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11 Steps to Successful Farm Marketing
  1. Identify your farm’s market. …
  2. Set your farm apart. …
  3. Create a farm logo. …
  4. Write a tagline. …
  5. Launch a website. …
  6. Join farm associations. …
  7. Attend farm-related events. …
  8. Begin advertising.
Feb 18, 2009

How can we promote agriculture in our country?

 · The following ideas were among those presented by the participants and included: Developing educational exhibits for public events such as fairs, festivals and store promotions. Exhibits can focus on… Being available to speak with the public about agriculture. These conversations can range from a …

What are the options for agricultural marketing?

Promote organic products, EU sustainable agriculture, and the role of the agri-food sector regarding the environment and climate action. Highlight the high safety standards of EU agri …

What is the best way to promote your farm?

How to promote your Agriculture business? Shake hands with farm associations, local farmers, agriculture stores etc. to get more leads. Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, …

How can I market my farm products?

 · Courtesy Hemera/Thinkstock. Creating appealing displays of your farm product at festivals and farmers’ markets is one step to successful marketing. Agritourism, breeding …


How do you promote agriculture?

Hosting or volunteering at agriculture education events such as Breakfast on the Farm, Ag Awareness Days, Project RED (Rural Education Days), open houses/field trips, events to educate policy makers, farmer school visits or food tasting events.

What do you think is the best way of promoting agricultural products?

7 of the Best Ways to Advertise Agricultural Products OnlineAdvertising on Industry Experts’ Websites. … Retargeting Adverts (AKA Programmatic Ads) … Google AdWords. … Google Shopping. … Social Media Marketing. … Promotional Item Giveaways. … Email Marketing.

What is promotion in agriculture?

Responsible for the promotion of crop production, as well as promoting improved human nutrition.

How can you promote food production?

Increase Livestock and Pasture Productivity.Improve Crop Breeding to Boost Yields.Improve Soil and Water Management.Plant Existing Cropland More Frequently.Adapt to Climate Change.How Much Could Boosting Crop and Livestock Productivity Contribute to Closing the Land and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Gaps?

Why do we advertise agricultural produce?

Agricultural advertisements are a vanguard for awareness creation, boost agricultural enterprise and dissemination of agricultural information will receive wider reach within and outside farming population.

What is the best marketing strategy?

Top 10 Business-to-Consumer Marketing StrategiesSocial Networks and Viral Marketing. … Paid Media Advertising. … Internet Marketing. … Email Marketing. … Direct Selling. … Point-of-Purchase Marketing (POP) … Cobranding, Affinity, and Cause Marketing. … Conversational Marketing.More items…•

What are the measures to improve agricultural marketing system?

The four Government Measures to Improve Agriculture MarketingGuarantee of Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for agricultural products.Storage of surplus stocks of wheat and rice by Food Corporation of India (FCI)Distribution of food staples and sugar through PDS.

How can you encourage students to engage in agriculture?

Increasing Enrollment.Know your target. … Promote agriculture as a viable and versatile career option. … Engage parents. … Making Farming Sexy. … Schedule practical activities in the early morning or late afternoon. … Integrate ‘edutainment’ into teaching. … Relate agriculture to the community.More items…•

How does agriculture promote rural development?

Agriculture also plays an important part in rural development, especially due to land use, in countries where the sector is of less economic significance. 3. The main potential contributions of farming to rural development are in terms of supporting employment, ancillary businesses, and environmental services.

How can agricultural production be increased?

Improving agricultural productivity is important in order to improve farmer incomes, and it requires increases in yield, better productivity through the efficient utilization of resources, reduction in crop losses, and ensuring that farmers receive fair prices for output.

How can marketing of agricultural products be improved?

Here are three marketing strategies for agriculture products that help you solve these problems.Gather & analyze reliable market data. The first step to implementing an effective marketing campaign is to know who you’re going after. … Market to specific segments of farmers. … Leverage data-targeted, omnichannel marketing.

Why is marketing of agricultural products so important?

Marketing is an important component for the success of agricultural businesses. With effective agricultural marketing, farmers can increase profits, boost sales, and reach out to more customers. The first step to successfully market food products is knowing your customers.

How can we improve agriculture in the Philippines?

Key policy recommendations to improve agriculture in the PhilippinesRefocus the policy package to improve food security.Focus on agricultural land policies, from land distribution to protection of property rights through land governance reforms.Budget support for long-term structural reforms.More items…•

What is the importance of marketing strategy in marketing an agricultural product?

Having a solid marketing plan in place will help you make sound decisions that minimize risk and improve returns. A marketing plan needs to fit the farm it represents. Different farms have different financial needs and require different returns to be profitable.


What are the pros and cons of promotional items?

