How to increase agriculture


Ways to improve agricultural production

  1. Implementation of land reforms. Land reforms are the first and most important point for improving productivity.
  2. Interplant. Interplanting is a process in which different crops grow together at the same time. This is a great way…
  3. Plant more densely. This is the easiest way to improve the productivity of the fields, the…

Improving Agriculture: 7 Techniques To Make Farming Less Destructive
  1. Strategic Irrigation. Plants need water to survive. …
  2. High Quality Seeds. …
  3. Better Monitoring Technology. …
  4. Green Methods of Pest Control. …
  5. Cover Cropping. …
  6. Organic Fertilizers. …
  7. Intercropping / Polyculture.
May 14, 2020


How to increase agricultural productivity of your farm?

When it comes to increasing agricultural productivity the first thing each farmer does is buying special AG machinery. We mean, tractors, harvesters, cultivators, spreaders etc.

How can we encourage farmers to adopt better farm technology?

Transport Facilities: To facilitate the farmers to produce new farm inputs and enable them to sell their product in markets, villages should be linked with mandies. It would help to raise their income which in turn stimulates the farmer’s interest to adopt better farm technology with sufficient income.

How can we improve the quality of farming in India?

The farmers should be made familiar with the advantage of chemical fertilizer through exhibitions and these inputs should be made easily available through co-operative societies and panchayats. Liberal supplies of insecticides and pesticides should be distributed at the cheap rates all over the country side.

How does automation increase agricultural production?

It increases agricultural production by creating relevant forecasts, scheduling fieldwork, and working in low visibility or at night with the same efficiency as at daytime. An automatic steering system for tractors is also an efficient way of increasing food production.


Why does the majority of the population depend on agriculture?

As we know, that in our country, majority of population depends on agriculture to earn their both ends meet. This increases the pressure of population on land which leads to subdivision and fragmentation of land holdings.

How to save farmers from moneylenders?

To save the farmers from the clutches of moneylenders, adequate credit facilities should be made available at reasonable cheap rates in rural areas. The land mortgage banks and co-operative credit societies should be strengthened to provide loans to the cultivators.

Why should the marketing infrastructure be widened and strengthened?

Marketing infrastructure should be widened and strengthened to help the farmers to sell their products at better prices. There should be proper arrangements for unloading of the produce in the markets. Besides, price support policy must be adopted and minimum prices should be guaranteed to the peasants.

How to improve the productivity of a farm?

3. Plant more densely. It is the simplest way to improve the productivity of farms, in this plant crops close together. Many farmers keep their vegetables excessively away, which leads to the abandonment of large areas growing well. 4. Plant many crops. The next method of improving productivity is to plant many crops.

What are the best methods to increase production?

Machines, tractors, and implements do land reforms . These machines have the qualities that make rugged farming areas smooth to work on the field efficiently. Working on the field is easy, that means an improvement in productivity is easy. Land reforms are the best method to increase production. 2.

Why are raised beds important?

It creates dense plantations, fewer pathways, and more active growing areas. Raised beds are symbolic of improving the productivity of crops. 6. Smart water management. Water is an essential need for planting crops, and by the management of water, you can enhance the production.

What is interplanting in agriculture?

Interplanting is a practice in which different crops are growing together at the same time. It is the best way to maximize the productivity of your growing space. Some crops are the best together, some not.

Why is productivity important in agriculture?

The productivity of farms is essential for many reasons. Providing more food, increasing productivity affects the farming market’s growth, labour migration, and income. Increased agricultural productivity refers to the more efficient distribution of scarce resources. Learning how to improve production is a crucial aspect of productive farming.

What are the benefits of improved seeds?

Improved seeds. Seeds play an essential role in the farms, and improved seeds are best to enhance farm productivity. Improved seeds are suitable for increasing production. 10. Plant protection. According to farming scientists, about 5% of crops destroyed by insects, pests, and diseases.

Why is nitrogen important for plants?

Nitrogen is a necessary element for better plant growth, and without nitrogen, most of the crops would not exist. Annually, plus 100 million tonnes of nitrogen are applied to crops in the form of fertilizer to help them grow stronger and better. The use of nitrogen can enhance the production of up to 22%. 9.

