Merino Sheep Farming In Australia

Merino Sheep Farming Merino Sheep | Australia

Nowadays, Sheep farming business plan is acquiring an important place, all over the world. Because sheep farming business is easy to set up and there is less capital required for setting up this business plan. Since all the breeds of sheep are not suitable for rearing or raising throughout the world. Each and every sheep breed has different growth rate according to the climate conditions and weather.

So, today we are going to learn about Merino Sheep Farming in Australia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Ireland, France, and abroad. The Merino Sheep is one of the important breeds of commercial sheep which is mostly reared or raised for its amazing wool. 

The Merino sheep was firstly originated in the Spain. Merino sheep are reared or raised to obtain its excellent wool, which has great market potential in the international market. This commercial breed of sheep is mainly raised in the Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, etc. This breed is begun by the Phoenicians of Asia to the northern Africa. And, the domestically originated by the tribe Marinids ( A tribe of Berbers in Spain) in the late of 12th century. However, there is also some record which proves the existence of Merino sheep in past. In the era of the 13th and 14th century, Spanish breeders had introduced the English sheep breeds, which furtherly used t obtain new domestic breed by breeding them with the local sheep breed, a succession of breeding, the Merino Sheep has been developed.

Merino sheep farming

Presently, this breed of commercial sheep is being available in numbers of countries throughout the world. This breed of domestic or commercial sheep is well known for producing amazing wool and sheep farming is mainly followed for producing wool, milk and somewhat, manure.

So, let’s learn¬†Merino Sheep Farming¬†in the following section.

First, of all let’s learn the advantages of Merino Wool rather than unusual sheep wool.

Why Merino Wool Has Excellent Market Potential?

Here below is a list of few advantages of Merino Wool, because of which, it has excellent market potential in the international market.

  1. Merino wool is warmer and comfortable than the wool from other breeds.
  2. Merino wool has a tendency to¬†absorbs moisture¬†naturally…
  3. Merino wool also has resistance to flame naturally…
  4. The wool obtained from Merino Sheep is tough and fully machine washable. The is also less care required for handling it.
  5. The wood produce by Merino sheep is soft in nature that is, wool is non-thorny in nature.
  6. Merino wool also has stain resistance, naturally…
  7. Merino wool is lightweight in nature and also versatile in nature.
  8. The wool of this breed doesn’t wrinkle, as like the other used to do.
  9. The cloths prepared from merino wool does not contain the static electricity.
  10. The clothes, made from the merino wool are really tough enough and are long lasting in nature…

So, these are some reason, why there is a great market demand for merino wool in the international market. So, for starting a sheep farming, it is the best idea to raise Merino sheep for wool production.

Merino Sheep | Characteristics

Merino’s are excellent forager and are capable of setting them is all the types of climate conditions and weather. This breed of sheep is mainly developed for obtaining its excellent wool and also somewhat for meat production. The¬†American¬†Rambouillet, South African Meat Merino¬†(SAMM), and German¬†Merinofleischschaf¬†are bred for balance wool and meat production.

Basically, this sheep breed is a medium size animal which has the very beautiful body appearance. There are two types of this breed, 1. Polled and 2. Horned.

1. Polled Merino Sheep: The polled version of merino sheep does not have any thorn and it has small stubs or scars on their body.

Polled Merino Sheep

2. Horned Merino Sheep: The horned version of merino sheep has horns on their heads, long & spiral in appearance close to the heads. They have small body size in comparison to the meat sheeps

Horned Merino Sheep

Merino Sheep | Weight

As these animals are the small size in appearance, their avg. body weight of a manure rams is ranged from 75 kg to 110 kg whereas the avg weight of a matured ewes ranges from 50 kg to 60 kg.

Merino Sheep | Facts

Merino’s are strong, and hardy breed of sheep which are mainly reared for obtaining its excellent wool production as well as meat production. They are capable of adopting their life is all types of climatic conditions and weather. In addition to this, they are the skilled forager, which graze on all types of plants.

They have an extraordinary wool production capacity. There is more need of wool removal, at least once a year. The wool should be collected from their body part with an appropriate method because they are capable of producing wool, all the time during a year. And, if the coat is not removed timely, then there may be chances of causing heat stress, blindness and also of mobility issues.

