Is bsc agriculture a good course


Yes it is a very good course and increases your chance of having a good career after pursuing this as there are variety of choices you will get like you can prepare for banking exams like IBPS , SBI , nabard , etc. You can also try for government competitive exams like UPSC , FCI , IFos , AFO , etc .Sep 25, 2021

Which course is best in BSc agriculture?

Some top specializations are listed below:Agronomy.Horticulture.Floriculture.Agriculture Economics.Forestry.Plant Breeding.Agriculture Genetics.Hydroponics.More items…

Which job is best after BSc agriculture?

Job Opportunities After BSc AgricultureGovernment Research Institutes.State Agricultural Universities (SAUs)Seed Manufacturing Companies.Food Technology Companies.Banks.Agriculture Fields.MNCs.Fertilizer Manufacturing Firms.More items…•

Which course has highest salary in BSc agriculture?

Highest Paying Jobs Agriculture Industry:Environmental Engineer. … Agricultural Lawyer. … Agricultural Operations Manager. … Animal Geneticist. … Agricultural Engineers. … Agronomy Sales Manager. … Bioinformatics Scientist. Average annual salary: INR 800,000. … Agricultural Economist. Average annual salary: INR 828,744.More items…•

Is BSc agriculture a good career in India?

BSc in Agriculture is a broad-based course with great potential….Careers Scope & Opportunities for Agriculture Graduates.Agriculture Research ScientistSubject Matter Specialist in different Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs)Extension OfficerField OfficerAgriculture OfficerFarm ManagerPlantation ManagerResearch Officer4 more rows

Is BSc Agriculture hard?

you can do Bsc agriculture after completing your 12th with PCM. You will not face any difficulty during your course in fact it would be easy for you to pursue BSc in agriculture and many career opportunities are thereafter BSc in agriculture. Depends on the major and what you consider to be “hard”.

Is BSc Agriculture better than engineering?

It really depends on your field of interest. If you think you have inherited genes of agriculture or engineering go with that only. Telling you frankly engineering has many job opportunities than bsc agriculture. Agriculture graduates have good chances and opportunities for government jobs as compared to engineers.

Can I get a job after BSc Agriculture?

Competitive exams such as UPSC, FCI, and other government jobs abound after BSc in Agriculture. Public and private companies also offer jobs, many who come for campus placements too. Options go on to journalism in the agricultural sector, state government jobs, insurance sector jobs, research, and teaching.

Is BSc Agri better than MBBS?

MBBS and are both different fields and different salary packages are there in both . Generally fees of mbbs are higher than the fees of and salary depends upon in which field you are . If you are doctor then ofcourse you’r salary will be high.

Is BSc Agriculture easy?

BSc in Agriculture is neither easy nor tough. It is like any other Science. But the syllabus in comparison to other disciplines is vast and it requires continuous and hard work to have a better grip on the subject which is very helpful in your career.

Which is better BBA or BSc Agriculture?

BBA similarly will have inconsistent graph you will have to face lots of ups and down if you rely on the market. Go with your field of interest, if you have interest in nature then go with B.Sc agriculture and if you have interest in market, trading then go with BBA. Choose wisely, ALL THE BEST.

What is the highest post in agriculture Department?

Govt & Private Jobs After BSc AgricultureJob ProfileAverage Salary Per AnnumHighest Salary Per AnnumAgricultural Officer9 Lakhs14 LakhsICAR Scientist7 Lakhs15 LakhsAgriculture Analyst4.2 Lakhs6 LakhsAgriculture Sales Officer4.80 Lakhs10 Lakhs8 more rows

Which is better BCA or BSc Agriculture?

Both are equally good depending on the Individual’s Aptitude. Ofcourse Agriculture is dealing with nature and has its unique Charm. A BCA who is smart enough can reach the Top of his Agricultural Firm and master the art of Agriculture as well as today everything is on the net and knowledge is easily available .

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