How to start agriculture business in india


40+ Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas in India

  1. Agriculture farm If you have an empty land suitable for farming, you can start with an agricultural farm. Items that are demanded locally can be produced on it. …
  2. Tree farm A tree farm grows trees and earns money by selling them. …
  3. Organic fertilizer production Vermicompost or organic fertilizer production has become a household business. …

More items…


How to start a business in agriculture?

An entrepreneur can start an export business of fresh fruits and vegetablesby collecting them from local farmers. one can start this business from a home location only having a phone and computer with an internet connection. 17. Micronutrient Manufacturing – Folier and Soil Application Micronutrienthas immense potential in the agriculture business.

What is the best farming business to start in India?

Dairy farming is one of the popular farming business ideas in India. With time the demand for milk is rising. It produces manure in huge quantities. This business needs proper knowledge about the profession.

Is agriculture a feasible business idea in India?

Hence, it goes without saying that agriculture can potentially be a feasible business idea in India. Also known as Agribusiness, an agricultural business includes farming, production, marketing and management of agricultural commodities like grains, vegetables, fruits, and livestock.

What are the different types of agriculture businesses?

Agricultural experts broadly classify agro-based business into the following categories; Agronomy. Horticulture. Forestry. Animal husbandry. Fishery science. Agricultural Engineering Home Science. 60 Agriculture Business Ideas Find below our recommended list of best lucrative agriculture businesses on a small scale:


How can I start a small agricultural business in India?

Step 1) Select which, amongst the below, agriculture business idea suits you the most;The urban agriculture sector means practicing agriculture in urban areas and their surrounding regions.Herb, fruit, or vegetable farming.Production of Botanical pesticide.Organic gardening.Field crop farming.More items…•

Is agriculture a profitable business in India?

Agricultural Farm Business It is the most profitable farming In India. Nowadays, the production of black grapes provides high returns to the farmer, which proves it is the most profitable business in India. Apart from this, the export of vegetables is continuously increasing in India.

Which business is profitable in agriculture?

Export of Fruits and Vegetables: Here all you need to do is buy fruits and vegetables from local farms or farmers and supply them to big cities or urban areas. The export of fruits and vegetables is a very profitable business with low investment.

Which type of agriculture is most profitable?

Apiculture. Apiculture is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas in 2021. Due to a rise in demand for honey and its by-products and a scarcity of natural honey, commercial beekeeping farms have sprung up all over the world.

Who is the richest farmer?

Qin YinglinQin Yinglin (Chinese: 秦英林; pinyin: Qín Yīnglín, born 1965) is a Chinese agriculture tycoon, billionaire, Communist Party member, and the world’s richest farmer. He is the chair and president of the pig farming company Muyuan Foodstuff and is one of the richest people in China. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, …

What are the 4 types of agriculture?

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;Livestock production.Crop production.agricultural economics.agricultural engineering.

Which fruit is most profitable?

Here are the 10 Most Profitable Fruits to Grow in India!Mango (Mangifera indica) The national fruit of India is everyone’s favorite. … Banana (Musa) … Apple (Malus domestica) … Grapes (Vitis vinifera) … Coconut (Cocos nucifera) … Papaya (Carica papaya) … Guava (Psidium guajava) … Orange (Citrus X sinensis)More items…•

Is agriculture a good investment?

Not only is farmland a good investment in an inflationary environment — farmland also provides robust average annual returns. Between 1992 and 2020, farmland provided average annual returns of nearly 11%, including income and price appreciation.

How do small farmers make money?

Ways to Make Money in the GardenSell Extra Garden Seeds.Grow & Sell Extra Seedlings.Start a Market Garden & Sell Vegetables.Start a Medicinal or Culinary Herb Garden & Sell Plants.Grow an Extra Row of Garlic & Sell Seed.Grow Microgreens for Restaurants & Market.Start a Worm Farm.Sell Perennial Herbs & Flowers.More items…•

What crop is in highest demand?

The most planted crops throughout the world are wheat and maize (corn). Rice and soybeans are other key staples. However, these are all relatively low yielding and do not make enough revenue per tonne of product produced. The highest yielding crops are sugar cane, sugar beet, and tomatoes.

Which are cash crops in India?

Sugarcane, cotton, jute, oilseeds, and tobacco are common profitable cash crops cultivated. With an increase in productivity of certain crops, especially sugar, the government aids the cultivation in providing incentives.

How do I start a farm with no money?

How to Start a Farm with No MoneyGet Experience from Another Farmer.Look For Deals on the Market.Start Purchasing Livestock Young.Purchase a Good Truck.Never Loan nor Borrow Anything.Stock Up on Everything.Rent Out the Best Farm for You.Look Into Possible Grants.