The wool from them has an excellent market potential because¬†merino wool¬†has extraordinary features. The word¬†‚Äėmerino‚Äô¬†is highly popular in the¬†textile industries. In addition to the excellent and amazing, high-quality wool production, they are also well known for producing lean meat.

Merino sheep farming australia

However, here below is a table showing the general characteristics of this breed, Merino Sheep.

Merino Sheep

Breed Name Merino Sheep
Other Name
Subspecies Two

1) Polled Species and

2) Thorned Species

Origin Spain
Breed Purpose Wool and Meat Production
Breed Size Medium
Climate Tolerance Are able to adopt in all types of climate conditions
Weight An matured ewes weigh from 50 to 60 kg whereas a mature ram weighs from 75 kg to 110 kg.
Horns Present in Horned species whereas polled species do not have any horns on their heads.
Color White
Avaibility Available throughout the World
Special Notes

Strong and hardy sheep breed which is capable of adapting themselves to all types of climate conditions. In addition to excellent wool and meat producers, they are also excellent foragers. There is need of wool removal regularly because they are capable of producing wool all the time.

However, they are popular for producing high-quality wool at an excellent rate as well as good meat production.

How to Start a New Marino Farm?

Sheep are mainly reared or raised for the wool production and also for producing good quality lean meat. Raising sheep is not a hard working job, but for obtaining high-quality wool and maximum profit from this business plan requires proper information and some practical knowledge. However, some care and management of these sheep in a proper way is also required to keep them healthy and happy so that we can earn a higher profit from Merino sheep farming business plan.

So, Let us start…

Construct a Comfortable Sheep Housing

For raising Merino sheep for wool production and also for lean meat production, a good and comfortable housing is required. Merino sheep are able to adapt themselves to all types of climate conditions and weather. For constructing a comfortable housing plays an important role in the wool production as well as meat production. A separate house for them is required to keep them safe from the worst weather, pests, and diseases. The housing also protects them from all the types of natural predators such as dogs, wolfs, etc. Depending on your scale of business, prepare a comfortable house in which they can leave comfortably.

Commercial Merino sheep farming

Make sure of the good ventilation system in the shelter to provide fresh air in sufficient amount and light. Proper hygiene should be done on regular basis along with good drainage system in sheep house.

Ensure Good Stock of Sheep Food

For good production of wool, it is essential to feed your sheep at sufficient amount of fodder. However, the quality of fodder for supplying these raise sheep is a matter that also plays an important role. It is always a good thing to feed them with nutritious and healthy fodder. Since providing these animals in sufficient amount is an important task because they need food in sufficient amount for optimum wool production.

They are capable of production wool all the time during the complete year. And the produce wool should also be removed from the body because if not saved timely then there may be chances of causing heat stress, blindness and also of mobility issues.

Merino Sheep | Care, and Management

A proper care and management of these reared sheep are also required for good quality wool production. Significantly, there is not a single disease observes for this commercial breed of sheep.

Specifically, there are more chances of a parasitic attack on these sheep breeds. However, they may be getting infected by some other common diseases of the sheep.

However, it a good idea to learn the symptoms of disease, infection and sheep parasites. In this, a certified veteran can helps us the most in learning these specific diseases and also to cure theme as soon as they observed in the Merino sheep farm.

Marketing of Merino Wool

As we know that there is great market demand for merino wool in the international market because of its extraordinary features. So, there is no need of worrying about marketing merino wool. Firstly find the local customer. Because this will be beneficial for you.

Merino sheep farming in australia

However, one can export that harvested wool to the international market. Just consult one of the good textile industry which uses the merino wool for preparing clothes and other byproducts.

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What is Merino Wool?

Many people are looking online for what is merino wool?¬†Dear friends, merino wool is nothing but the wool obtained from the commercial breed of sheep, merino is known as the merino wool. Merino wool has excellent market demand at the international market because of its amazing features. Nowadays, the word,¬†“Merino”¬†is being more popular in the textile industry.

Final Words

Friends, today the business of rearing or raising sheep as a business plan is increasing rapidly, but to achieve a good profit from this business plan requires a good quality breed of sheep should be raised.

Merino Sheep is one of the most popular breeds of sheep, which is reared the most, all over the world because of its capacity of producing wool all the time during the whole year. They are also capable of producing lean meat.

Enjoy your Merino Sheep Farming and Earn a lot from this business plan.

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