Pros: Promotional items give a business potentially huge amounts of brand awareness. Unlike many of the other channels on this list, promotional items may continue to have an effect long after you have stopped producing them. Things like t-shirts, bags, pens and rucksacks may enter daily use amongst your target audience.

Why are magazines important?

Pros: Magazines and newspapers provide a very large, often traditional, audience to get your products in front of, with a proven track record. Adverts can give you a huge amount of exposure, and are brilliant for new product launches where there is a concern about brand recognition or for mass marketing.

Is radio used in agriculture?

Pros: Radio is once again a very broad-hitting advertising channel and as result is rarely used in UK agriculture. Depending on how you spend your money, you could be hitting tens of thousands of people. But if you run a farm shop or petting farm, radio might be the right fit if lots of people in the local area listen to a regional radio programme.

Can you hit every farmer in the UK?

You can hit every farmer in the UK or just those in your local area. Spend can also be varied depending on your budget, so no amount of money can be ‘too little’ in regards to internet advertising. It also gives you measurable and quantifiable statistics from which you can learn about the most effective techniques.

Can you get your product right in front of the customer?

Pros: You can get your product right in front of the customer – if your product is something that needs to be demonstrated to be understood, this might be the best course of action. This relies on your ability to sell your product and you know immediately if your tactics have worked.

How to implement a marketing campaign?

The first step to implementing an effective marketing campaign is to know who you’re going after. It’s more than just “we’re going after corn/soy growers.” Answer the questions your audience is asking and understand the problems they face. Then, you’ll be able to offer the specific products that solve their problems.

How does big data help farmers?

The prevalence of Big Data gives you the ability to know many details of a farmer’s operation before you even start communicating with them. This level of detail can help answer key strategic questions: 1 Market definition. Who is your target customer? Is it just your current customers, or are there other farmers you haven’t communicated with yet? Data can help you uncover potential new markets to go after. 2 Segmentation and targeting. To keep your communications highly specific, you need to be able to create separate audiences and target them with a message designed to resonate with them. 3 Timing.The farmer doesn’t always need agribusiness at their doorstep, but when they do, they need them now. Data analysis can help you figure out what the farmer is interested in and when they’ll be interested in it.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic ads. Programmatic is the automated auctioning of digital ad space across hundreds of sites. So, instead of displaying your ad to various growers on one website, it’s shown to a single grower (or group of growers) on many sites.

How to leverage multiple channels?

The key to leveraging multiple channels is to have a consistent message across all of them. That way, the farmer sees one of your programmatic ads and then later recognizes the same messaging in an email or direct mail piece. Build a level of familiarity and trust with them through consistency and a powerful message that entices them to find out more.

What is the advantage of data-targeted omnichannel marketing?

The primary advantage of data-targeted, omnichannel marketing is that you focus on specific growers, not channels.

What is direct mail for farmers?

Direct mail. While direct mail is growing less common in other industries, many farmers respond to receiving marketing messages in the mail. Go ahead and use this channel as one of your many marketing channels for added visibility and impact.

How many corn growers are there in the Midwest?

Here’s an example. There are nearly 950,000 corn/soy growers in the Midwest, which make up the largest segment of growers in the U.S.

Steps for applying

This page explains the application process for projects co-funded under the Promotion of Agricultural Products. Before you apply, please consult these FAQs.

Promotion programmes

The EU helps the agricultural products sector to finance information and promotion campaigns. The Promotion of Agricultural Products co-funds different types of promotion initiatives for EU agri-food products at home and abroad including campaigns that:

Common mistakes

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when preparing your proposal.

Am I eligible?

Unsure if your project is eligible? Go to Who can apply Search for available translations of the preceding link EN ••• or use the eligibility check tool (archived page).

Who is the ultimate target for agricultural marketing practices?

The ultimate target for agricultural marketing practices are those who actually buy and eat the farm produce (See also B2C Marketing). As this consumer base represents nearly everyone, marketing campaigns often focus on one segment of the population at a time. People from different regions, as well as different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, tend to purchase different foods.

What is marketing in agriculture?

Fundamentally, marketing revolves around understanding and communicating with people. In agricultural marketing, this includes people from a number of different groups, including farmers, consumers, and legislators—all with wildly different goals and concerns.

What is the agricultural marketing service?

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service runs a number of different programs to promote farm sales (and prices). The agriculture-rich state of California produces some $30 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural products annually, and is one of the largest food exporters in the world.

What classes do you need to become an agricultural marketing specialist?

Classes in economics and finance will help prepare you to properly analyze economic data. Agricultural marketing specialists must be aware of market issues particular to agriculture, such as commodities markets, futures trading, government subsidies, and the impacts of farm debt. Classes in law will prepare you for a field flooded with regulations.

