how to say agriculture in spanish


What is French agriculture?

European Spanish: agricultura arte. Finnish: maatalous. French: agriculture.

Which language word is agriculture?

The English word agriculture derives from the Latin ager (field) and colo (cultivate) signifying, when combined, the Latin agricultura: field or land tillage.

What does Somas mean in Spanish?

soma Noun. Translate “soma” to Spanish: soma, cuerpo humano, cuerpo, cuerpo físico. English Synonyms of “soma”: body, physical body, human body, frame, bod. Define meaning of “soma”: Alternative names for the body of a human being.

What does Yeti mean in Spanish?

abominable snowmanEspañol. yeti n. (abominable snowman) yeti nm. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

What is agriculture in Greek?

Γεωργία Geo̱rgía. More Greek words for agriculture. Γεωργία noun. Geo̱rgía husbandry, tillage.

What is the root word of agriculture?

The Latin root of agriculture is agri, or “field,” plus cultura, “cultivation.” Cultivating a piece of land, or planting and growing food plants on it, is largely what agriculture means. Raising animals for meat or milk also falls under the category of agriculture.

What is the meaning of Somos in English?

somos – we are or are we.

What does Soma mean in Greek?

bodyFrom New Latin, from Ancient Greek σῶμα (sôma, “body”).

What is agriculture in Sanskrit?

कृषिः एका प्राथमिकी क्रिया अस्ति ।

How do you say agriculture in different languages?

In other languages agricultureAmerican English: agriculture /ˈægrɪkʌltʃər/Arabic: زِرَاعَةBrazilian Portuguese: agricultura.Chinese: 农业Croatian: poljoprivreda.Czech: zemědělstvíDanish: landbrug.Dutch: landbouw.More items…

Who is the father of agriculture?

Norman Ernest Borlaug (25 March 1914 – 12 September 2009) was an American agricultural scientist, and humanitarian. He is considered by some to be the “father of modern agriculture” and the father of the green revolution.

How do you say farm in other languages?

In other languages farmArabic: مَزْرَعَةBrazilian Portuguese: fazenda.Chinese: 农场Croatian: farma.Czech: farma hospodářstvíDanish: gård.Dutch: boerderij.European Spanish: granja.More items…


Is large scale agriculture a match for biodiversity?

Large-scale agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity are a difficult match.

Is agriculture supported by the EU?

Indeed, the agriculture business has for many years been well supported by the EU.

Can agriculture be left to the free market?

Of one thing I am sure: you cannot just leave agriculture to the free market.

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What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).

Why did farming methods evolve?

Farming methods evolved so as to take advantage of local climate conditions.Los métodos de cultivo evolucionaron a fin de aprovechar las condiciones climáticas de cada región.

Is “m” a noun in Spanish?

The Aztecs were experts in farming.Los aztecas era expertos en agricultura. (m) means that a noun is masculine.

Is sheep farming masculine or feminine in Spanish?

Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine ( like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). Sheep farming had been in the family for three generations.La familia se había dedicado a la ganadería ovina durante tres generaciones. An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).

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