Is dairy agriculture intensive or extensive


Is Dairy Farming Intensive or Extensive? Dairy farming is largely and increasingly intensive and mechanized, or industrial. Most cows on dairy farms in the United States are kept confined to a stall where they are delivered food, rather than being allowed to graze for their own food on a pasture.Sep 1, 2021

What is the difference between intensive dairy and commercial grain farming?

Dairy intensive or extensive Intensive- lots of work milking cows Dairy location/ climate -NE USA, SE Canada, NW Europe, Australia, Russia, New Zealand Grain description -Commercial -mainly for consumption by humans -output to manufacturers of food production or commercial grain farms

What is the difference between intensive and extensive agriculture?

Therefore, unsurprisingly, intensive versus extensive agriculture results in a significant productivity disparity. Intensive farming or agriculture is much more productive per land area than extensive farming or agriculture.

What is dairy farming?

What is Dairy Farming? Dairy farming is a class of animal agriculture that produces milk that will be used for human consumption.

What foods are produced by intensive farms?

Most of the meat, dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables in supermarkets are produced by such farms. Some intensive farms may use sustainable methods, although this may require higher labor inputs or lower yields.


Is dairy farming labor-intensive?

Dairy farming is a labor-intensive enterprise. Cows are brought up to the parlor in groups and milked two or three times daily. Beds are cleaned during this time, alleys scraped, and fresh feed delivered. As cows exit the parlor, some may be separated out for breeding or examination.

Is dairy farming commercial or subsistence?

commercialDairy farm Dairy farms can be small-scale or large, commercial-scale operations.

What is intensive dairy production?

Intensive dairy practices and modified feeds have enabled U.S. dairy cows to produce 2.5 times as much milk today as they did in the 1950s. These intensive practices place dairy cattle under enormous stress to produce an abnormally large amount of milk, 10-20 times the amount of milk they need to suckle their calves.

What is an example of intensive agriculture?

Intensive agriculture is apparent in every part of the industry, and aquaculture is no exception. One example is the standard practice of housing extremely high densities of fish in artificial tanks, allowing the farmers to control feed, oxygen levels, and a variety of other factors leading to an increase in yield.

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