How to increase agricultural income


These patterns suggest three takeaways for global food and agriculture companies that aim to improve farmer income in their supply chains:

  • Work with farmers as strategic business partners. Understand what farmers need to thrive in the business of farming.
  • Revisit your purchasing practices. Re-examine the way you buy commodities grown by smallholders and the way you…

6 ways to boost farm income
  1. Own your own storage to expedite harvest. …
  2. Add tech without breaking the bank. …
  3. Take advantage of federally subsidized risk protection. …
  4. Hire the expertise you need. …
  5. Say no to high cash rent. …
  6. Use the whole marketing calendar.
Nov 8, 2016


How can the farm income be increased?

The farm income could be increased by using improved technologies and management practices along with efficient use of use of all the yield increasing inputs 2. Judicious use of water resources through efficient irrigation technologies like drip irrigation. The focus is, more crop per drop of water. 3. Improved mechanization to ease labour scarcity

How can we increase the profitability of Agriculture in India?

The only viable path to increase agricultural profitability is by organising Indian agriculture into huge co-operative farms, with govt help for inputs , modern machineries and implements , scientific farming , govt purchase of all excess crops from farmers and monopoly distribution in cities without any middle men .

How can global food and agriculture companies improve farmer income?

These patterns suggest three takeaways for global food and agriculture companies that aim to improve farmer income in their supply chains: Work with farmers as strategic business partners. Understand what farmers need to thrive in the business of farming.

How can small farmers augment farm income?

Reducing waste of perishable fruits, vegetables, and milk, that command higher market prices than staple crops, will augment farm income. Most small farmers do not risk growing perishable crops.


How can we increase the income of farmers?

Roadmap and Action PlanIncrease in productivity of crops.Increase in production of livestock.Improvement in efficiency of input use (cost saving)Increase in crop intensity.Diversification towards high value crops.Improved price realization by farmers.Shift of cultivators to non-farm jobs.

How can agriculture growth be increased?

Agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity, and feed a projected 9.7 billion people by 2050. Growth in the agriculture sector is two to four times more effective in raising incomes among the poorest compared to other sectors.

How can we improve agriculture in India?

3 ways to boost Indian agricultureInvesting in smarter value chains. PPPs could help spur the development of the food processing industry, one of the newest sectors in Indian agriculture. … Improving access to credit, technology and markets. … Building farmer resilience to environmental shocks.

What are the measures to increase agricultural productivity in India?

Important measures to increase productivity are as follows:Implementation of Land Reforms: ADVERTISEMENTS: … Integrated Management of Land and Water Resources: … Improved Seeds: … Irrigation: … Plant Protection: … Provision of Credit and Marketing Facilities:

How much will it take to double farm income in 2022?

During 2015–2016, per-capita farm income was $1,693 per annum (in current prices). To double farm income by 2022–2023, agriculture output will need to grow at 10.4% annually. However, at present, the agriculture output is growing at around 3% annually. At this pace, it will take 25 years to double farmers’ income.

How long does it take to double farmers’ income?

At this pace, it will take 25 years to double farmers’ income. To boost an increase in farmers’ income, several different interventions can be followed: –. Building cold storage and warehouses: India is one of the largest producers of many agricultural perishables and, yet, nearly 20% of India’s fresh produce is wasted because of lack …

How much did farmers get for a 50 kilogram sack?

However, in reality, the maximum price the farmers were offered was $1.4 for a 50-kilogram sack. Hence, most often, farmers do not know the actual market prices of the commodities and it is the middlemen who siphon-off most of the profits.

What does 40% irrigation mean?

The fact that irrigation coverage on small landholding size is less than 40% means crop failures in bad rainfall years. Likewise, a reform in the APMC Act is required. In a supply chain examination study involving trade in potatoes, it was found that middlemen can charge a commission of up to a staggering 70%.

Do farm loan waivers make economic sense?

