Murrah Buffalo: The Queen Buffalo of Punjab and Haryana

Are you already having a dairy farm or thinking or starting one? Then, Murrah Buffalo can be a high profit generating option for you. This article is about Murrah Buffalo, its feed, cost, and yield.

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Murrah Buffalo
The Murrah breed of Asiatic buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is a domestic water breed that originated from India. It is one of popular dairy buffalo breed that is kept mainly for milk production. It’s home tract stretches around the southern elements of Haryana comprising the districts of Rohtak, Jind, Hisar, Jhajjar, Fatehabad, Gurgaon.

Murrah Buffalo

It is originally from Punjab and Haryana states of India and has been used to improve the milk production of farm buffalo in different countries, like Italy, Bulgaria, and Egypt.


In Brazil, this breed of buffalo is employed for the production of meat and additionally milk. This breed of buffalo is sold for a high price. The noted Murrah buffalo named Yuvraj is claimed to provide $3000 price semen in a very single ejaculation.


The Appearance of Murrah Buffalo:
The Murrah buffalo appears jet black in color, generally with white markings on the face or legs. Bulls weigh around 550 kilograms and cows around 450 kilograms. They usually have short and tightly sinuous horns.

murrah buffalo

Average milk production is 2200 liters during a lactation time of 310 days. Their eyes are black, active and prominent in females however slightly shrunken in males and should not be walled i.e. there should be no whiteness in the cornea. They have a long neck and skinny in females and thick and big in males.


They have short, thin and alert ears.
Body: Well built, Wedge-shaped and heavy.
Head: Smaller as compared to other buffalo
Face: longer as compared to other buffalo
Neck: Long as compared with other buffalo
Body color: Jet-black.
White markings: On face and legs
Eyes: Should have no whiteness in the cornea
Tail: Murrah Buffalo has long tails reaching up to fetlock joint.
Horns: Horns are shorter and turned towards backward and upward
Limbs: Strong limbs but short.
Body weight: Males are having a weight of 550 kilograms while Females weigh around 450 kilograms.
Height: The average height of males is slightly taller in the case of males. Average male buffalo has a height of 1.42 meter and female: 1.32 meter.
Age at first calving: Almost 3 years.
Inter-calving period: 400 to 500 days.
Lactation period: 300 days
Daily lactation in peak period: Approximately 14 to 15 liters, however, a buffalo has been recorded with a yield of 31.5 liters.
Dry period: Period around 90 days
Gestation period: Average Gestation period is 310 days.


The worldwide presence of Murrah Buffalo:
This Buffalo produces a great amount of milk and is very popular not only in India but in many countries throughout the world such as:
• Sri-lanka
• Vietnam
• Phillippines
• China
• Malaysia
• Brazil
• Ecuador
• Azerbaijan
• Nepal

murrah buffalo

What is the price of a Murrah Buffalo?
The cost largely depends upon the area, lactation, age, and many other factors. The price of a Murrah Buffalo ranges from 30,000 to 1,00,000.


What should be fed to Murrah buffalo?
The feed depends on varied factors like the weight of the buffalo, whether or not it’s milking and the yield, etc. Approximately for a lactating Murrah Buffalo, the following are feed necessities:

murrah buffalo

Green Fodder: Approx 20 to 25 kilograms
Dry Fodder: Approx 8 to 10 kilograms of Kutti, paddy straw, etc
Concentrate feed: approx 4 to 6 kilograms
Mineral Mixture: Approximately 50grams is required
Water: 30 to 40 liters should be fed.


How much is that the feeding price of Murrah buffalo per day?
The average cost to feed a buffalo for a day is approximately INR 100.


Break-up of the cost is as follows:
Green Fodder: 20 Kilograms x 0.50 per kilogram cost = INR 10
Concentrates: 4 Kilograms x 15 per kilogram cost = INR 60
Dry Fodder: 10 Kilograms x 2 per kilogram cost = INR 20
Mineral Mixture: INR 10


Yield from Murrah buffalo depends upon various factors like milk sales price, feeding cost, labor charges, medicines, milk yield, etc.


If you purchased a Murrah buffalo which yields milk equal to 12 kilograms per day for INR 80,000. Let us suppose the lactation period of 270 days and dry period of 120days.


Green Fodder: 25kilograms per day x 0.5 paise x 390 days = INR 4,625
Concentrates: 4 Kilograms x 15 per kilogram cost x 390 days = INR 23,400
Dry Fodder: 10 Kilograms x 2 per kilogram cost x 390 days = INR 3900
Mineral Mixture: INR 10 per day x 390 days = INR 3,900
Micellaneous expenses = 6,000
Labor charges (if 1 labor for 10 buffalos is considered, INR 9,000 per month): INR 30 x 390 = INR 11,700
Interest on 80,000 investment @ 18 percent rate = INR 40 x 390 = 15,600
Total expenses = 69,125


If the selling price of milk is INR 45 per liter. Than INR 45 x 2400 litres per lactation = INR 108,000.
Profit: Revenue – Expenses = 10800 – 69125= INR 38,875
That means a profit of approximately INR 3000 per month from one Murrah buffalo.


Murrah Buffalo Farming is a profitable choice. From a farm of 20 to 25 buffalos earnings of 60,000 to 75,000 can be made out. This breed is gaining popularity day by day and one can earn huge profits by selling its milk.

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