Kadaknath Chicken Farming

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How to start Kadaknath business?

What is the feeding of Kadaknath?

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Kadaknath Bird


Kadaknath chicken, also known as black meat chicken (or Kali Masi in local language) is one of the famous types of chicken in the whole world. The chicken is known for its great taste and high nutrition values than that of other ones.

This is an Indian breed of chicken, originated from Jhabua and Dhar districts of western Madhya Pradesh. It is a highly popular breed that continuously remains in huge demand, due to its high protein content and very low fat and cholesterol levels.

The demand of the chicken is growing day by day as the people come to know about the medicinal benefits intake by consuming the Kadaknath meat and eggs, also it is very protein enriched which attract the gymholic youngsters.

On 30 July 2018, Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh has got Geographical indication tag for this breed. Kadaknath is an important indigenous breed of poultry found in western Madhya Pradesh mainly in Jhabua and Dhar districts.

Jhabua district is situated in between the latitudes 20°50’ and 23°40’ North and longitude 74°30’ and 75°16’ East. The climate in this region is hot semi-arid with the annual rainfall of 500 to 1000 mm.

Minimum Average temperature is 10°C and the maximum average temperature is 41°C to 43°C.

There are three different breeds of black meat chicken available in the world. First comes the Kadaknath which is native to the Madhaya Pradesh state of India.

The second one is Silkie which is native to China it is also known for its high nutrition and healthy meat. Third one is Ayyam  Cimani which is native to Indonesia which is famous for the delicious meat and bulk of nutrition held in it.

How to start Kadaknath Poultry farming business?

Starting a Kadaknath business does not require big machines to be set up. Kadaknath farming requires a proper space for the farm. Kadaknath breed is nowadays available in bigger cities in poultry farms or in animal husbandries, so you can buy the breed from there.


Also, you can buy Kadaknath chicken online through Indiamart website. The market value of Kadaknath chicken depends on its weight and age, that means more weighted hen will cost more than that of less weighted one.

For your healthy business, it is necessary that you choose healthy Kadaknath hens. You might be wondering about how to check chicken health?

Healthy Kadaknath chicken loves to eat and jump higher. Secondly, the voice of Kadaknath hen has a very high pitch.

Feeding of Kadaknath

Kadaknath hens can be given pre-starter broilers feed with maize for first 60 days. After that, Kadaknath diet requires 20 per cent of protein content.


Kadaknath hen eats a variety of food like grass, leafy vegetables, seeds, insects, etc. We have run many tests on our farm to figure out what is the best feed for Kadaknath to lay quality eggs.

      •     The high protein diet has been proven as beneficial for Kadaknath.

      •     Fibre and herbs will help you maintain the nutrients which should be given to your hen.

     •     Fresh food is the key to high fitness for human beings and the same is the case with Kadaknath.

Vaccination for Kadaknath chicken?

If any of your hens get affected by a disease then there is a high chance of transmission of disease to other hens. Ill hens can turn down your business so there is huge need to provide vaccinations to the hens on a regular basis to prevent them from Ranikhet, infectious, bronchitis, Marek’s diseases and many other diseases.


These diseases can be cured by giving the vaccinations via drinking water and oculonasal drops and spraying.

Business Plan for Kadaknath Farming?

Kadaknath farming business is solely dependent on eggs and meat, as these will generate money for the business.

For a successful business and for generating higher profits one must have a perfect business plan i.e. How many chickens you have to buy? Labor costings? What space will be necessary for hens?

Making it simpler for you, if a person is having low investment than he can start this business from as low as buying 30 hens. It will require a small space and few labors are required.

Having proper business planning, you can start the commercial business of Kadaknath farming. 

The yield of this business or Why you should adopt this business?

•   Kadaknath Chicken, this bird is highly popular among the tribal people due to its great adaptability to the environment, tasty black meat, resistant to diseases, texture and flavor.

•    A white chicken probably lays the egg, 320 to 330 eggs in a year. Whereas, A Kadaknath chicken lays around 120 to 130 eggs in a year. However, the price of Kadaknath egg is 3 times the price of White hen egg

     •      A broiler chicken gains a weight of 2.5kgs in just 40 to 45 days and after 45 days it can die at any time due to its obesity. While Kadaknath being a desi murga, is involved in lots of physical activities and hence gains the weight slowly.

Kadaknath chicken gains a body weight of 1.5kgs in 120 to 150 days and its estimated mortality rate is up to 12 years. So, your production becomes nearly four times than that of white hen chicken.

Kadaknath hen is currently sold at the price level of 2000 to 2500 INR, One egg of this hen has a market price of INR 50 and the meat cost is INR 700 to 1000 per kgs.

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