1. What are the most common agribusinesses prevalent in the country for
which loans are required?

Many people are delving into various categories of Agribusinesses like:
• Poultry Farming
• Fertilizer distribution
• Dried Flower Business
• Vermi…

2. What are the main Agriculture Business Categories, one can invest in?

One can start-up:
• In Productive Resources like fertilizers, agricultural equipment, seed, feed,
energy, irrigational equipment, machinery etc.

3. Who is eligible to apply for an agriculture loan in India?

All categories of farmers, like small and marginal farmers, tenant farmers and sharecroppers are eligible to apply for agriculture loans.

4. Who can be categorised as small and marginal farmers and what are the
new start-ups that they are into?

Any farmer who owns less than 2.5 acres of irrigated land or 5 acres of non
irrigated land falls under the category of small and marginal farmer. T…

5. What are the associate activities for which one can avail an agriculture loan?

Agriculture loan can be availed for associate activities like warehousing, marketing and transportation of the agricultural produce.

6. What is the amount of security against which an agriculture loan can be availed?

As per the norms of Government of India, there is no collateral required for agricultural loans up to Rs 1 lakh. For loans exceeding Rs 1 lakh, the…

7. What is a step by step procedure to initiate a new start up agribusiness?

One must follow these relevant steps if he wishes to venture into an
• Thorough Research of the Agriculture Market
• Complete know-ho…

8. Can women avail agriculture loans in India?

Yes, in fact the Government of India encourages women to avail agriculture loans by offering special facilities for women borrowers.

9. Who can be categorised as small and marginal farmers?

Any farmer who owns less than 2.5 acres of irrigated land or 5 acres of non irrigated land falls under the category of small and marginal farmer.

What are the entities that can avail agriculture loan?

Agriculture Loan can be availed by individual farmers engaged in agriculture or Livestock farming that include Poultry, Fishery, Dairy, Animal Husb…

What is the loan amount offered under Agriculture Loans?

The loan amount depends on the applicant’s profile and business requirements, such as cultivation area, size of land, farming area, farming product…

What is the interest rate offered by banks for Agriculture Loan?

The interest rate offered by banks to farmers is at nominal rate with special waivers and benefits along with flexible repayment options.Read More

From where I can avail Agriculture Loan?

Agriculture loans are offered by financial institutions that include government, private and public sector banks, Regional Rural Banks, Urban banks…

For what purpose are agriculture loans offered?

Agriculture Loans are offered by almost every lending institution for all types of farming operation and agricultural activities that include farmi…

Who can avail agriculture loan?

Ans. Agriculture Loan can be availed by individual farmers engaged in agriculture or Livestock farming that include Poultry, Fishery, Dairy, Animal Husbandry, etc. This loan can also be availed by marginal farmers, sharecroppers and tenant farmers. Q.

What is the most important thing in a business?

The most important thing in the business is the quality and trust of the business partners and individual customers. The hybrid seeds available in the market and the knowledge of fertilizers and other inputs are essential. The most important step is to decide what to grow and where to grow along with the amount of the produce. …

What are the major e-commerce companies?

E-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, e-bay, Walmart with the help of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionized the world of commerce. The latest and innovative trend of organic farm business plan has spread in all the major cities and urban centres.

What is the most popular farming business in India?

Dairy farming is one of the popular farming business ideas in India. With time the demand for milk is rising. It produces manure in huge quantities. This business needs proper knowledge about the profession. You can now easily sell livestock online with TractorJunction.

What are the laws that govern agriculture in India?

The Companies Act, 1956. Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969. The water ( Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act, 1981. These are the major laws that are imperative in the agriculture farm business in India.

Why is organic farming important?

Organic farming is a perfect business idea for new generation farmers. These days most people use organic products for better health. It means the demand for organic products is increasing. By the production of organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers, you can earn good returns.

What is fertilizer distribution?

The fertilizer distribution business is one of the most profitable businesses in India. Fertilizers are used to protect crops and improve production. If you want to enhance your business. In that case, you have to search online for ideas related to how to improve farming productivity and many more. 5.

What is sunflower farming?

7. Sunflower Farming. Sunflower is grown for oilseed and called commercial cash crop. It takes a very short duration to grow. Sunflower farming can perform in diverse agro-climate and soil conditions. It can grow in the rainy season.

What is poultry farming?

Poultry Farming. Poultry Farming is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Indian market. In the last three decades, it has transformed from backyard farming to techno-commercial farming. If you want to buy livestock for your poultry farming, for that you have to visit

Why is it important to have a plan before starting a business?

Plans play a very important role in business. It is a way that connects the entire business. So, before starting any business, you should make an effective plan . Research makes this process easier.

How to Register a Private Limited Company?

We help you register your directors with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

What is the Agro-Based Industry

To answer what is agro-based industry, one must include different types of agro-based industry such as cotton, woollen silk, synthetic, and Jute. Furthermore, to establish what agro-based industry is, we must talk about how easy it is to invest and provide income in rural areas.

