How to increase agriculture productivity


Here are a few things farmers can do to increase the productivity of their farms:

  • Smarter irrigation – install modern irrigation systems to minimize the use of water and increase crop yields.
  • Use nitrogen fertilizers – this can increase yields on your fields by over 30%.
  • Choose heat and drought-resistant crops – selecting hardy crop varieties can improve yields by over 20% without additional investments.
  • Implement conservation tillage – this technique can save you a significant amount of time and resources.
  • Use farm management apps – this software can help you track all of your operations, record what resources were used, etc.

How to Improve Farming Productivity
  1. Implementation of land reforms. For improving the production, land reforms are the first and predominant point. …
  2. Interplant. …
  3. Plant more densely. …
  4. Plant many crops. …
  5. Raised beds. …
  6. Smart water management. …
  7. Heat Tolerant Varieties. …
  8. Use nitrogen.
Mar 10, 2022


Why should we increase agriculture production?

 · What Methods Are Especially Productive for Farm Improvement? They help to track the route of each machinery item to provide thorough control of the working process. They help in mapping the territory of the farm. They allow making precise calculations of the number of seeds needed to sow or of a …

What country has the highest agricultural production?

Plant breeding: Means to create desired plants that are better match for cultivation and give better production and are disease resistant. Biotechnology Creating such type of genetical transgenic plants which automatically adjust in any type of …

What increased agriculture output?

 · Productivity in agriculture: 5 ways to improve it in practice 1. Adopt precision farming. Precision farming is a way of working more precisely, avoiding waste and focusing on the… 2. Introduce species into your cultivation. Animals are extremely valuable for the agricultural environment balance. …

How to improve agricultural efficiency?

 · Read on to find out seven practices that can cause a significant increase in farming productivity. Proper Water Management Simply spraying crops with water may seem conventional. However, much thought isn’t given to how much water is wasted during the process that could be conserved and used to water more crops.


How to improve farm productivity?

What Methods Are Especially Productive for Farm Improvement? 1 They help to track the route of each machinery item to provide thorough control of the working process. 2 They help in mapping the territory of the farm. 3 They allow making precise calculations of the number of seeds needed to sow or of a future crop. 4 They help to avoid errors and gaps in tractor fieldwork.

What is the first thing farmers do to increase agricultural productivity?

When it comes to increasing agricultural productivity the first thing each farmer does is buying special AG machinery. We mean, tractors, harvesters, cultivators, spreaders etc. This is not a new trend as tractors have been used worldwide in AG for over a hundred years. However, precise agriculture does even more. It improves the functionality with the help of digital solutions. A GPS method of data transmission from the satellite that was a real breakout for AG. Even the simplest GPS trackers installed on farming machinery allow a wide range of possibilities:

How to improve the productivity of a farm?

3. Plant more densely. It is the simplest way to improve the productivity of farms, in this plant crops close together. Many farmers keep their vegetables excessively away, which leads to the abandonment of large areas growing well. 4. Plant many crops. The next method of improving productivity is to plant many crops.

Why is productivity important in agriculture?

The productivity of farms is essential for many reasons. Providing more food, increasing productivity affects the farming market’s growth, labour migration, and income. Increased agricultural productivity refers to the more efficient distribution of scarce resources. Learning how to improve production is a crucial aspect of productive farming.

How can irrigation improve production?

Water is an essential need for planting crops, and by the management of water, you can enhance the production. Water management is the best way to improve production. Using the sprinkler irrigation system, you can increase the output by up to 50%. By the manufacturing canals, tube wells get a better irrigation system for the safety of crops.

What are the benefits of improved seeds?

Improved seeds. Seeds play an essential role in the farms, and improved seeds are best to enhance farm productivity. Improved seeds are suitable for increasing production. 10. Plant protection. According to farming scientists, about 5% of crops destroyed by insects, pests, and diseases.

What is raised bed farming?

It creates dense plantations, fewer pathways, and more active growing areas. Raised beds are symbolic of improving the productivity of crops. 6.

What is interplanting in agriculture?

Interplanting is a practice in which different crops are growing together at the same time. It is the best way to maximize the productivity of your growing space. Some crops are the best together, some not.

What are the best methods of improving the production of agricultural products?

For improving the production, land reforms are the first and predominant point. Machines, tractors, and implements do land reforms . These machines have the qualities that make rugged farming areas smooth to work on the field efficiently. Working on the field is easy, that means an improvement in productivity is easy. Land reforms are the best method to increase production.

Why is it important to improve agricultural productivity?

Improving agricultural productivity is important in order to improve farmer incomes , and it requires increases in yield, better productivity through the efficient utilization of resources, reduction in crop losses, and ensuring that farmers receive fair prices for output.

Who is the economist who is the Tata Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition?

These are all respectable returns. But new research by agricultural economist Surabhi Mittal, independent consultant and non-resident fellow, Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture & Nutrition (TCI), Technical Assistance and Research for Indian Nutrition & Agriculture (Tarina), suggests another approach may help farmers a lot more.

What is the most important source of seeds in India?

In India, farm-saved seed from previous cro ps remains the most prominent source of seeds, year after year, accounting for nearly three-quarters of all seed usage. This means low crop productivity as optimal yield potential is a function of the quality of seeds used.

How much storage space is available during a drought year?

According to one estimate, the additional storage space available during a drought year is about 1,700 million cubic metres.


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