How to find market for agricultural products

3 Ways to find markets for your farm products

  • Mapping. If you are lucky enough to live in Ohio, The Ohio Market Maker website is a great place to start your market research.
  • Data. Collecting data gives farmers keen insight into the mind of the market. …
  • Surveying. When it comes to finding a market for your farm products, numbers don’t speak louder than words. …


How can I market my farm products?

Creating appealing displays of your farm product at festivals and farmers’ markets is one step to successful marketing. Agritourism, breeding stock, fiber, yarn, fresh or prepared food, farm-related services—the list of potential income streams for your farm is only limited by your interest, time and imagination.

How do you analyze a market for agricultural commodities?

Markets for major agricultural commodities are typically analyzed by looking at supply-and-use conditions and implications for prices. From an economic perspective, these factors determine the market equilibrium. In the U.S. agricultural sector, many interactions and relationships exist between and among different commodities.

What are the options for agricultural marketing?

Some options for Agricultural Marketing 1 Community-supported agriculture 2 On-farm sales and tourism 3 Restaurant sales 4 Subscriptions for meat products 5 Extending marketing seasons 6 Creating value-added products

Who is the target market for agricultural marketing?

The ultimate target for agricultural marketing practices are those who actually buy and eat the farm produce (See also B2C Marketing). As this consumer base represents nearly everyone, marketing campaigns often focus on one segment of the population at a time.

Do You Have a Market Guarantee?

David Trinklein is very cautious when talking to farmers about markets for alternative crops. “With traditional crops like grain or livestock, you’re usually guaranteed a market someplace. It may not be at a profit, but there’s a buyer,” says the University of Missouri horticulturist.

The Market You Might Not Know About

There are three markets you should consider if you want to take your farm into alternative crops such as vegetables or fruits.

Farming online

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Roles of Irrigation in agriculture

Agriculture is backbone of society. For healthy crop timely and sufficient irrigation is necessary. Irrigation is the most important and … [More]

What is marketing in agriculture?

Fundamentally, marketing revolves around understanding and communicating with people. In agricultural marketing, this includes people from a number of different groups, including farmers, consumers, and legislators—all with wildly different goals and concerns.

What is the agricultural marketing service?

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service runs a number of different programs to promote farm sales (and prices). The agriculture-rich state of California produces some $30 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural products annually, and is one of the largest food exporters in the world.

What do agricultural marketing specialists need to know?

Agricultural marketing specialists must be aware of market issues particular to agriculture, such as commodities markets, futures trading, government subsidies, and the impacts of farm debt. Classes in law will prepare you for a field flooded with regulations.

What is the second challenge in agricultural marketing?

A second challenge for agricultural marketing involves product branding. Similar or competitive products often go by different names. Some campaigns focus on the issue of naming a product, establishing its brand in the minds of consumers.

What are agrichemical companies?

Agrichemical companies promote solutions to farm problems, offering farmers higher yields and protection from pests. However, many solutions would be more strongly resisted by consumers, if it weren’t for effective public relations. Government agencies at both the federal and state level campaign for farm production.

What are some companies that are corporate farms?

Corporate farms and collectives include Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Ocean Spray, Land O’Lakes, and more. Specialty Marketing Firms. Small farms are increasingly contracting their own marketing services, in order to sell to customers directly instead of only through distributors.

What is the most important information signal in the marketplace?

For example, the most important information signal in the marketplace is price ; however, agriculture is often subject to price controls, and thus the wrong message can be communicated to customers.

How are agricultural markets analyzed?

Markets for major agricultural commodities are typically analyzed by looking at supply-and-use conditions and implications for prices. From an economic perspective, these factors determine the market equilibrium.

How many states produce agricultural products?

U.S. agricultural production occurs in each of the 50 States. The United States produces and sells a wide variety of agricultural products across the Nation. In terms of sales value, California leads the country as the largest producer of agricultural products (crops and livestock), accounting for almost 11 percent of the national total, …

How many acres of corn and soybeans were planted in the United States in 1990?

Since 1990, combined acreage planted to corn, wheat, soybeans, and upland cotton in the United States has ranged from 219 million to 242 million acres. Starting in the 1990s, policy changes increased planting flexibility provided to farmers.

What percentage of corn is used to make ethanol?

Corn is the major agricultural input used in the United States to produce ethanol, which has accounted for over 40 percent of U.S. corn use in recent years.

What are the leading fruits and vegetables?

fruit and tree nut value of production has increased steadily over the past decade, while the value of vegetable production has been more stable. Grapes, apples, strawberries, and oranges top the list of fruits; tomatoes and potatoes are the leading vegetables.

How much milk is produced in 2019?

Milk output has risen 70 percent since 1980 and in 2019 exceeded 218 billion pounds per year. Genetic developments and technological improvements underlie a pronounced upward trend in milk output per cow. Consolidation in the dairy sector also has facilitated efficiency gains in milk production.

