How to study agriculture online


How can I educate myself in Agriculture?

8 Super Easy Ways to Educate About AgShare the Ag Lit Catalog. The Ag Lit Catalog is a searachable list of ag literacy resources. … Play My American Farm.Read an Accurate Ag Book. Volunteer in a local school. … Feeding Minds Press. … Do a Purple Plow Puzzler.Become a Pen Pal. … Skype with a Classroom. … Tweet, post, blog, ‘gram etc!

What is the best course to study in Agriculture?

Therefore, below is the list of Top Agricultural courses worth studying in schools.Agricultural Economics and Farm Management.Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology.Nutrition and Dietetics.Forestry and Wood Technology.Plant pathology.Food Science and Business.Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology.More items…•

How do I start a career in Agriculture?

Here are eight steps to take if you are interested in becoming a farmer:Research different farming careers. … Talk to people who work in farming industries. … Apply to an entry-level position. … Educate yourself about farming. … Research USDA Beginning Farmers loans and microloans. … Get organized. … Purchase your equipment.More items…•

Which Agriculture course is most profitable?

Some of the highest paying agriculture jobs are:Biochemist. Average annual salary: INR 390,000. … Food Scientist. Average annual salary: INR 750,000. … Environmental Engineer. Average annual salary: INR 433,270. … Agricultural Lawyer. … Agricultural Operations Manager. … Animal Geneticist. … Agricultural Engineers. … Agronomy Sales Manager.More items…•

Is agriculture hard to study?

Agriculture is an easy as well as a lively course to study. The credit hours for the course vary with the universities. In each semester you will study up to a maximum of 12 subjects. For most of the subjects except some of the allied subjects, there will be both practical and theory classes.

What are the 4 types of agriculture?

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;Livestock production.Crop production.agricultural economics.agricultural engineering.

What qualifications do I need to be a farmer?

You could take a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree business management.crop and livestock production.

How do I become a farmer with no money?

How to Start a Farm with No MoneyGet Experience from Another Farmer.Look For Deals on the Market.Start Purchasing Livestock Young.Purchase a Good Truck.Never Loan nor Borrow Anything.Stock Up on Everything.Rent Out the Best Farm for You.Look Into Possible Grants.

Can you be a farmer with no experience?

Did you know that there are programs for people who who want to get started farming? No experience required! Some of the programs are online and others in person. Some require you to be selected while others are open to join.

Is agriculture a good career?

Career in Agriculture is one of the largest industries and a good source of employment across the country. Agriculture also plays a vital role in Indian economy. At present, students from all over the country are selecting the agriculture field for their career prospective.

What is the most demanding job in agriculture?

6 most in-demand agricultural careersAgricultural sales. This covers all individuals that are involved in selling products directly to farmers, including feed, crop nutrition, equipment, and agricultural technology. … Operations manager. … Pest/disease control. … Farm manager. … Agricultural finance. … Agronomist.

What are the predicted top 5 careers in agriculture for 2020?

Here are our predicted top five careers in agriculture in 2020.Drone Technologists. Show farmers how to increase yields and reduce crop damage using sensors, robotics and images from the air. … Hydrologists. … Agriculture Communicators. … Food Scientists. … Precision Agriculture Technologists.

What is agriculture?

Agriculture is the science of growing food and livestock for human consumption. It can be a practice as small as a person growing enough food in th…

What benefits will I gain if I learn about agriculture?

Everyone who eats or wears clothing can benefit from learning about agriculture and understanding exactly where many of the products you buy come f…

What are typical careers that use agriculture?

About 17% of the workforce is involved in agriculture in some form, making it the largest employer in the United States, according to the U.S. Depa…

What Is The Future Of Agriculture?

Humankind has relied on agriculture for thousands of years, but with climate change and food security as top priorities with societies, it’s more important than ever to learn how the food system is changing.

Learn 21st Century Agriculture

Food safety is a huge concern with the earth going through massive changes because of climate change and natural disaster. The food systems countries relied on have shifted as natural resources change, and the mistakes we made in 20th-century mass farming are catching up. Pest control has to change. Specialty crops are failing.

Agriculture Courses and Certifications has a wide range of courses and certifications to help you navigate the challenges and changes in agriculture. SDGAcademy offers a course on Feeding A Hungry Planet where you’ll learn about food security and human health, plus making agriculture more sustainable moving forward.

Explore a Career in Agriculture

Agriculture isn’t just becoming a farmer. It involves an intimate understanding of food systems, natural resources, and the future of governing organizations such as the Department of Agriculture and the FDA in the United States as well as new organizations arising from developing countries such as Pakistan.

Agriculture Questions and Answers (4,464 questions and answers)

Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions.

Agriculture Definition

Agriculture is one of the oldest of all human activities. It is the production of food through farming and the raising of livestock.

Why is it important to work towards sustainable farming?

Sustainable farms should protect the environment, preserve open spaces, forests and wildlife and also encourage and conserve biodiversity, plus provide the farmer and farm workers with a good living.

How to manage forage resources?

To manage forage resources, you need to have a good understanding of both the plants growing in an area, and the animals that graze on those plants. It requires an appreciation of plant and animal ecology and the impacts which humans can have on that ecology.

Why is pasture important?

