How to market agricultural products


3 Marketing Strategies for Agriculture Products

  1. Gather & analyze reliable market data The first step to implementing an effective marketing campaign is to know who you’re going after. …
  2. Market to specific segments of farmers After you’ve gathered the data, it’s time to use it to create highly specific messages to farmers. …
  3. Leverage data-targeted, omnichannel marketing
Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers
  1. Farmers Markets.
  2. Community Supported Agriculture.
  3. On-Farm Sales and Tourism. On-Farm Sales and Tourism, Page 2. …
  4. Direct Marketing Meat and Animal Products.
  5. Season Extension.
  6. Value Added Products.
  7. Sales to Restaurants and Institutions.
  8. Buy Local Campaigns.


How can I market my farm products?

 · How to promote your Agriculture business? Shake hands with farm associations, local farmers, agriculture stores etc. to get more leads. Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, seminars etc. to demonstrate your products. Build a website and list all your services and products over it. Be …

What are the options for agricultural marketing?

 · 11 Steps to Successful Farm Marketing 1. Identify your farm’s market. If asked the question, “Who are you marketing your farm product to?” your first instinct… 2. Set your farm …

How to market your agro-business?

 · You may be having a hard time successfully marketing your agricultural business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Creating a farm logo, making your farm stand out, launching …

What is agricultural marketing and why is it important?

 · How To Market Agricultural Products In Nigeria 1. Become An Agric Agent. Everyone is an agent, it depends on how you want to apply it. A whole lot of people use this… 2. …


What are the types of agricultural marketing?

Agricultural Marketing – Top 7 Types: Primary Market, Secondary Market, Terminal Market, Fairs, Regulated Markets, Co-Operative Markets and State Trading.

How can marketing of agricultural products be improved?

Here are three marketing strategies for agriculture products that help you solve these problems.Gather & analyze reliable market data. The first step to implementing an effective marketing campaign is to know who you’re going after. … Market to specific segments of farmers. … Leverage data-targeted, omnichannel marketing.

How do you market agribusiness?

10 easy agribusiness marketing promotion strategies that actually workHave an online presence. … Advertisements. … Partnerships. … Public speaking. … Business branding. … Value addition. … Exhibitions. … Hand out samples and freebies.More items…

What is the target market for agriculture?

What kinds of customers does agricultural marketing target? The ultimate target for agricultural marketing practices are those who actually buy and eat the farm produce (See also B2C Marketing). As this consumer base represents nearly everyone, marketing campaigns often focus on one segment of the population at a time.

What is the best marketing strategy?

Top 10 Business-to-Consumer Marketing StrategiesSocial Networks and Viral Marketing. … Paid Media Advertising. … Internet Marketing. … Email Marketing. … Direct Selling. … Point-of-Purchase Marketing (POP) … Cobranding, Affinity, and Cause Marketing. … Conversational Marketing.More items…•

How do I sell to farmers?

How to Sell at a Farmers MarketDecide what you’re going to sell. You may already have an idea of what you’re going to sell based on your own handmade or grown goods. … Make a business plan. … Set your budget. … Register your business and acquire any permits or licenses. … Claim your spot. … Figure out the logistics.

What is agricultural marketing system?

Agricultural marketing is a mechanism through which these goods reach different places depending on marketplaces. Agricultural marketing is a process that involves assembling, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, grading and distribution of different agricultural commodities across the country.

What is your marketing plan?

The marketing plan details the strategy that a company will use to market its products to customers. The plan identifies the target market, the value proposition of the brand or the product, the campaigns to be initiated, and the metrics to be used to assess the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

What are the stages of agricultural marketing?

Table 6.1 Stages of agricultural marketingStageExamplesStage 1: AssemblyCommodity buyers specialising in specific agricultural products, such commodities as grain, cattle, beef, oil palm, cotton, poultry and eggs, milkStage 2: TransportationIndependent truckers, trucking companies, railroads, airlines etc.5 more rows

How can I market my fruits and vegetables?

Marketing Strategies for Retailing Fresh Fruits & VegetablesNutrition Labelling. When you sell your fruits and vegetables, it is recommended that you supply the necessary nutritional information about these products with the help of package labels. … Preparation Ideas. … Online Presence. … Pre-packaged Produce. … Prepared Meals.