Types of Agro-based Industry

Cotton Textiles: An important inclusion in the types of agro-based industry is cotton or a list of agro-based products. It is in fact the largest organised modem industry of India. In fact, 16% of industrial capital and 20% of industrial labour (15 million) is involved in the cotton industry.

Best Agriculture Business In India

The best agriculture business in India also forms the best small farm business ideas that are highly profitable with meticulous planning and smart execution. Since agriculture remains an important contributor to the economy’s wealth, it is important to know how to start an agriculture business in India.

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What are the best agriculture businesses to start in India in 2021?

Let’s know more about the 20 best agriculture businesses to start in India in 2021. 1. Fertiliser Manufacturing. The production and selling of fertiliser are one of the most growing and profitable agriculture businesses.

What is the agriculture industry?

The agriculture industry is one of the leading contributors to the world’s GDP. The sector produces food for billions of people and is the primary source of livelihood for most of India’s population. Therefore, the government invests in providing seedlings, fertilisers, and farming equipment for farmers.

What is the fastest growing sector of agriculture?

Poultry Farming. It is considered to be the fastest-growing sector of agriculture and farming business. There is always a high demand for poultry and its byproducts. Hens, ducks, quails, etc., are mostly the birds reared in poultry. Generally, the supply of eggs is a significant source of revenue for poultry farmers.

Why is growing and selling organic vegetables important?

Growing and selling organic fruits and vegetables is one of the farming business ideas due to the increasing demand for healthy food. This business can generate high income as organic fruits and vegetables are sold at a higher price than the amount invested in cultivation using chemicals and pesticides.

Is mushroom farming a small business?

This small farm business idea can generate more profit in a minimum time. Moreover, it requires low capital investment and a small area. Mushroom is easy to cultivate and is consumed in most countries worldwide due to its high nutritional value.

Is herb farming profitable?

Medicinal Herb Farming. It is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. Drug manufacturing companies rely on the supply of herbs from these farmers to produce medicinal drugs. Any individual with good knowledge about herbs and access to cultivation land can invest in this business.

Is maize a good crop?

Using modern technology with quality seed can produce good yield and generate high income. If you are interested in crop production cultivated within a short time, maize farming can be the best farming business idea.

Prerequisites for setting up a farm

Basic knowledge of agriculture practices related to the crop of your choice; a piece of land; agriculture equipment and inputs.

Financial Considerations

Before you begin constructing your farm, make sure you thoroughly plan everything. Your plan must include the cost of the land, equipment, and field improvements that must be completed before you begin your farm enterprise. It will assist you in understanding the type of investment required to begin your farm.

Land & Climate Considerations

How, where, and what you farm are determined by your land and the climate. As a result, you must be knowledgeable with basic agricultural procedures depending on the soil and climate of your farm’s location.

Selecting the crops for your Field

Be very wise while choosing the crops that you want to grow. There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the crops are:

Storage facilities on your farm

Storage is an important marketing function that involves keeping and conserving commodities from the time they are manufactured until they are consumed. An excellent storage facility should offer optimal protection against ground moisture, rain, insects, vermin, moulds, rodents, and birds, among other things.

What is agricultural business?

Agricultural business is all about the production and marketing of agricultural commodities through farming items related to livestock and crops. Agriculture remains the primary livelihood of most families in rural and suburban areas worldwide.

What is the fastest growing sector of agriculture?

Poultry farming is the fastest-growing sector of agriculture and farming business. 9. Mushroom Farming. A mushroom farming business can fetch you a big profit in a short time with low start-up capital investment to start a business. It requires less space to start.

How do chick hatcheries make money?

Chicks hatchery business is all about making money by selling commercially produce chicks to local egg and poultry farmers. It is a highly profitable business to start with a small capital and as such no specialized knowledge is required.

Is selling flowers a profitable business?

Selling flowers is a very profitable retail agriculture business. Having a retail space and connection with the flower growers one can start this business. An entrepreneur also can generate a substantial online sale by offering customers door-step delivery.

Is growing medicinal herbs profitable?

Growing medicinal herbs commercially are one of profitable agriculture business ideas. Having sufficient land and knowledge about the herbs marketing, an entrepreneur can initiate medicinal herbs farming with moderate capital investment.

Is sunflower a cash crop?

Sunflower is often called a commercial cash crop. Growing sunflowers for oilseed with maintaining the right process is a viable business opportunity. An entrepreneur passionate about agriculture and having owned land can start sunflower farming business. 13. Guar Gum Manufacturing.

Is botanical pesticide profitable?

The botanical pesticide is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. It is an essential and mandatory product for organic farming. the demand for this product is increasing highly.


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