Which states have the most livestock?

Livestock production and sales occur in all 50 States. Texas, Iowa, California, Nebraska, and Kansas lead the country in sales value of livestock and their products. The cattle sector is the dominant source of value in Texas, Kansas, and Nebraska. Milk from cows accounts for about 57 percent of livestock-sale value in California. Both the hog and cattle sectors are large sources of sales value in Iowa. North Carolina is the leading producing State of poultry and eggs, followed by Georgia.

USDA Market News

For 100 years USDA Market News has provided free, unbiased price and sales information to farmers, ranchers and businesses across the globe.

Agricultural Analytics Division (AAD)

The AAD releases periodic informational and analytical reports that compile and organize vast amounts of data into streamlined and user-friendly resources that explore the long- and short-term effects of various factors within the marketplace.

Transportation Research & Analysis

The AMS Transportation Services Division (TSD) serves as the definitive source for economic analysis of agricultural transportation from farm to market.

How to promote agriculture?

How to promote your Agriculture business? 1 Shake hands with farm associations, local farmers, agriculture stores etc. to get more leads. 2 Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, seminars etc. to demonstrate your products. 3 Build a website and list all your services and products over it. 4 Be active in all agriculture sessions or events and link with people by distributing business cards to them. 5 Host agriculture sessions or seminars at different parts of the city, invite farmers and leave a good impact by giving gifts.

What is a logo for an agri business?

For an agri business, it can be as simple as your brand name or can be more detailed and finely knitted as the quality of your products. In both the cases, the logo should generate interest in the eyes of the customers inviting more sales and a solid reputation.

How to prevent customers from reaching out to competitors?

Strengthening your customer engagement plans with the thread of friendship can prevent your customers from reaching out to your competitors. Direct communication and convincing them about your product range can instill trust in them. Additionally, offering them food products on reliable prices can shift their focus totally towards you.

What is the best way to promote your business?

Events provide a maximum amount of exposure to you and to your business. From demonstrations to local seminars and farmer events, everything gives you the right opportunity to publicize your business. Participate and get to know people from all walks of life. This is, therefore, the prime step towards networking.

Is agriculture a niche?

Hence, it is better to settle on a niche according to deep market research of the prevailing consumer market. Make sure that you select such a niche that offers something which is hard to find anywhere around. So, keep going and think hard!

What do we eat in the agricultural industry?

Virtually every living being on the planet depends on the agricultural industry in one way or another. We eat the grains, fruits, vegetables, and livestock that farmers produce; build the frames of our houses from lumber; make clothes from cotton and wool; and ride in cars with tires made from rubber.

What are agricultural commodities?

Agricultural commodities are staple crops and animals produced or raised on farms or plantations. Most agricultural commodities such as grains, livestock, and dairy provide a source of food for people and animals across the globe.

What are soft commodities?

Soft commodities refer to commodities that are farmed rather than mined. However, most commodity traders classify cereal grains, oilseeds, dairy, and meat separately. The remaining soft commodities all have developed and liquid global markets: Cocoa. Coffee.

What are the commodities of the 19th century?

Dairy: Post-19th Century Food Products. Dairy commodities include milk, butter, whey, and cheese. Markets for these commodities date back to the 19th century when traders organized the Chicago Butter and Egg Board. Today these products trade on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

What is the average rate of productivity growth in the world?

The average rate of productivity growth across all countries is 1.73%, which is below the 1.75% level needed to keep up with global demand. To keep up with the demands of a growing world population, the agriculture sector in the developing world will need to increase its efficiency.

What are cereal grains?

Cereal Grains: A Primary Food Source. Farmers grow these commodities as: Food source for humans. Food source for animals. Feedstock for fuels (in some cases) The most common grain commodities include the following: Wheat.

What is the food that farmers grow after oil extraction?

Farmers grow them for (a) the high oil content in their seeds and (b) the meal that remains after the oil is extracted: Canola. Cotton. Palm Oil. Soybeans. In the case of cotton, its plant fibers have an important market in the clothing and houseware industries.

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What is a farm logo?

Your farm’s logo can be something as simple as your farm name in a distinctive font, or it can be more intricate and include illustrated elements that pertain to your product or farm name. A logo should project a business image based on your goals and objectives, and elicit a general feeling for your brand.

What do you need to include in a marketing plan?

Among those you will need to consider include a logo, tagline, website, association membership, advertising, events, customer service, timing and budget. 3. Create a farm logo.

Where is Gretta MacIntyre’s farm?

When Gretta MacIntyre, who markets llamas , White Dorper sheep and colored Angora goats from her Firethorn Farm in western Pennsylvania, was looking for the right tagline she knew it needed to include something about her farm’s superior customer service.

Is marketing the cheapest?

Many times the best marketing practice is also the cheapest to implement. This is never truer than in the marketing benefit of good customer service. Good customer service doesn’t cost any more to deliver than bad customer service, but bad customer service can literally cost you your business.

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