What are the problems of agricultural marketing?

In agricultural marketing transportation cost, inadequate market infrastructure, lack of market information, lack of processing units, storage facility, price fluctuation are the major problems.

What is marketing in agriculture?

Fundamentally, marketing revolves around understanding and communicating with people. In agricultural marketing, this includes people from a number of different groups, including farmers, consumers, and legislators—all with wildly different goals and concerns.

Who is the ultimate target for agricultural marketing practices?

The ultimate target for agricultural marketing practices are those who actually buy and eat the farm produce (See also B2C Marketing). As this consumer base represents nearly everyone, marketing campaigns often focus on one segment of the population at a time. People from different regions, as well as different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, tend to purchase different foods.

What is the agricultural marketing service?

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service runs a number of different programs to promote farm sales (and prices). The agriculture-rich state of California produces some $30 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural products annually, and is one of the largest food exporters in the world.

What classes do you need to become an agricultural marketing specialist?

Classes in economics and finance will help prepare you to properly analyze economic data. Agricultural marketing specialists must be aware of market issues particular to agriculture, such as commodities markets, futures trading, government subsidies, and the impacts of farm debt. Classes in law will prepare you for a field flooded with regulations.

What is the second challenge in agricultural marketing?

A second challenge for agricultural marketing involves product branding. Similar or competitive products often go by different names. Some campaigns focus on the issue of naming a product, establishing its brand in the minds of consumers.

What are some companies that are corporate farms?

Corporate farms and collectives include Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Ocean Spray, Land O’Lakes, and more. Specialty Marketing Firms. Small farms are increasingly contracting their own marketing services, in order to sell to customers directly instead of only through distributors.

What is the most important information signal in the marketplace?

For example, the most important information signal in the marketplace is price ; however, agriculture is often subject to price controls, and thus the wrong message can be communicated to customers.

How to promote agriculture?

How to promote your Agriculture business? 1 Shake hands with farm associations, local farmers, agriculture stores etc. to get more leads. 2 Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, seminars etc. to demonstrate your products. 3 Build a website and list all your services and products over it. 4 Be active in all agriculture sessions or events and link with people by distributing business cards to them. 5 Host agriculture sessions or seminars at different parts of the city, invite farmers and leave a good impact by giving gifts.

What are some ways to demonstrate your products?

Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, seminars etc. to demonstrate your products.

How to prevent customers from reaching out to competitors?

Strengthening your customer engagement plans with the thread of friendship can prevent your customers from reaching out to your competitors. Direct communication and convincing them about your product range can instill trust in them. Additionally, offering them food products on reliable prices can shift their focus totally towards you.

How to introduce your food to the chefs of local restaurants?

Introduce your food to the chefs of local restaurants by showcasing them a well-designed brochure. Highlight everything that describes your products in a unique manner and get noticed instantly.

What is a logo for an agri business?

For an agri business, it can be as simple as your brand name or can be more detailed and finely knitted as the quality of your products. In both the cases, the logo should generate interest in the eyes of the customers inviting more sales and a solid reputation.

How can advertising be elevated?

Advertising can be hugely elevated by launching a website that most efficiently contains the actual picture of the business. Today, when even farmers have become tech-savvy, you should also think on the lines of sticking to the modernity of the agriculture market.

Why do voting contests get the greatest number of entries?

Voting contests get the greatest number of entries because they just require a one-click effort. The most important part is yet to come.

What to do if your farm already has customers?

Who are they and how would you describe them? If you’re just starting out and don’t have customers yet, observe your potential competitors and their customer base . By knowing who your customers or prospects are, you can increase the likelihood they will buy from you by tailoring your marketing message to their needs and desires.

What are the potential income streams for a farm?

Agritourism, breeding stock, fiber, yarn, fresh or prepared food, farm-related services—the list of potential income streams for your farm is only limited by your interest, time and imagination. Your farm marketing plan starts with a simple list of all of the products and services you currently offer or want to offer in the future. A successful plan can help expand your customer base and lead to additional revenue.

What does a web designer do for a farm?

