How to make agriculture more sustainable


Sustainable agriculture practices
  1. Rotating crops and embracing diversity. …
  2. Planting cover crops and perennials. …
  3. Reducing or eliminating tillage. …
  4. Applying integrated pest management (IPM). …
  5. Integrating livestock and crops. …
  6. Adopting agroforestry practices. …
  7. Managing whole systems and landscapes.
Apr 10, 2017

What makes agriculture sustainable?

A sustainable agriculture must provide a fair and reasonably secure living for farm families. It should minimize harm to the natural environment. It should maintain basic natural resources such as healthy soil, clean water, and clean air.

What is the best method of sustainable agriculture?

1. Crop Rotation. Crop rotation is one of the most powerful techniques of sustainable agriculture. Its purpose is to avoid the consequences that come with planting the same crops in the same soil for years in a row.

What are 4 ways to improve the agriculture?

Ways to improve agricultural productionImplementation of land reforms. Land reforms are the first and most important point for improving productivity. … Interplant. … Plant more densely. … Manuring. … Plant many crops. … Water use and soil management. … Sustainable agriculture. … Raised beds.More items…•

What are the 5 main components of sustainable agriculture?

The main components of both sustainable farming and conventional farming are exactly the same: soil management, crop management, water management, disease/pest management and waste management. It’s the methods used that are often radically different.

How can we save agriculture?

Saving the Farmer, Protecting the EarthCreating sustainable solutions for farmers,reducing drudgery in agriculture by promoting appropriate technology,preserving seed diversity, building seed banks and ensure farmers’ access to good seeds,More items…

What are two things you can do to support more sustainable food production?

9 Ways to Support Sustainable FoodStart your own garden (and raise your own chickens for eggs). … Make your own organic soil. … Eat local and organic. … Close the loop. … Join a local food club. … Eat less meat, more veggies. … Involve children. … Volunteer with a sustainable farm or food justice organization.More items…

How can we improve agricultural production and become self sufficient?

To increase agricultural production and become self-sufficient with regard to food grains Green revolution was initiated. In took place in the 1960’s under the leadership of agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan.

Why do we need to improve our agriculture?

Improving nutrition creates a virtuous cycle that helps propel further economic transformation: Increased agricultural productivity and income increases consumers’ ability to purchase manufactured goods and invest in the modernization of agriculture.

What are the 3 main components of sustainable agriculture?

The basic goals of sustainable agriculture are environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity (sometimes referred to as the “three legs” of the sustainability stool).

How can we reduce the environmental impact of agriculture?

Soil conservation methods, such as contour planting or no-till farming, reduce levels of soil erosion, as these methods help to keep the soil in place during heavy rains or floods, which is an increasing concern due to climate change.

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