculture officers work?

Agriculture officers work around nine hours a day, roughly 40 hours a week . The job of agriculture officers comes under certain shifts, while they may work more hours to solve the problems. Individuals who opt for a career as agriculture officers work in big projects for nine to ten hours a day to correct the errors.

Why do you need an agriculture officer?

Individuals who choose the career as an agriculture officer carry out inspection of horticultural products and livestock in order to detect damaging diseases, infestations or rates of growth. In order to assess the efficacy of medicine and feeding programmes, agriculture inspectors also evaluate animals. Inspect the process for transport and handling to ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements.

Why is decision making important in agriculture?

In every business, decision-making is a process that helps to continue. Decision-making skill is important for individuals who opt for a career as agriculture officers. Having decision-making skills allows one to analyse the problem and find a solution that allows the staff and the business.

What is the job of an agricultural officer in India?

Jobs for agriculture officers in India is to audit, investigate, analyse and test agricultural products.

Why do agriculture officers have to travel to the farm site?

Individuals who opt for a career as an agriculture officer have to travel to the farm site because depending on the position of the agricultural property, the job needs to travel. There are days where they work indoors also in the fields, for making action plans.

What is an agriculture inspector?

Agriculture Inspector: Agriculture inspector evaluates food processing activities like harvesting, fishing and farming activities in order to ensure that food obtained by customers is safe for consumption. These types of agriculture officers are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the safety of meat processing units at meat processing facilities. Before crossing the border for sale in another state, they may also be necessary to calculate the quality requirements for the transportation of agricultural and agricultural products. Government departments, such as the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, food and public distribution, usually employ agriculture inspectors.

What is agricultural engineering?

Agricultural engineering is one of the sub-fields of engineering. In simpler words, it is a fusion of agriculture and technology. India is an agro-based country, which explains why demand is so strong for the agricultural sector and its allied industries.

What is agriculture after 12th?

Agriculture Books & Study Materials. Agriculture Courses After 12th: Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. The history of agriculture began thousands of years ago. The attention of the employment market is often focused on jobs in high-tech and manufacturing, but there are interesting developments going on …

What is an associates degree in agriculture?

So the associate degree, one of the degrees in agriculture is the introduction part in the science of agriculture. The programs learned from this degree are very basic but still very essential.

What is the biggest driver of change in agriculture?

One of the biggest drivers of change in the area of agriculture is technology . If you get a degree in agriculture, you will need to be prepared to get a firm understanding of the way technology is used in the various aspects of agriculture. Learning about genetics can lead to a career in biotechnology.

How long does it take to get a diploma?

To do a diploma course, candidates have to pass the 12th standard and they have at least minimum passing marks. It will take 3 years to complete the diploma course. The session may be less but it depends on the institute where you are completing your studies.

Is agriculture a popular degree?

A degree in agriculture may not be so popular compared to nursing, engineering, and education. But to talk about essential, primary, and basic human needs, degrees have something to say in agriculture — no one wants to give up food and everybody has to eat. The abundant supply of food can be resolved by individuals with degrees in agriculture.

What does an Agriculture Officer do?

An agriculture officer is responsible for ensuring that all the agricultural practices and products are in lieu of the state and local regulations. His main objective is to inspect, investigate, sample and test everything, in order to determine whether they are complying with the state and local rules and regulations.

The process of becoming an Agriculture Officer

In order to land the coveted position of Agriculture Officer, you must follow the below-mentioned steps-


Being an agricultural officer is a matter of pride and repute. If you get the chance of scoring this position, you will be able to lead a financially stable and secure life, even after you retire. Make sure that you keep yourself updated on all the latest bank exam notifications.

What is the job of an agriculture officer?

His main task is to check, investigate, sample & test everything, so as to determine whether they are complying with the state & local rules and regulations.

How to work after a degree?

After completing your degree program as well as initial work experience, you need to focus on how to proceed further. First of all, you need to decide as to where you want to work – in your preferred state or outside. Remember that the state you are allotted to will depend on your performance in examination. So the better you do, the better your chances are of getting the desired state. After that do proper research before you go on to work as an agricultural officer as this profession requires extensive knowledge regarding the field.

What happens if you go for an entry level position?

If you go for an entry-level position then it will further improve your chances of getting the position of an agricultural officer. Try to keep yourself updated on all the entry-level positions that are related to this type of a job.

Is being an agricultural officer a matter of pride and repute?

To conclude, being an agricultural officer is a matter of pride & repute. And if you get an opportunity of scoring this post then you will be able to lead a financially stable as well as secure life, even after retirement.

What is the minimum number of agriculture courses after 12th?

After 12th Agriculture Courses. Agriculture Courses After 12th: In India, there are many scopes for Agriculture Courses. There is a minimum of 11 Agriculture courses with great specialization, students who are interested in this felid they can apply after the intermediate level.

How many years of college do I need to get an agriculture degree?

It is a 4-year undergraduate degree. It’s also a part of Agri Courses After 12th Science. Students must hold 12 mark sheets with the science stream—BSc At least with 50% marks. Agriculture Syllabus includes subjects such as Agronomy, Plant Biochemistry, Water Management Engineering, Study of Pests and Crops, amongst many others. After completing the course, students can search for a job in the private and government sectors. Many universities and colleges provide this course, and eligible students can get admission to the course easily.

What is the purpose of agriculture courses?

All Mentioned agriculture courses list in this article’s main goal is to train students in the Agriculture field. All Courses help students clear the concept and technology to implement in the Agriculture field. So this article is too important for Students who are looking for Agriculture Course after 12th/12 वीं के बाद कृषि पाठ्यक्रम.

What is the scope of agriculture after 12th?

Agriculture courses after 12th scope: Study in the field of Agriculture is a very dynamic branch in India as a huge population of India is dependent on Agriculture. India is well known for its spices varieties all over the world. After completing education in this field student gets various job opportunities.

What is agriculture in science?

Firstly, let us define the term “Agriculture” The career in agriculture is a great source of the largest industries and jobs across the country. At present, the students of the entire country are selecting the agricultural sector for their career prospects. After pursuing courses in the agricultural sector, you can apply for jobs in government as well as private organizations. Many job opportunities are available for agricultural graduate candidates.

How long is a bachelors in horticulture?

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Horticulture Agriculture Course duration is four years. Students are eligible with a science stream minimum of 50% marks at the 12th standard from the recognized education board. Through this course, students can improve productivity, employment- generation, enhance exports, provide nutritional security to people, and improve farmers’ and entrepreneurs’ economic conditions.

How many semesters are there in BSc Forestry?

BSc Forestry these subjects completely in 4 years. This Agriculture program is divided into 8 semesters. It is an undergraduate level. Applicants should pass out 12 classes from a reputed authority. The amount of the course is INR 5,000 to 3 lacs. According to the criteria, admission candidates score 50% marks at the graduation level.


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