What is the second challenge in agricultural marketing?

A second challenge for agricultural marketing involves product branding. Similar or competitive products often go by different names. Some campaigns focus on the issue of naming a product, establishing its brand in the minds of consumers.

What are some companies that are corporate farms?

Corporate farms and collectives include Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Ocean Spray, Land O’Lakes, and more. Specialty Marketing Firms. Small farms are increasingly contracting their own marketing services, in order to sell to customers directly instead of only through distributors.

What is the most important information signal in the marketplace?

For example, the most important information signal in the marketplace is price ; however, agriculture is often subject to price controls, and thus the wrong message can be communicated to customers.

How to promote agriculture?

How to promote your Agriculture business? 1 Shake hands with farm associations, local farmers, agriculture stores etc. to get more leads. 2 Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, seminars etc. to demonstrate your products. 3 Build a website and list all your services and products over it. 4 Be active in all agriculture sessions or events and link with people by distributing business cards to them. 5 Host agriculture sessions or seminars at different parts of the city, invite farmers and leave a good impact by giving gifts.

What are some ways to demonstrate your products?

Participate in farm-related events, exhibitions, seminars etc. to demonstrate your products.

How to prevent customers from reaching out to competitors?

Strengthening your customer engagement plans with the thread of friendship can prevent your customers from reaching out to your competitors. Direct communication and convincing them about your product range can instill trust in them. Additionally, offering them food products on reliable prices can shift their focus totally towards you.

How to introduce your food to the chefs of local restaurants?

Introduce your food to the chefs of local restaurants by showcasing them a well-designed brochure. Highlight everything that describes your products in a unique manner and get noticed instantly.

What is a logo for an agri business?

For an agri business, it can be as simple as your brand name or can be more detailed and finely knitted as the quality of your products. In both the cases, the logo should generate interest in the eyes of the customers inviting more sales and a solid reputation.

How can advertising be elevated?

Advertising can be hugely elevated by launching a website that most efficiently contains the actual picture of the business. Today, when even farmers have become tech-savvy, you should also think on the lines of sticking to the modernity of the agriculture market.

Why do voting contests get the greatest number of entries?

Voting contests get the greatest number of entries because they just require a one-click effort. The most important part is yet to come.

What is a farm journal?

The farm journal can be in the form of a monthly print newsletter (very rare these days), an online blog or e-newsletter, or a combination. Both men and women farmers of the past used to keep journals and written logs, it’s a natural part of farming for many. If journaling is for you, consider using a version that’s appropriate for others to read as a marketing tool.

What is a farm sign?

A farm sign, whether permanent or temporary, can alert people to your location, create a gateway between the farming and non-farming world, and draw the attention and curiosity of passersby. Farms are often also private homes, and visitors can feel they are welcomed rather than intruding when a sign officially announces the farm that’s open to farm visitors. If you give the occasional, casual farm tour and otherwise don’t want drop-ins, an A-frame (the kind and size real estate agents set out for open houses) or otherwise portable sign may suit your needs.

What to do if your farm already has customers?

Who are they and how would you describe them? If you’re just starting out and don’t have customers yet, observe your potential competitors and their customer base . By knowing who your customers or prospects are, you can increase the likelihood they will buy from you by tailoring your marketing message to their needs and desires.

What are the potential income streams for a farm?

Agritourism, breeding stock, fiber, yarn, fresh or prepared food, farm-related services—the list of potential income streams for your farm is only limited by your interest, time and imagination. Your farm marketing plan starts with a simple list of all of the products and services you currently offer or want to offer in the future. A successful plan can help expand your customer base and lead to additional revenue.

What does a web designer do for a farm?

Armed with the photos, text and guidance you provide, a web designer will work to incorporate these elements, along with your logo and tagline, to create a unified site that is consistent with the rest of your farm marketing efforts. Costs will vary depending on the complexity of your needs, whether you are selling products online, the completeness of the information you provide and subsequent revisions.

What are the components of a marketing plan?

Among those you will need to consider include a logo, tagline, website, association membership, advertising, events, customer service, timing and budget.

Your farm’s logo can be something as simple as your farm name in a distinctive font, or it can be more intricate and include illustrated elements that pertain to your product or farm name. A logo should project a business image based on your goals and objectives, and elicit a general feeling for your brand.

Where does Orndorff sell her goats?

Orndorff markets most of her goat and sheep farm’s products at festivals and shows and chooses which events to attend carefully.

Is it hard to market a farm?

You’ll have fewer distractions, less stress and will be able to come up with more creative ideas than when you’re in the height of your busy season. Marketing isn’t hard to do, it’s just easy to put off doing when it seems like a million tasks are more pressing.

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