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Nursery and Landscaping Operations

Workers who actually plant nursery stock on private or public property are engaged in agriculture, but only if they are employees of the nurseryman who raised the plants.Sep 23, 2003

Is landscape considered agricultural?

While landscaping isn’t part of the agriculture industry, there are some instances where landscaping companies could be considered agriculture, especially where soil and water health and nurseries are involved.

What industry would landscaping be considered?

NAICS Code 541320 – Landscape Architectural Services Establishments primarily engaged in providing landscape care and maintenance services and/or installing trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, or gardens along with the design of landscape plans are classified in Industry 561730, Landscaping Services.

What type of agriculture is landscaping?

A) TRADITIONAL AGRICULTURAL LANDSCAPES Traditional agriculture is a type of subsistence agriculture.

What does agricultural work include?

Agricultural work is a general concept, which means that land is used to grow crops, plants and livestock are cultivated to provide food for people and to provide raw materials for industries. It includes farming, forestry, pasturing, fishing, and sideline.

What is the Naics code for landscaping services?

561730NAICS Code: 561730 Landscaping Services | NAICS Association.

What is the SIC code for landscaping?

Industry: 0782—Lawn and Garden ServicesCodesTitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses07820000Lawn and garden services12,082078201Garden services4,58807820100Garden services3,94107820101Garden maintenance services48219 more rows

What is considered agricultural business?

Agribusiness is a combination of the words “agriculture” and “business” and refers to any business related to farming and farming-related commercial activities. Agribusiness involves all the steps required to send an agricultural good to market, namely production, processing, and distribution.

What is the example of agriculture?

The definition of agriculture is the science, art and business of farming and ranching. Commercial farms and ranches which provide vegetables and meat to the general public are examples of agriculture.

What is urban landscape?

Urban landscape is a concrete and objective phenomenon embodied by the quality of the physical factors of the environment. It is a system formed by the relation between the man and the urban environment.

What type of work is agriculture?

What are agriculture careers? Agriculture careers are professionals paths related to farming, cultivation and animal husbandry. These career paths involve everything from growing crops and nurturing the soil to raising livestock like cattle, pigs and chickens.

What kind of work do agricultural workers do?

Crop, nursery, and greenhouse farmworkers and laborers perform numerous tasks related to growing and harvesting grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other crops. They plant, seed, prune, irrigate, and harvest crops, and pack and load them for shipment.

What are farmers 4 main jobs?

Their responsibilities can vary depending on their specialty, but common duties can include: Planting, fertilizing and harvesting plants. Feeding and herding groups of animals. Providing special diets and care for animals.


What is considered agricultural employment?

Also included under the Fair Labor Standards Act definition are any activities performed by a farmer or on a farm which are incident to the central farming operation. This “secondary” definition includes such activities as the preparation and delivery of agricultural products to market. Whether something is classified as agricultural employment depends on both the nature of the work performed and on the employer. Thus, workers employed to deliver feed from a feedmill to other farmers are not agricultural employees, since a feedmill is a non-agricultural activity not normally performed by a farmer. On the other hand, farm employees engaged in transporting grain to market , or to a feedmill, from the original farmer would be agricultural workers under the Act.

What is an employee of a nursery?

Employees of nurseries are employed in agriculture if they are engaged in planting fruit, nut, shade, vegetable, and ornamental plants or trees, flowers, shrubs and vines, and caring for the growing crop. Employees of a grower of nursery stock who work in packing or storage sheds preparing the nursery stock for market are also within the definition. Workers who actually plant nursery stock on private or public property are engaged in agriculture, but only if they are employees of the nurseryman who raised the plants. Employees who work for landscaping companies who buy nursery stock from the original grower are not employed in agriculture.

Is packing fruits and vegetables considered agricultural?

Grading and packing fruits and vegetables for market is agricultural employment when done on the farm or in a packinghouse owned or operated by the farmer. However, the work will be considered non-agricultural under the Fair Labor Standards Act if the packinghouse handles produce for other farmers besides the owner/operator. This is where the Internal Revenue Code definition becomes important. The Code defines agricultural employment to include services performed in the employ of the operator of a farm in handling, packing, or processing agricultural products, if the operator produces more than half of such products.

What types of work are considered “agricultural labor”?

Excerpted from “Social Security Handbook”. See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at

909. What types of work are considered “agricultural labor”?

“Agricultural labor” is work performed with the operation, management, conservation, improvement, or maintenance of a farm and its tools and equipment. Salvaging timber or clearing land of brush and other debris left by a hurricane is also agricultural labor. The following conditions are required for work to be considered agricultural labor:

What is joint employment in agriculture?

Joint employment means that both the contractor and the farmer are responsible for complying with the minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping and youth employment provisions of the law. If either party fails to comply with the law both parties may be held liable.

What is FLSA in agriculture?

The FLSA is the federal law which sets minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping, and child labor standards. Agriculture includes farming in all its branches when performed by a farmer or on a farm as an incident to or in conjunction …

Does agriculture include work performed on a farm?

