How to improve agricultural productivity


How to Improve Agricultural Productivity

  • Total Factor Productivity. Agricultural productivity is typically measured by output per unit of land or per worker. …
  • Information and Communication Technology. …
  • Sustainable Land Intensification. …
  • Agricultural Research and Farmer Training. …
How to Improve Farming Productivity
  1. Implementation of land reforms. For improving the production, land reforms are the first and predominant point. …
  2. Interplant. …
  3. Plant more densely. …
  4. Plant many crops. …
  5. Raised beds. …
  6. Smart water management. …
  7. Heat Tolerant Varieties. …
  8. Use nitrogen.
Mar 10, 2022


Why should we increase agriculture production?

  • Production of sufficient human food, feed, fiber, and fuel to meet the needs of a sharply rising population
  • Protection of the environment and expansion of the natural resources supply
  • Sustainment of the economic viability of agriculture systems

What country has the highest agricultural production?

Which country has the highest agricultural production?

  • Plantation farming. Tree crop production is another name for plantation farming. …
  • Shifting cultivation. When lands lose fertility, shifting systems depart them for some time to explore new regions. …
  • Mixed farming. Mixed farming is an agricultural farming practice in which a farmer simultaneously grows crops and raises animals on the same piece of land.

What increased agriculture output?

Agriculture values topped $1.8 billion for the first time since 2014 and just the third time in 30 years in San Diego County’s annual crop report released Thursday. The report covers the 2020 …

How to improve agricultural efficiency?

Methods and technologies to improve efficiency of water use

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Concepts and Definitions
  3. Options for Improving the Productivity of Water
  4. Advanced Irrigation Technologies
  5. Integration of Components Into Whole Systems
  6. Conclusions

Why does the majority of the population depend on agriculture?

As we know, that in our country, majority of population depends on agriculture to earn their both ends meet. This increases the pressure of population on land which leads to subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings.

How to save farmers from moneylenders?

To save the farmers from the clutches of moneylenders, adequate credit facilities should be made available at reasonable cheap rates in rural areas. The land mortgage banks and co-operative credit societies should be strengthened to provide loans to the cultivators.

Why should the marketing infrastructure be widened and strengthened?

Marketing infrastructure should be widened and strengthened to help the farmers to sell their products at better prices. There should be proper arrangements for unloading of the produce in the markets. Besides, price support policy must be adopted and minimum prices should be guaranteed to the peasants.

Why should villages be linked with mandies?

To facilitate the farmers to produce new farm inputs and enable them to sell their product in markets, villages should be linked with mandies. It would help to raise their income which in turn stimulates the farmer’s interest to adopt better farm technology with sufficient income. ADVERTISEMENTS:

How to improve the productivity of a farm?

3. Plant more densely. It is the simplest way to improve the productivity of farms, in this plant crops close together. Many farmers keep their vegetables excessively away, which leads to the abandonment of large areas growing well. 4. Plant many crops. The next method of improving productivity is to plant many crops.

Why is productivity important in agriculture?

The productivity of farms is essential for many reasons. Providing more food, increasing productivity affects the farming market’s growth, labour migration, and income. Increased agricultural productivity refers to the more efficient distribution of scarce resources. Learning how to improve production is a crucial aspect of productive farming.

What is interplanting in agriculture?

Interplanting is a practice in which different crops are growing together at the same time. It is the best way to maximize the productivity of your growing space. Some crops are the best together, some not.

Why is nitrogen important for plants?

Nitrogen is a necessary element for better plant growth, and without nitrogen, most of the crops would not exist. Annually, plus 100 million tonnes of nitrogen are applied to crops in the form of fertilizer to help them grow stronger and better. The use of nitrogen can enhance the production of up to 22%. 9.

What are the benefits of improved seeds?

Improved seeds. Seeds play an essential role in the farms, and improved seeds are best to enhance farm productivity. Improved seeds are suitable for increasing production. 10. Plant protection. According to farming scientists, about 5% of crops destroyed by insects, pests, and diseases.

What are the best methods to increase production?

Machines, tractors, and implements do land reforms . These machines have the qualities that make rugged farming areas smooth to work on the field efficiently. Working on the field is easy, that means an improvement in productivity is easy. Land reforms are the best method to increase production. 2.

Why are raised beds important?

It creates dense plantations, fewer pathways, and more active growing areas. Raised beds are symbolic of improving the productivity of crops. 6. Smart water management. Water is an essential need for planting crops, and by the management of water, you can enhance the production.

How can farmers improve their crop productivity?