Armed with the photos, text and guidance you provide, a web designer will work to incorporate these elements, along with your logo and tagline, to create a unified site that is consistent with the rest of your farm marketing efforts. Costs will vary depending on the complexity of your needs, whether you are selling products online, the completeness of the information you provide and subsequent revisions.

What are the components of a marketing plan?

Among those you will need to consider include a logo, tagline, website, association membership, advertising, events, customer service, timing and budget.

What is a farm logo?

Your farm’s logo can be something as simple as your farm name in a distinctive font, or it can be more intricate and include illustrated elements that pertain to your product or farm name. A logo should project a business image based on your goals and objectives, and elicit a general feeling for your brand.

Where does Orndorff sell her goats?

Orndorff markets most of her goat and sheep farm’s products at festivals and shows and chooses which events to attend carefully.

Is it hard to market a farm?

You’ll have fewer distractions, less stress and will be able to come up with more creative ideas than when you’re in the height of your busy season. Marketing isn’t hard to do, it’s just easy to put off doing when it seems like a million tasks are more pressing.


If you are lucky enough to live in Ohio, The Ohio Market Maker website is a great place to start your market research. The business search tab allows you to locate agribusinesses by type or keyword. You can filter results to pinpoint local food retailers, packers, processors and wholesalers.


Collecting data gives farmers keen insight into the mind of the market. The Agricultural Marketing Service, Economic Research Service and U.S. Census Bureau are credible sources to find up-to-date data.


When it comes to finding a market for your farm products, numbers don’t speak louder than words. Surveying customers can give you keen insight to market needs.

How to direct market farmers?

This is the best place for farmers new to direct marketing to start. You and your spouse should compile a list of about 100 people you know through work, clubs, church, and so on. Include people like your banker, your barber, your letter carrier, and relatives. You will use this list for contacts, and, if you continue to sell this way, as a mailing list to let people know when your products will be available.

How to promote your farm?

A booth at trade shows and community events can promote your farm and increase your sales. These booths are a good way to tap into local markets, appealing both to brand-new customers and to people who have already heard about your Aunt Sally’s Special Mustard Recipe but have never tried it. You might consider offering some kind of exhibition in trade for the booth — cooking, milking a goat, or demonstrating a craft (soap-making, spinning, felting, for example). Have cards or flyers available with maps to show interested people how to find your farm.

How much meat does a 250 lb hog produce?

Instead, a 250-pound hog will probably produce 150 to 170 pounds of cut and wrapped meat, including chops, hams, and sausage.

What are the advantages of selling at a farmers market?

The biggest advantage of selling at a farmers’ market is that you’ll find lots of consumers in one place. It is much easier to sell a little bit of produce to a lot of customers than a lot of produce to a few customers.

What is a U pick?

U-picks do away with the expense and time of harvesting your crop and hauling the produce to town. (Some farms pick part of their crop and sell it to hurried visitors at a higher price.) Once customers are on the farm, you have a great opportunity to sell them other products, too.

What are the disadvantages of farmers markets?

The major disadvantages to farmers’ markets are cost and time. Time spent at the market is time not spent on the farm. When you figure all your expenses — production costs, booth fees, labor, and transportation — selling here may not be cost-effective. Count your pennies carefully.

How to break into a store?

Stores may be hard to break into if they do not already carry local produce. Try to guarantee them certain amounts, packed the way they prefer — they may be more amenable. Of course, make sure you will be able to supply the amounts you promise. Consignment sales may be a way to get your products into the store. These also have the advantage of giving you a higher profit, but you will have to spend more time in arranging displays and accounting.

What is the new food movement?

“The new food movement is an opportunity for new farmers, ” says Grimm. “You can bring a new generation back to the land and do this. Maybe it takes just a few acres of the traditional farm.”

How often should schools serve legumes?

All schools that participate in the national school lunch program are mandated to serve a legume (edible beans) at least once a week. Many school kitchens embrace the idea of local foods, too.

Do alternative crops require organic certification?

Alternative crops that are waiting for you – like vegetables, beans, or grains – often do not require organic certification. “My crops aren’t,” says Grimm. “My customers don’t insist on it. They do want me to use common organic practices, so I don’t spray directly or use commercial fertilizers.


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