Agriculture does not include work performed on a farm which is not incidental to or in conjunction with such farmer’s farming operation. It also does not include operations performed off a farm if performed by employees employed by someone other than the farmer whose agricultural products are being worked on.

Is agriculture covered by the Act?

Virtually all employees engaged in agriculture are covered by the Act in that they produce goods for interstate commerce. There are, however, some exemptions which exempt certain employees from the minimum wage provisions, the overtime pay provisions, or both.

Do agricultural workers have to pay minimum wage?

Although exempt from the overtime requirements of the FLSA, agricultural employees must be paid the federal minimum wage ( unless exempt from minimum wage as noted above). There are numerous restrictions on the employment of minors less than 16 years of age, particularly in occupations declared hazardous by the Secretary of Labor. Substantial civil money penalties are prescribed for violations of the monetary and child labor provisions of the law. The FLSA also requires that specified records be kept.

What are the duties of an agricultural worker?

Duties. Agricultural workers typically do the following: Plant, inspect, and harvest crops. Irrigate farm soil and maintain ditches or pipes and pumps.

How many hours do agricultural workers work?

Agricultural workers usually do their tasks outdoors in all kinds of weather. Most work full time, and some work more than 40 hours per week.

Why do agricultural workers need physical endurance?

Physical stamina. Agricultural workers must have physical endurance because they do laborious tasks repeatedly.

How long does it take to get a farm worker training?

Many agricultural workers receive short-term on-the-job training of up to 1 month. Employers instruct them on how to use simple farming tools and complex machinery while following safety procedures. Agricultural equipment operators may need more extensive training before being allowed to operate expensive farming equipment.

Do agricultural workers get training?

Agricultural workers typically receive on-the-job training once they are hired.

How many hours do farmers work?

Work Schedules. Most work full time, and some work more than 40 hours per week. Because living crops and animals need constant care, workers’ schedules may vary to include early mornings, weekends, and holidays.

Is agriculture dangerous?

Injuries and Illnesses. Agricultural work may be dangerous. Although agricultural workers may be exposed to pesticides applied on crops or plants, the risk is minimized if workers follow safety procedures. Tractors and other farm machinery may cause serious injuries, so workers must stay alert.

What is landscape industry?

This industry comprises (1) establishments primarily engaged in providing landscape care and maintenance services and/or installing trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, or gardens and (2) establishments primarily engaged in providing these services along with the design of landscape plans and/or the construction (i.e., installation) of walkways, retaining walls, decks, fences, ponds, and similar structures.

What is the industry code for landscaping services?

Establishments primarily engaged in providing landscape care and maintenance services and/or installing trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, or gardens along with the design of landscape plans are classified in Industry 561730 , Landscaping Services.

What is the NAICS code for ornamental shrubs?

Please refer to OSHA’s Frequently Cited OSHA Standards page for additional information. For Ornamental Shrub and Tree Services, use NAICS code 56173 in the NAICS search box.

What is the NAICS code for landscape and horticultural services?

NAICS 541320 – Landscape Architectural Services …

What is the industry of scientific assistance?

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on scientific and technical issues (except environmental).

What is an agricultural employee?

What does the IRS class as an “Agricultural Employee”? The Internal Revenue Service’s classification of “Agricultural Employees” includes farm workers that raise or harvest agricultural or horticultural products on a farm, including raising livestock.

What is a farm?

For this purpose, the term “farm” includes stock, dairy, poultry, fruit, fur-bearing animals, and truck farms, as well as plantations, ranches, nurseries, ranges, greenhouses or other similar structures used primarily for the raising of agricultural or horticultural commodities, and orchards.

What age can you work in agriculture?

With parental consent, no age limit for agriculture work, including operation of power-driven farm machinery. Otherwise, HOs of general application for under 18 are considered as covering agriculture where applicable (e.g. power-driven hoisting apparatus).

What are the prohibited agricultural occupations?

the following agricultural occupations, unless otherwise exempt or working as a student-learner pursuant to 41-2-109 are prohibited: (a) felling, bucking, skidding, loading, or unloading timber with a butt diameter of more than 9 inches;

What is the minimum age to plant in Maine?

Maine (exempt if not in direct contact with hazardous machinery or substances) 16 unless excused by superintendent of schools. Under 14 allowed for planting, cultivating, or harvesting not in direct contact with hazardous machinery or hazardous substances.

How old do you have to be to get a farm permit?

proof of age or agriculture permit required to age 16.

How many hours can a 14 year old work?

In seasonal employment involving perishable products where paid by piece- work, minors 14 or older may work up to 12 hours in a 24-hour period and up to 30 hours in a 72-hour period (not more than 8 hours a day for more than 10 days in any 30-day period). proof of age or agriculture permit required to age 16.

How long after school day can you work in a school district?

Employment prohibited from 7 a.m. to 1 hour after end of schoolday of school district where employed, under 18 whether or not registered in such school district.

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