There are a few measures or steps which a farmer can adapt to improve agriculture crop productivity such as:-. The most important part of planting is to choose the right time to plant. To increase the produce the best work is to start planting if your soil is ready.

How can improved crop yield be achieved?

Improved crop yield can also be achieved through both breeding & biotechnology. Proper marketing facilities should be provided to help the farmers to sell their product at better prices. This would help to raise their income & further increased productivity.

What does a farmer do on his farm?

Whatever a farmer does on his farm has its own effects and so it is essential for him to take the correct step after a detail examination & survey. The quality of soil, seeds & planting practices of a farmer decides the overall strength of the final product. There are a few measures or steps which a farmer can adapt to improve agriculture crop …

Why is crop yield important?

Crop yields have a strong & effective impact in the field of agriculture. And it is very essential & important for the farmers to understand , how profitable their farmland is & how to improve the production of crops.

Why is it important to have a drainage system for crops?

Proper drainage system in crops will surely maximize its growth & production. For maintaining voluntary soil conditions for crops use of fertilizers is a must.

What is precision farming?

Traditional farming use to rely on regional conditions & historical data while managing the entire field but today Precision farming, by contrast, combines sensors, GPS, robots, mapping tools & data analysis software to receive feedback at the right time.

What is the key element in fertilizer?

Fertilizers feed the crops by providing them with essential nutrients like phosphorus, potassium & calcium. The other key element needed for plant growth is nitrogen. Efficient use of nitrogen can increase crop yield to a great extent. High-quality seeds are the base for improving crop productivity.

How to improve the soil of Africa?

1. Develop high-yield crops. Increased research into plant breeding, which takes into account the unique soil types of Africa, is a major requirement. A dollar invested in such research by the CGIAR consortium of agricultural research centres is estimated to yield six dollars in benefits. 2.

How can information technology help farmers?

It also improves land and water management, provides access to weather information, and connects farmers to sources of credit.

Why is government support important for smallholder farmers?

Government support, crucial to coordinate the integration of smallholder farmers into larger cooperatives and groups, may be needed in other areas that aid integration with wider markets..

How did the Green Revolution affect the world?

The Green Revolution benefited most regions of the world , particularly East Asia and the Pacific, where cereal yields quadrupled between 1960 and 1990. But Africa missed out on this and the continued lack of progress in agricultural productivity has been blamed for holding back the region’s overall economic growth.

Is GM growing in Africa?

But with Africa’s rapid population growth, high-yield GM crops that are resistant to weather shocks provide an opportunity for Africa to address food insecurity.

Why is it important to improve agricultural productivity?

Improving agricultural productivity is important in order to improve farmer incomes , and it requires increases in yield, better productivity through the efficient utilization of resources, reduction in crop losses, and ensuring that farmers receive fair prices for output.

How much of the world’s crops are irrigated?

Only about one-third of the crops are irrigated, and the rest are dependent on rain-fed cultivation, which is susceptible to the vagaries of the weather. Tanks are an important source of water for the rural economy, but—as in other areas—an explosion of well-irrigation has reduced the surface run-off into these tanks.

What is the most important source of seeds in India?

In India, farm-saved seed from previous cro ps remains the most prominent source of seeds, year after year, accounting for nearly three-quarters of all seed usage. This means low crop productivity as optimal yield potential is a function of the quality of seeds used.

How much storage space is available during a drought year?

According to one estimate, the additional storage space available during a drought year is about 1,700 million cubic metres.

What is the strategy for sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable Agriculture: The policy will seek to promote technically sound, economically viable, environmentally non- degrading, and socially acceptable use of country’s natural resources – land, water and genetic endowment to promote sustainable development of agriculture.

What is the impact of public subsidies on agriculture?

Public spending on agricultural subsidies is crowding out productivity-enhancing investments such as agricultural research and extension, as well as investments in rural infrastructure, and the health and education of the rural people.

What is Indian agriculture?

Indian agriculture is characterized by pre-dominance of small and marginal farmers. Institu­tional reforms will be so pursued as to channelize their energies for achieving greater productivity and production: (i) The approach to rural development and land reforms will focus on the following areas –.

Why are rural poor excluded from finance?

While India has a wide network of rural finance institutions, many of the rural poor remain excluded, due to inefficiencies in the formal finance institutions, the weak regulatory framework, high transaction costs, and risks associated with lending to agriculture. (iv) Weak Natural Resources Management:

Is agriculture starved of capital?

The agriculture sector has been starved of capital. There has been a decline in the public sector investment in the agriculture sector . Public investment for narrowing regional imbalances, accelerating development of supportive infrastructure for agriculture and rural development particularly rural connectivity will be stepped up –


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