Different priority sectors that can enhance agriculture sector stability

1. Encourage investment in agriculture that promotes area-based development. Ensuring that every region in the Philippines is given priority through specific development programs will no longer be a problem. Every aspect will be tapped, which will lead to comprehensive agricultural development and ultimately economic development.

The role of government to improve agriculture in the Philippines

In the Philippines, high poverty rates can be attributed to low employment for the farmers. About 70% of low-income Filipinos work in agriculture, forestry, or fishing. While many farmers and agricultural workers are looking for employment, it seems that the Philippine government is shifting its focus from local farmers to imports.

Factors that affect the agriculture productivity in the Philippines

Numerous different factors can cause an increase or decrease in agricultural production. It is important to note that productivity is not an absolute measure, but rather reflects the ratio between input and output. Factors that affect the productivity of a field are:

Ways to improve agricultural productivity in the Philippines

The Philippines, as an agricultural country, needs to invest in promoting inclusive growth and building more sustainable agriculture and food systems that are resilient to disasters.

Key policy recommendations to improve agriculture in the Philippines

1. Improve agricultural policy performance to increase long-term productivity growth of the sector

How does change affect agriculture?

For example, improvements in agricultural extension and seed systems might enable farmers to switch to a more productive hybrid seed, but lack of access to fertilizer (upon which the hybrid depends) could prevent productivity increases and leave the farmer unwilling to buy hybrid seed next time. As in any complex economic system, when so many elements are interrelated, any one of them can become a constraint and stall progress.

What do farmers do in developing countries?

Farming households in developing countries balance a portfolio of crops, livestock, and nonfarm work. Because they feed their families with some of the farm output as well as sell into markets, they make decisions based on their potential profit, risk, and cash flow across family food consumption as well as sales.

How does a PMO help in agricultural transformation?

Our experience suggests that creating a project management office (PMO) can greatly increase the chances of carrying out a successful large-scale change program. A PMO can concentrate talent, monitor implementation, act as a source of truth, and, in general, help get things done. The office can apply accepted project management technologies to break the transformation into discrete initiatives, each with specific goals, timing, and responsibility. A PMO is also charged with engaging relevant stakeholders when problems arise.

What are the SDGs for agriculture?

In addition to traditional economic development and poverty reduction goals, governments are also focusing their agricultural transformation plans on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by considering, for example, climate-smart strategies, women’s economic empowerment, and biodiversity.

Why should policy makers invest in data and analytics?

Policy makers should invest in making use of existing data and analytics to comparatively assess the costs and likely outcomes of different potential transformation programs. Policy makers also need to use data and analytics to set reasonable targets and redirect programs where outcomes are not meeting targets.

How can we improve the lives of millions of people in poverty?

The most effective way to improve the lives of millions in poverty is to support agriculture in developing countries. Most of the world’s poor are farmers, and those who are not spend much of their income on food. Transforming a country’s agriculture sector can create jobs, raise incomes, reduce malnutrition, and kick-start …

Which countries have doubled their agricultural output?

Recent examples include Brazil, China, and Vietnam, each of which at least doubled the value of its agriculture sector within 20 years of starting its transformation. Many other countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are earlier on the path of transformation.


Types of Agricultural Production Systems

  • Depending on the type of crop and its use, there are different types of agricultural production. Depending on the available traditional, organic, or conventional management systems the types of feed or row crops grown. The production and management of maize, cotton, wheat, soybean, and tobaccocrops are profitable for farmers. Crop production also includes the exchange of feed so…

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Agricultural Production Activities

  1. Agriculture– Soil cultivation, Planting, nurturing, and harvesting crops; Raising, feeding, and managing animals.
  2. Aquaculture– Raising private aquatic animals (Fish)
  3. Floriculture– Growing flowering plants
  4. Horticulture– Growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

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Ways to Improve Agricultural Production

  • Agricultural development – Increased productivity comes from innovative farming techniques and innovations such as improved seed and nutrient management and best practices for animal health. Focusing on ecosystem services, such as preventing pollinationand erosion, can increase and maintain productive benefits over time. Field productivity is impor…

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