Pastures are critical to many types of farms. The need to establish and maintain pastures is governed by the end result. Historically, the focus of pasture management has been on improving livestock production. In recent times there has been an increased focus on management for environmental sustainability and land restoration. So, while the general nature of this lesson may look at issues involved in pasture management for livestock enterprises, please bear in mind that similar principles apply to selecting plant varieties for land restoration purposes.

How to manage horses on pasture?

Evaluate conformation, understand the importance of dietary requirements to the horse, learn about the horses digestive system and the principles of feeding and watering your horse, use correct grooming procedures, develop appropriate management procedures and broaden existing knowledge of commercial opportunities in the horse world. Manage horses kept on pasture and learn relevant pasture management techniques to maintain productivity and prevent “horse sick” pastures. Improve your ability to handle horses using a range of different procedures.

What is the role of beef cattle in agriculture?

Beef cattle have a useful and necessary role in agricultural production. Beef provides protein and some minerals and vitamins which are necessary to human health and which balance other nutrients that are obtained from plant foods.

Why are agricultural products spoiled?

Many horticultural and agricultural products can become spoiled because of the internal chemical reactions that can cause ripening, fermentation and the growth of certain moulds and bacteria. These processes can be stopped altogether or slowed down significantly by storage at low temperatures.

Which livestock is the least expensive?

Of all livestock enterprises, poultry can be the least expensive and least demanding enterprises to set up. Whether a small flock for home use or a start up commercial farm, you don’t need large acreage, and you can start seeing results from production much faster than you might see with other types of animal production.

What are the courses required to become an agricultural farmer?

Having completed courses such as Intro to Animal Science; Intro to Soil Science and Agricultural Finance, graduates will be equipped to be successful in a variety of agricultural occupations.

What do you think of when you think of agriculture?

Typically, when you think of agriculture… you think of the great outdoors. Perhaps farming comes to mind; however, often office jobs are also just as important. You will need to decide beforehand if working outside in various weather conditions is for you, or if working with numbers or doing research indoors would better suit you – all within the field of agriculture, of course.

What is an agricultural technician certificate?

The Agricultural Technician Certificate is embedded within the Agribusiness Science & Technology degree. This means that Agriculture Technician graduates have the opportunity to also complete their associate degree with one more year of college.

What is an organic certificate?

Washington State University offers an online Certificate in Organic Agriculture which provides training in the agricultural sciences . The certificate includes an understanding of complex agriculture and food systems. It is an 18-credit undergraduate program ideal for agriculture professionals wishing to learn about organic methods, anyone interested in organizing a community supported agriculture farm, home gardeners, WSU agriculture students and anyone with an interest in organic agriculture. The program at WSU was the first organic agriculture degree in the nation.

How many credits does the Organic Agriculture program at WSU have?

It is an 18-credit undergraduate program ideal for agriculture professionals wishing to learn about organic methods, anyone interested in organizing a community supported agriculture farm, home gardeners, WSU agriculture students and anyone with an interest in organic agriculture.

What is a certificate in urban agriculture?

Students who supplement their bachelor’s degree with the Certificate of Urban Agriculture will be equipped to engage their knowledge in the fields of Horticulture and Crop Science in urban settings.

Why is agriculture important?

Without it, we would all starve! The cultivation of crops and the husbandry of animals are what sustains human and animal life. Agriculture has always been scientific. Now, because of technology, the ancient practices of agriculture have evolved into highly specialized and scientific fields.

Training Courses with Buhle

We offer holistic courses covering all the farming and management skills that new farmers need (see Programme section for more detail), and trainees come from all over the country to learn at our campus near Delmas, Mpumalanga.

Our Mission

Buhle’s mission is train and support aspiring farmers from across South Africa to run farming businesses that are both profitable and sustainable. The effect is that we are helping to alleviate poverty by creating jobs, while helping to ensure food security.

Our People

Our staff are the people who make it all happen, and behind us is the highest authority of our organisation, the Board of Trustees of the Food Health Hope Foundation. The Board oversees our vision, mission and activities, donating their time, knowledge and experience to help grow and guide our organisation.

Our Partners

We are extremely grateful for our partners, who share our dream of empowering new farmers – and enable us to make this dream a reality.

1. Admission requirements

Our courses cater for those who have a passion for farming and the capability to farm, but may not have a National Senior Certificate or the money to gain a place to study agriculture at a university or college.

2. How to apply

The application form can be filled on online, or downloaded, by clicking on the ‘Enroll Now’ button at the bottom of this page. The form can also be obtained from Buhle by fax, post or email, through our Contact Us page. Please note that:

3. Student selection process

The Buhle selection panel assesses all applications against the admission requirements, and will invite candidates to an interview with the panel. At this interview, we will evaluate your motivation and ask for any other necessary information. The panel then makes a decision on which students to accept.

What is agricultural practice?

Agricultural practices have evolved through time and continue to increase with the advent of newer technologies and strategies. This course projects as far as the year 2050, talks about the vision of best practices of farming and, most importantly, the actionable steps possible now. In addition to this, the multidisciplinary curriculum also covers issues surrounding the rural infrastructure, communities, and biodiversity conservation. Have a look at the Best Environmental Science Courses compiled by us.

What is an e-learning platform?

This e-learning platform offers several classes intended for individuals who are interested in learning about cultivation practices, the technologies, and the economic aspects behind it. If you are just getting started, then you can go for the beginner level lectures, which help to create a solid foundation. Apart from this, there are intermediate or advanced level certifications for experienced individuals. At the end of the road, you will be well equipped to build a career in agriculture.


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