In the recent past, a lot has been written about farm loan waivers. Studies have pointed out that loan waiver programmes do not make much economic sense. However, if current political discourse is any indication, then a loan waiver is the flavour of the month.

Does India have higher import duties than other countries?

India also has higher import duties, in comparison to the ASEAN level, when it comes to agricultural products. In short, trade in agriculture items is restricted to tame domestic price, enable food security, and ensure the livelihood of Indian farmers.

Do small farmers grow perishable crops?

Most small farmers do not risk growing perishable crops. Because of the lack of storage facilities, small and marginal farmers seldom venture to grow high-valued crops. Only 22.2% of marginal farmers (with less than one hectare of landholding size) and 23.6% of small farmers (between one and two hectares of landholding size) grow high-value crops.

How to work with farmers?

Work with farmers as strategic business partners. Understand what farmers need to thrive in the business of farming. Then see what you can do to meet their business needs through your business practices, social investments, and engagements with government, civil society, and the donor community. That way, farmers can meet your requirements now and into the long term.

How many smallholder farmers are there in Kennemer?

This makes it possible for farmers to wait to begin repaying until after the seven-year mark, when cacao trees are fully productive. As a result, more than 12,000 smallholder farmers (and counting) have joined the company’s supply base, creating a steady stream of cacao for Kennemer.

How can a farmer increase the availability of water?

With more availability of water, a farmer is able to increase the crop yield. There are four ways to increase water availability — watershed development for increasing water efficiency in the local area; large irrigation projects for command area irrigation; groundwater extraction and other methods such as lift irrigation.

How to grow more crops per sowing?

For growing more crops per sowing, a farmer needs to apply several techniques like rice intensification in case of paddy cultivation; sow higher-yielding seeds; use better fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides to tackle nutrient deficiency and make of use of technologies such as drip irrigation.

Why is crop failure a problem?

Crop failure due to inadequate weather conditions and pest attacks further pose risk to their income. Moreover, the possibility of fall in crop prices at the time of harvest season causes additional worry to the farmers. In order to earn more money, a farmer needs to grow more crops while spending less.

Why is the minimum support price not helpful?

Even the minimum support price (MSP) is not helpful to farmers as it is effective only for wheat and paddy crops.

Can farmers follow collectivism?

Farmers can follow collectivisation for succeeding. While it has its challenges, if farmers come together, then this single most critical step would help them to:

Why does the majority of the population depend on agriculture?

As we know, that in our country, majority of population depends on agriculture to earn their both ends meet. This increases the pressure of population on land which leads to subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings.

How should farmers be made familiar with the advantage of chemical fertilizer?

The farmers should be made familiar with the advantage of chemical fertilizer through exhibitions and these inputs should be made easily available through co-operative societies and panchayats. Liberal supplies of insecticides and pesticides should be distributed at the cheap rates all over the country side.

How to protect farmers from exploitation?

To protect the farmers exploitation, effective steps are needed to be taken to check the sale of adulterated fertilizers.

Why should efforts be made to plug the loopholes in the existing land legislations?

It is also suggested that efforts should be made to plug the loopholes in the existing land legislations so that the surplus land may be distributed among the small and marginal farmers. The administrative set-up should be streamlined and corrupt elements should also be punished. It will help to implement the law properly.

How to save farmers from moneylenders?

To save the farmers from the clutches of moneylenders, adequate credit facilities should be made available at reasonable cheap rates in rural areas. The land mortgage banks and co-operative credit societies should be strengthened to provide loans to the cultivators.

Why should climate be generated?

Therefore, proper climate should be generated to encourage the farm people to start employment in subsidiary occupations. It will help to reduce the population pressure on land. Surplus labour should be withdrawn from agriculture sector and be absorbed in non-agricultural sector.

What should be done in rural areas?

In rural areas, more emphasis should be made to set up cottage and small scale industries. This will raise the income of the peasants and keep them busy during the off season.


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